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  1. I hope so! Actually I'm hoping to see $0.02! I might buy 1 million at that price!
  2. I hope Bitcoin goes to $1000 then! I want a discount on XRP so I can buy more!
  3. Let's face reality, there is a much better chance that Bitcoin goes to $589!
  4. Cryptos are baby food for these guys! They have brought down currencies! Lehman Bros! Bear Stearns! The entire CDS and mortgage markets! Something like cryptos, this is just target practice! And you know what happens next - but don't ask me, ask the people who bought Citibank for $10 or Bank of America for $3!
  5. Your username is almost right! Not a pumpndump, this will be a dumpnpump! They get paid off at 1000-1 odds if they get this right!
  6. Enjoy the ride, guys! XRP is going to $0.10 by June 30, 2019! Might go even lower, $0.05 wouldn't surprise me! If the price gets to that point, you know what to do! The big boys want in too, and they want in at a discount! A few billion is a small price to pay... when the reward could be in the trillions!
  7. So I'll tell you how this story ends! It's the same story every time! Government gets their cut! Crooks get their cut! A few fall guys go to jail! Customers are left holding the bag, the rest laugh all the way to the bank! But look on the bright side - at least you're better off than the fall guys!
  8. Chicken little is right very often! I remember these conversations from offshore sportsbooks and poker too! A lot of people on tilt - especially after the bad beats!
  9. Wow, people are missing the main point here! We've seen this song and dance before, fraudulent organizations who set up offshore operations and get seized by big governments claiming "money laundering"! And it's the customers who get messed over! It happened with sports betting, it happened with internet poker, and there is a great chance it happens with cryptos! Tether is the perfect excuse for big governments to do their thing! And let's face it, they have plenty of ammunition!
  10. Thank you for your updates, Bitfinex'ed! I enjoy your both of your Twitter sites! (@Bitfinexed, @Bitfinex2)
  11. Financial crisis will result in an absolute crypto meltdown! XRP too! This is when most of the coins will go under! But if XRP survives, blastoff!
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