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  1. ecent

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    FUD. You think we dont have 1+ USD GIF reserves? You dont understand us.
  2. @RegalChicken We were supposed to be paid for being bullish? Who do I speak to about collecting back payments?
  3. ecent

    Hi! I'm Bob

    How can anyone definitively know where XRP is going or what price it will trade at? The entire crypto space is embryonic. @JoelKatz, @BobWay, @nikb and others have a vision of where they would like XRP to be in terms of its place and usecase within the financial ecosystem. Will we get there? Hopefully! Kudos to them for working towards achieving their vision.
  4. ecent

    Hi! I'm Bob

    For anyone in the crypto space who insists on drumming on about the "escrow issue", I think they would be wise to take a moment to actually listen to what you guys say and do. It is my understanding that the philosophy and worldview of you and your colleagues wouldn't allow you in good conscious to support maintaining an unfair influence over the supply of XRP. Thank you David, @BobWay and @nikb as well as everyone commenting for what has been a wonderful thread!
  5. Maybe? Time will tell. Very interesting commentary by this individual top to bottom and an interesting project she is involved with regardless. One to watch I’d say.
  6. Nothing she says confirms that but what she does say lends credibility to the line of thinking whereby banks may hold XRP.
  7. This individual is full of all sorts of exciting information. The XRP ecosystem is far larger than what we are focusing on. XRapid and the Ripple use case is an immensely important piece of the puzzle but indeed it is a piece.
  8. That is to suggest that Ripple will forever hold their escrows. Some will be sold, some might be left over. I agree that Ripple will likely not be in control of the majority of the worlds global reserve asset if and when we reach that point.
  9. Im not knowledgeable enough to comment on how trillions in US debt will be reversed but I will say that by freeing up nostro / vostro we create a more liquid global economy with access to funds that can be allocated to better things (IE: loans, investments, infrastructure, etc). Removing the USD as a reserve currency also frees up the US to be less burdened by the requirements that come with it.
  10. MUFG is making a coin. No one was bothered. SBI is making a coin. No one was bothered. JMP Coin arrives and everyone is terrified. Why? Stablecoins pegged to fiat have no future. Fiat is broken. A USD pegged stablecoin isn't going to solve the global liquidity or settlement problem. The Ripple use case for XRP may still fail but JPM Coin and other fiat backed stable coins will not be the reason for its downfall. If anything they are fuel to a growing fire of reasons why something like XRP is needed.
  11. I mean this with all due respect but to think that JPM Coin is a threat to the Ripple use case for XRP is to essentially misunderstand the structural model of XRP. Why would another bank trust JPM Coin? If another bank makes their own coin, how do they settle between their coin and JPM Coin? Why and how is a stablecoin a threat to a non-fiat backed digital asset? Counter party risk is a real thing and XRP solves that. Stablecoins issued by banks does not. These are two entirely separate use cases.
  12. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/case-against-bankcoin-brad-garlinghouse/
  13. Of course we need regulation. Having entities like JP Morgan at the table ensure that we'll get the right kind of regulation. Who do you think JP Morgan and its army of lobbyists are going to coordinate and collaborate with? 1) A select number of nameless and faceless individuals who control the majority of BTC with an interest in working against "the system"? or 2) Ripple and the XRP ecosystem which is comprised of suit wearing professionals who are working towards the creation of a more efficient global financial ecosystem? Regulation is needed. Regulation is coming. The adults are going to win.
  14. Similar. Hopefully Bitrue or ABCC open up fiat pairings soon for SGD.
  15. The Twitter feed you reference is indeed a good one. Within that feed you have people speculating about Ripple, SWIFT, a combination of Ripple & SWIFT, IBM & Stellar and USC all referenced as possibilities. Am I hopeful for the future of XRP? 100%. Are a lot of banks and financial institutions dabbling in this space? 100%. Do any of us have any clue which one is going to roll out Ripple products and make use of XRP? Most certainly not. Its a guessing game at the moment. There are some very likely XRapid launch partners. Anyone outside of that bunch is a bonus for Round 1.
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