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  1. I am attempting to use the xrpl.js library to get the order book between two currencies. Using the xrpl websocket transaction example (no tx example in the xrpl.js library reference) https://xrpl.org/book_offers.html XRPL.js book_offers reference. https://js.xrpl.org/interfaces/BookOffersRequest.html When running the following code I get the error response "Uncaught (in promise) RippledError: Missing field 'account'." But according to both references "account" is not a required property. (async () => { await client.connect() ; let tx = { "id": 4, "command": "book_offers", "taker": "rf1BiGeXwwQoi8Z2ueFYTEXSwuJYfV2Jpn", "taker_gets": { "currency": "XRP" }, "taker_pays": { "currency": "USD", "issuer": "rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B" }, "limit": 10 } // Autofill the tx to see how flags actually look compared to the interface usage. let autofilledTx = await client.autofill(tx); let result = await client.submitAndWait(autofilledTx).catch(e => console.log(e)) ; console.log(result); client.disconnect(); })();
  2. Getting an error in the xrp-codec.js when developing my node app. Does anyone know how to fix this? Uncaught (in promise) Error: version_invalid: version bytes do not match any of the provided version(s)
  3. Looking through the documentation it is possible to remove an existing trust line and this can be done by setting it to its default state. Does anyone know how I would do this using the Javascript API?
  4. I have managed to complete a transfer between two test accounts on the test xrpl network. however when I also attempt to add a trustline using TrustSet i get the error "missingCommand" in my response. Does any one know what I am doing wrong? //Attempt adding a TL!!! addTrustLineToSourceAccount = await client.request( { "TransactionType": "TrustSet", "Account": sourceWallet.classicAddress, "Fee": "12", "Flags": 262144, "LastLedgerSequence": 8007750, "LimitAmount": { "currency": "USD", "issuer": "rsP3mgGb2tcYUrxiLFiHJiQXhsziegtwBc", "value": "100" }, "Sequence": 12 }); let signedTLAdd = await sourceWallet.sign(addTrustLineToSourceAccount);
  5. I am a developer and would like to learn more about working with the XRPL API. I was directed here from a reddit but wondered if this is the best place to discuss XRPL development? Or is there a more official community I should post questions to?
  6. Last night XRP dropped considerably against BTC. Given that this was not market driven movement is it possible that a whale did another dump.
  7. If your right this would explain why all the great news is not having a significant impact on price.
  8. Thanks... Very interesting. So in order for institutions to have a direct impact on price they would need to start holding XRP. What he is saying is that as the ripple network grows in theory this becomes much more likely (although not guaranteed)
  9. Sorry if this is repeating a question already asked but it is something I still do not fully understand. What will drive the increase in value of XRP? And specifically .. why would mass adoption help the price. In theory you could have 90% of global financial institutions using XRP to transfer funds across the globe which would be great for ripple. But if none of these institutions actually hold XRP for more than a few seconds, then why would this decrease supply and therefor increase demand? My guess is that it will simply be by association... that becoming such a standard coin it will give it validity and exposure which will drive up price. Or is there some mechanism I have not understood by which institutions will buy up XRP ? I have held zerps since ripple started business btw and still hold a lot today. Thanks
  10. Just heard someone from Etoro on radio 4 respond to this . Put up a fairly good defence. I liked it that he alluded to the panic in Mark Carney's voice.
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