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  1. ... What? Not sure I fully understand, given R3's strained relationship with Ripple (due to ongoing court case). Seems odd.
  2. Thank you, Mr. McGregor. Sorry about the L to FMM.
  3. I keep saying this... The barriers to entry are much too high for the average person. Especially considering the average person with considerable $ to spend on crypto investing is most likely 35+ years old. The most interested investors whom I know are 50+ years old. I am 25 years old, attempting to explain to these poor souls how to create 3D bank authentication for their MasterCard/Visa. Even my two 30-year-old colleagues could not figure it out on their own, and one of them is our facility's IT person.
  4. I believe the question is "why?" Why is Ripple growing at a faster rate when compared with companies with similar business models? There is no company that has had such monumental announcements in regards to mainstream adoption of its cryptocurrency. Adoption. Well, known adoption (we will never know what is happening behind closed doors; perhaps BTC will be the next world currency :-) ). That is why Ripple is growing faster. It has a use case. Supply and demand. Ripple is supplying what the fintech industry has been demanding for quite some time: increased speed and efficiency, while li
  5. Done! Is this posted to the Reddit group, as well? Discord? I think we could get a few hundred people to send an email (at least!).
  6. Here we go, friends. We all knew it would happen. Some of us may have gotten scared and backed off and/or sold a position. But we knew, deep down, these plans would come to fruition. Ripple is on the cutting edge of financial technology. In my humble opinion, there is no better investment at the moment (not financial advice—just my opinion). I, for one, am very excited to be here with you all as history unfolds. Cheers to a fantastic year (with three months to go!).
  7. Surprisingly (or maybe not), my career *is* based on words/wordplay. I would divulge more, but I want to remain as anonymous as possible, as my career involves—and relies on—the public. And while I would love to use my platform to spread Ripple/XRP love, I am sincerely concerned about someone coming after me for the zerps... It’s a crazy world out there. And people are even crazier ?
  8. 'Twas the night before Swell, and all through the blockchain Not a single person knew BG123's real name The zerps were distributed from escrow with care In hopes that Bearableguy would soon be there. The HODLers had nestled the zerps inside their cold wallets Hoping for an early Christmas, but alas, it was too soon to call it... With Bill in his suit, and Brad Garlinghouse, too(!) Over San Francisco the Ripple Man flew I sprang from my bed to see if it was true... Airdrop for me! Airdrop for you! JoelKatz was there and gave us a few! Now we'r
  9. I am laughing so hard at this... Thank you for making my day.
  10. While I do understand your points, it is in his best interest to make such a statement. Bullish Q4? Better buy, buy, buy! He may possibly be using the recent spike to shift attention back to buying, thus driving customers to his platform. Just my thoughts... However, you could be absolutely correct--perhaps he knows something, given his connections! My bet, though, is that he's simply engaging in good marketing practice in order to increase personal wealth.
  11. Wow--that is fantastic. Truly seems like you have cornered a market... Good luck in expanding and franchising. Are you focused on Tex-Mex food delivery, or food delivery generally, as well?
  12. Ryan Zagone just did a fantastic job explaining the importance of coordination between regulators.
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