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  1. Some of the top experts in the crypto world(have been right more than wrong) a few I always pay attention to are predicting Coinbase adding Ripple in the coming weeks (why we have seen a 10%+ increase today? I say no to this btw) Experts predicting $7 to $15 by end of 2018 http://bitcoinist.com/crypto-experts-weigh-predict-big-gains-ripple-2018/
  2. 5 years from now many people on this very forum have "likely" odds of becoming wealthy from there early investments of Ripple. Many people on here whom have stood loyal to Ripple, been patient, hodl, continued buying while price is low, believed in Ripple long term will be rich. If you essentially took a "common sense" approach with Ripple and simply looked at what Ripple is doing, companies implementing ripple or testing ripple, etc(you guys know what I'm talking about) its fairly easy to see Ripple is going to be huge in the coming years. Just want to give props to all the people
  3. Obviously a huge team is involved in this. Look at the amount of Likes those tweets were getting. Kinda scary really.
  4. It had 87 "Likes" lol. So more than likely 87 people got scammed.... I don't get how people still fall for this ****. It just causes people to lose interest and trust in crypto. So as a crypto family we should always go after these ********.
  5. I'm actually all for this.... I've heard many stories of new guys losing their life savings over these kind of methods. Not in the mood to go into full details, but you guys catch my drift. So I give props to US gov for this.
  6. Will Coinbase be adding Ripple? If I was to guess about 85% of crypto users in the United States use Coinbase. If Coinbase adds XRP you will see a surge in XRP prices. Not to mention Coinbase will profit enormously off this.
  7. Most people in US are stupid. They invest from what main stream media feed them. Nobody in the USA cant do there own research. If MSM told them to invest in the comeback of the VCR or Bubble Screen tvs they would do it. Reason why I never read media propaganda ever. I always do my own research. Its quite easy actually.
  8. Wait people believe credit card companies don't screw them hahaha? Example - I got screwed over by Capital One. Current balance is $3,565.65 for $150.00 at a gas station 1 year ago. Somehow somebody stole my identity and opened up a credit card. There forcing me to pay it, yet I haven't paid one payment. Has ruined my credit score. Sometimes I wonder if they don't contract people out to do this ****, i'm serious. Google has many good articles about all this. Kinda like Equifax. They have ruined millions of peoples lives, since now there identities are over the internet. The
  9. I think Swift does 13 Trillion a Day and quite easy to see Swift is going downhill pretty quick imo. Really don't see why Ripple couldn't pull in 15 to 20 Trillion a day if they stay with their vision which I have high confidence on. Question is when does the goal of 1 Trillion A Day happen. Sooner than later imo
  10. If Ripple/Paypal could partner up it would be huge to the USA market. Something I been waiting and waiting on lol. Peter Thiel the founder of Paypal today said he is moving away from the heavily regulated Silicon Valley. This is good news to Ripple lovers. Good signs moving forward since there leaving the controlled market of Silicon Valley trust me
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