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  1. Similar. Hopefully Bitrue or ABCC open up fiat pairings soon for SGD.
  2. The Twitter feed you reference is indeed a good one. Within that feed you have people speculating about Ripple, SWIFT, a combination of Ripple & SWIFT, IBM & Stellar and USC all referenced as possibilities. Am I hopeful for the future of XRP? 100%. Are a lot of banks and financial institutions dabbling in this space? 100%. Do any of us have any clue which one is going to roll out Ripple products and make use of XRP? Most certainly not. Its a guessing game at the moment. There are some very likely XRapid launch partners. Anyone outside of that bunch is a bonus for Round 1.
  3. Revolut is launching in Singapore soon so that should help as well!
  4. Great question! My Singapore accounts have hated most of the exchanges I’ve tried working with. Wire transfers got rejected more often than not with no official reason given but it was pretty clear why. More often than not I’ve resorted to using credit card top-ups via bitstamp. Far from ideal and the fees aren’t fun compared to wire transfer but fast, easy and doesn’t require me jumping through hoops with my local banks. I contacted Bitrue today and unfortunatey they said they have no immediate plans to support SGD deposits.
  5. Im sure Coil, Mojaloop, SBI, Arrington XRP Capital, the multiple exchanges who have selected XRP and others have an opinion on that Ripple is obviously a big player in the XRP ecosystem today but the ecosystem is expanding rapidly.
  6. We'll have to agree to disagree with respect to how Brad and the Ripple team are doing. Good thing the XRP ecosystem is bigger than Ripple huh? I hope your investments work out for you!
  7. #8 is far from irrelevant. It contributes to awareness around the project, displays what it is capable of .... and if absolutely nothing else ... its just a good human thing to engage in. As for #9, if you put political leanings aside, whats wrong with having an international well respected (more so than how he is respected domestically in the US at least) former President speak at the event? Mainstream media attention, credibility and influence. What in particular about these items offend you?
  8. Items 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 have nothing to do with Ripple. First of all. Second of all, the price of XRP is indeed in the pits at the moment. So is the rest of the market. We should be concerned when the bulls are running with all digital assets except for XRP. The XRP ecosystem is much larger than Ripple itself. I do not work for Ripple and I do not believe that all of the positivity in the ecosystem is exclusively related to them. If you want to "moon" tomorrow then indeed there is a lot to be depressed about. If you have a mid to long term macro view then I definitively stand behind my original post.
  9. My XRP & I are in a very happy relationship, thank you very much! ?
  10. and on a long term macro scale its only going to continue going up. What I posted above is literally just the past 1 or 2 weeks of events. Just yesterday / last night Ripple recognised validators operated by community members thus killing the FUD of "validators are centralised to major corporations and Ripple controlled entities". There is literally so much positive news and activity lately that its bordering on impossible to keep up. The next blog from @Hodor is going to be epic. The future for XRP is going to be epic.
  11. Am I the only one who is absolutely pumped after the past week? SBI making moves towards the derivatives market SBI still processing applications and KYC procedures for their live trading platform Ripple potentially making moves towards lending and banking structures XRP being used as a base pair on multiple exchanges A US based exchange using XRP as a base pair and therefore effectively killing the security debate Coinsquare finally rolling out XRP Coil linking up with hyperledger Ripple continuing to make massive waves in the donation and charity space SWELL lining up to be an impressive show Sure the price sucks but honestly we need to just stop focusing on it. Roger f&$!*** Ver has changed his tone re: XRP .... Ran "Pseudo Journalist" Neuner has changed his tone. Maybe XRP still fails. Maybe another project catches up. Right now though? XRP is so far out in front that its not even a fair fight. Zoom out. Look at the macro. Its blindingly gorgeous. Hodl.
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    Well that was awesome. I still want to familiarise myself more with the project before dumping some money in but to say the least you have given me a lovely first impression.