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  1. How bad is our memory!?!?! Have we already forgot what XRP and the market has gone through (and it could be argued is still going through) these past few days? This price movement isn't enough for us right now? Jeez ...
  2. The MoneyGram press release -> http://ir.moneygram.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1054088
  3. We are very fresh into this MoneyGram news but I would say that regardless of where this (what appears to be) rally ends, this is huge. Some have argued that we hit our all time high recently based on rumours and hype. Whether thats true or not is irrelevant. This movement is based on very real and very big news. A strong layer to the XRP foundation has been achieved today. H.O.D.L!
  4. Hold your horses everyone. That is one hell of a 2 USD wall showing on Bitstamp. XRP is fighting its way through one hell of an ongoing storm in the market. Big big news right here! Go Ripple! Go XRP!
  5. Its a case of market wide downturn at the moment. Weeks of impressive upticks nearly across the board and now an across the board downward trend. Its not unheard of and while it absolutely sucks to watch, it IS market wide. We should all be much more concerned if this was XRP specific. Q4 report is on the way. Korea <> Japan test results will be known end of Jan / Feb. Nothing in terms of the fundamentals re: Ripple nor XRP has changed. The market is just getting its *** kicked after a few weeks of sky high returns. Nothing can be said to make this situation more enjoyable but if we take a moment, take a step back and zoom out ... nothing happening right now indicates the imminent end of crypto nor XRP.
  6. Then for those who bought "pre-December" ... a nice healthy margin regardless. For those that bought "post-December" ... hopefully they bought due to a belief in the product and not out of "FOMO". That said I respect how hard it would be to carry that mental loss for that long.
  7. Sincerely my heart goes out to everyone who bought at the peak as I am extremely fortunate to have bought in the .20s .... and Im still not enjoying this to put it mildly. A huge nod of the head and high five to all those who bought high and who are still holding. Good on you! Nerves of steel that will be rewarded. #XRPbeliever #Ripplebeliever
  8. I buckled and considered selling, holding it and waiting for a lower buy in ... I won't lie. Happy to say I didn't pull the trigger. I did however empty out my ADA and am in the process of using those funds to load on more XRP. Would have done the same with my SC position if not for the problems they are having with loads of exchanges ... impossible to transfer that coin around currently (at least on the ones Im using). Doing my best to keep breathing through this madness as we wait for the Q4 report and some official news. Not new to investing but this is my first crypto rollercoaster.
  9. Won't be able to transfer fiat in time. Considering emptying ADA and SC holdings to convert into XRP
  10. I think it was until the Korea maybe possibly who knows ban hit the press
  11. OK Ill be honest I've been preaching long term hold since the first XRP I purchased but this news re: SK potentially banning crypto outright has shook my confidence a bit.
  12. Can someone help me understand why this isn't getting A LOT more attention at the moment? "As such, Ripple is speeding up plans for XRapid, an XRP-powered product that seeks to enhance cross-border payments for emerging markets. Siam Bank in Thailand and Axis Bank in India are two financial services firms using the product, according to Birla. Neither bank responded to messages seeking comment." http://www.businessinsider.sg/ripple-the-company-behind-cryptocurrency-xrp-is-betting-big-on-asia-2018-1/?r=US&IR=T Is that not an enormous slip of the tongue and / or hint?
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