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    Plato reacted to superboon in Is it fair to say...   
    Well, the CEO was working at AOL and Yahoo before. We all know how that played out...
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    Plato reacted to Thakicker in Reality Check.. Uh Huh Huh   
    What did you snort hahaha.
    Seriously, there's no need to check the price so many times. It's not like you can look the price higher.
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    Plato reacted to NightJanitor in How would a recession in 2021 affect xrp and Ripples strategy?   
    Would you like to hear my position on the Oxford comma?
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    Plato reacted to iLeeT in I can't wait to see the Bitcoin Maxi's jumping ship when....   
    BTC maxis won't jump ship and buy XRP. Even if XRP becomes a worldwide standard (a very bold claim) they won't start fomoing. Just like XRP maxis won't start buying BTC like crazy just because the price is increasing. You'd need new, fresh money for a price jump.
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    Plato reacted to EcneitapLatnem in Where's XRPTrump?   
    Playing XRPGolf
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    Plato reacted to MemberBerry in XRP Health Check   
    Brad enters the shareholder meeting and presents his lost brother from Europe.... Harold

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    Plato reacted to Plikk in 100k stuck since 2018   
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    Plato reacted to Kpuff in Might I ask a question? Coinbase / XRP   
    I thought it was an April fools joke but when this goes public like Twitter announcement prepare for 589 🤣
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    Plato reacted to KraevMD in Xrp added on coinbase pro   
    Should we sell now so we can buy cheaper?!
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    Plato reacted to Flintstone in The skeptical thread. What are the biggest problems that you find with Ripple?   
    I find David Schwartz disturbing. He’s so concise, I imagine that his thoughts are precompiled in JavaScript within his brain before being executed.
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    Plato reacted to DividendGamer in Day by day, we show our community is something special   
    I have been blown away by the community for Ripple and XRP and most of the people involved with it as fans/supporters.
    In all my years of Investing, outside of a couple active FIRE message boards.
    I have never come across a group of people that can discuss plans and details and pros and cons of each other's ideas with the level of clarity and attention to detail presented in many posts.
    Most of us all seem to be relatively long term investors, and are rowing in the same direction. I don't have much time to post, and so I have to lurk, and many discussions get resolved with me not having the time to reply.
    I am only a little more active on Twitter because it is easy to like and retweet something, or make a short comment.
    We all want to see Ripple succeed and for xrp to be utilized in hundreds of different ways for the benefit of millions of people and helping move billions to trillions of dollars.
    The oft mentioned Internet of Value is going to be the catalyst for opening up whole new avenues of growth and profits for companies all over the world.
    We are the ones helping to build this. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this endeavor at such an early stage.
    Helping people understand how these crypto currency coins are the future of a new digital asset class. That will have distinction and pride of ownership like people esteem stocks etc.
    I still cherish the memories of looking at the old stock certificates from my grandfathers accounts from both sides of my family.
    XRP is a diamond in the rough.
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    Plato reacted to alegato in Just Becaue We Don't Need Additional Volitility   
    Russian Plans to Tackle US Sanctions with Bitcoin Investments
    Here may be the answer....
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    Plato reacted to Tripple in Ripple CEO to Critics After Obtaining 200 Clients: Banks Will Use XRP   
    It's all been a sham, it turns out a 10 year old boy is running Ripple. 
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    Plato reacted to P3T3RIS in Challenge you to call XRP community members   
    Much easier to insult and misunderstand people you don’t know, never met or spoken in person. Much easier to get annoyed when you don’t see their face and can’t hear the tone of their speech while writing posts on our forum.
    We all have members in our community we like to discuss with, now let’s make our community even stronger and start talking with each other.
    I don’t know how many members this community has but there are only four whose voice I have actially heard. @miguel if that really is Vias, WietseWind, @CryptoCatalunya and today I had a long call all the way to South-Korea with @LordVetinari.
    We’ve had great discussions over Skype with WietseWind and now I really decided that whenever I feel like there is something I want to talk in person, I start asking your names and Skype or whatever to make that call.
    If you don’t like that, it’s fine, but please let’s get to know each other and start talking more. That will make us stronger as a community.
    Thank you, I’m very happy to be part of XRP community 👍🏼
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    Plato reacted to Siniath in Latin inscription for XRP   
    u/kenta-_- has started an effort on Reddit to give the abbreviation "XRP" a latin name. His suggestion is Xenium Rapidae Permutationis (The gift of rapid exchange).
    In short, XRP could be called Xenium (The gift), like Ethereum for ETH and Bitcoin for BTC. What do you think?
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    Plato reacted to Julian_Williams in Latin inscription for XRP   
    Love it - it would be fun if Ripple would adopt it, although as we all know XRP does not belong to Ripple
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    Plato reacted to Dario_o in coinbase - i know, i know - f*** it, but...   
    I agree, they are actually much worse
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    Plato reacted to zenkert in Over 3 Months - No New Ripple Press Releases   
    To be honest, I do not think they care about us small people. Not meaning to offend you in any way @itcdominic
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    Plato reacted to QuizPops in General Manager, Amex confirms testing ripple   
    XRP one hell of a drug dude

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    Plato reacted to itcdominic in Q&A - Payments & Innovation - Bank of America   
    Anyone at a high enough level to be involved with early entry into emerging innovation and strategic directions would not be dumb enough to share any info at all.  They make it to those levels by showing their ability to be trusted.
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    Plato reacted to GiddyUp in New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018   
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    Plato got a reaction from ConorMcGregor in Ripple Drop Episode 7   
    Thank you, Mr. McGregor. Sorry about the L to FMM.
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    Plato got a reaction from quetzalcoatl in Ripple Drop Episode 7   
    Thank you, Mr. McGregor. Sorry about the L to FMM.
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    Plato reacted to XRPPatience in A word of advice to young monkeys   
    Most recently I’ve heard many different descriptions of the down trend the crypto markets are experiencing and I’ve noticed some very interesting behavior.  First off as a futures trader and investor I’ve been witness to many downtrends in a variety of markets. Markets change over time which is very much like the seasons but without the comforting predictability.  I personally think of these down trends as draughts in the market which can cause an exorbitant amount of stress on the people participating in it. 
    It’s interesting to observe how other species such as Chimpanzee’s react to this environmental stress and how there are many commonalities.  Most striking is how older chimps who have weathered such draughts in the past differ from the younger members of the group.  Most react with intermittent bouts of outright panic expending much needed energy.  Aggression and outbursts of screeching from tree tops and flinging feces are common.  There is now evidence of ritual behavior such as stacking rocks and marking tress which increases during times of stress.  Older chimps however adopt a much different approach.  The past experiences of similar draughts give an advantage knowing that with time this environmental stress will subside and nourishing times will return.
    Some advice from an old chimp.  Stop flinging feces at others it’s just nasty.  The constant screeching is not necessary and no one is really listening.  Pay no attention to the chimps with dousing rods predicting next day price explosions as it only leads to disappointment. Take comfort and appreciate the wise members of the group that are providing much needed advice and research.  Find some shade under a bush and take a nap. It will rain soon enough.
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