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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in Japan getting ready to join ODL network   
    Do you remember that campaign strategy "Its the economy, stupid"?
    With ODL/Ripplenet think "It's the network, stupid"  The value of a token is only as good as the network that supports it, which includes all sorts of whistles and bells:  exchanges, developers, FIs, APIs, tokens, use cases,  cross party software, protocols ...etc.  
    To understand your investment is maturing forget ODL volume and instead watch the network development and adoption.  The value will come in after the networks are set up, and the entry of the new investment money might be explosive and unstoppable.. 
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    DreXRP reacted to solid102 in Japan getting ready to join ODL network   
    That is because you are focusing so much on the size of the volume instead of the flow. Before when ODL carried big payments you just see couple payments move around once every 2 to 4 seconds. Now when you look at it with smaller broken up payments you see XRP flying around like data it is incredible to witness and I can only imagine what it would look like once the corridors start revving up.
    I have my own theory as to why they have done this and it relates to whale bots and how they increase or decrease prices of Crypto. If you ever observed whale bots at action to lower the price they don't just dump 4 million XRP at a lower price in one or two goes instead they hundreds of bots start selling XRP selling small batches of XRP at a gradual reduced price in small rapid succession across many exchanges to give the impression of a reduction in price that ends up triggering other bots to lower and other traders to sell crashing the price. My theory is Ripple is trying to accomplish something similar except with actual utility and real volume not bots or whale action.
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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in Japan getting ready to join ODL network   
    The first Japan to Korea ODL has been recorded.  Japan has been added to the utility scan, but it could be weeks or months before we see daily ODL between Japan and other users.
    The expectation is that a remittance corridor between Japan and Vietnam will be opened up as SBI have a big share of this remittance corridor and are well placed to make it happen.
    Utility scan have added the Japanese flag

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    DreXRP reacted to MeGodzillo in Ripple launches PayID with 40+ partners   
    Why Ripple Supports PayID:
    Fortune article about the project:
    Ripple launches PayID allowing users to send digital payments across different platforms
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    DreXRP reacted to LeonidasH in Five new Ripple customers revealed, seventeen running on the Cloud   
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    DreXRP reacted to jbjnr in Staying the course in remittances and SME payments.   
    I've watched a few of her videos now, and mostly she seems to be lucid and makes good points - but in this video she didn't say anything of value or interest to me. I realize that she has no idea of the data collecting I do since I do not post to twitter, but trust me. I've looked at number of transactions vs $$$ value of transactions many times and I couldn't give a rats arse about number of transactions.
    The idea that we can have either lots of quails' eggs or one ostrich egg is laughable. I would like to have ostrich and quail eggs together. The fact that they have killed the ostriches should be enough to tell you that this was not sustainable.
    There is only one thing that matters as far as I'm concerned and that is $$$ flow through the network. Tell Eri to do some maths.
    you can do N large transactions in a day with a bid spread of 10 basis points and a market maker will earn $$$ - this is what will drive value into xrp.
    If you take those N large transactions and break them into 100xN transactions of 100x smaller value each, then costs will rise and you have to have a smaller bid/spread to make up for it. This gives market makers less $$$ (a bad thing). Now the upside is that costs on smaller transactions are generally higher as a % than on larger ones, so in fact you can push up bid/spread rates on smaller transactions and market makers can in fact earn more without hurting the customer (as David Schwartz has alluded to in one of his tweets where he says to consider small transactions rather than $$$) - but this graph tells me all I need to know for now. $$$  is down and I could not care less about #transaction count. When the value flowing through the network rises back up to where it was and beyond - then I will start smiling again. CryptoEri just doesn't understand this stuff and her video is not "excellent" - it's rubbish.

    edit: typos + yes I am grumpy, and yes, I am worried. Especially that I might start getting likes from @LetHerRip
    edit2: Apologies to cryptoeri in case she reads this - she probably does understand this stuff, she just doesn't talk about it in her video
    edit3: And don't start me on her reference to SamIAm asking "hard questions". I try to refrain from being rude on the internet, but the guy is a borderline moron! (and apologies to him if he's reading too, but I need to get it off my chest).
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    DreXRP reacted to XRPwinning in ODL Viewer   
    Been working on a ODL viewer. Has daily info, full history, recent transactions. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I can make the changes asap. Data is provided by Mourads API https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
    Here it is, 

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    DreXRP reacted to JannaOneTrick in Liquidity Aggregation   
    Liquidity Aggregation
    Job position and Breanne Madigan's article
    [Job Position] Staff Software Engineer, Liquidity
    "Liquidity sourcing and aggregation, [...]"

    "I guess that what Ripple is going to develop by this new job is a solution to get more liquidity by using multiple exchanges for one payment: "Liquidity Aggregation.""

    [Ripple Insight] Liquidity and Global Markets | 101
    Breanne Madigan, 20th April
    "But even non-ODL partner exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase will contrinute to increased liquidity."

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    DreXRP reacted to Cesar1810 in An App for Millions That Runs on Ripple   
    the best news I saw in years in this forum!
    the journey has just begun!
    hugs and hold
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    DreXRP reacted to Xrpiet in An App for Millions That Runs on Ripple   
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    DreXRP reacted to jbjnr in Q1 2020 ODL report   
    I wrote down much of what I've posted here before and tried to make a blog article out of it, but I'm not much good at html formatting and the graphs have come out terrible. I tried to put them into a coil article first, but that looked even worse and I gave up. (For curiosity, I wanted to see how well the web monetization stuff works using coil - no I don't need the $, but I'm curious to see if it works - and no - It doesn't for me at all anyway as I don't use twitter and the xrp community blog needs it).
    Anyway, here are my findings.
    I Opened up a new topic, so that Q&A could go here, but if this belongs in "press" or one of the other self promoting blog sections, mods please feel free to move it.
    TL;DR = quite a lot of ODL traffic. Things looking good for the future.
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    DreXRP reacted to crypto_counselor in Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (November 2019 Update)   
    I just looked into this today out of curiosity.  The files will not be available for public release until 5/15/2020
    "Transcript of Proceedings held on January 15, 2020, before Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton. Court Reporter Raynee H. Mercado, CSR, telephone number 510-565-7228, cacsr8258@gmail.com. Per General Order No. 59 and Judicial Conference policy, this transcript may be viewed only at the Clerk's Office public terminal or may be purchased through the Court Reporter until the deadline for the Release of Transcript Restriction. After that date it may be obtained through PACER. Any Notice of Intent to Request Redaction, if required, is due no later than 5 business days from date of this filing. (Re 80 Transcript Order ) Release of Transcript Restriction set for 5/15/2020. (Related document(s) 80 ) (rhm) (Filed on 2/25/2020)"
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    DreXRP reacted to Mitty in David Schwartz to present regarding (NO) compensation to XRPL node owners   
    Seems pretty clear now that David and Tiff had a falling out, which explains her assault on XRP.
    I haven't spoken to her in a long time but the last few times we spoke weren't unusual. I don't think she would say anything she didn't really believe. I do wonder what's up but haven't reached out.
    Baris Sozen:
    She is worried about Ripple net nodes not getting compansated by anyhow and wouldn’t run node voluntarily long run as far as I understood.
    I'm going to be giving a presentation on exactly that shortly. I think we got it right, but it is certainly controversial.
    This is going to be interesting. David says the solution will be controversial. Fee diversion? ripple compensation? inflation?
    After @Flintstone pointed out i may have misread Davids tweet i have done some further reading and I did misread.
    The following tweet(7th Feb 2020) from Xpring: https://twitter.com/XpringDev/status/1225926663881408512
    has an article regarding running a XRPL validator. 
    The last paragraph of the article states:
    "If you want to learn more about natural stakeholders and the design decision behind no incentive, then we invite you to attend a talk by David Schwartz, Chief Architect of the XRP Ledger and CTO of Ripple, titled “The Best Incentive is No Incentive” at Stanford Blockchain Conference."
     Stanford Blockchain Conference is occurring on the 19th of Feb to the 21st of Feb. 
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    DreXRP reacted to LeonidasH in Intermex partners with Ripple to use RippleNet and ODL   
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    DreXRP reacted to Nicolas in AMA with Nicolas Steiger, founder of FlashFX, Australian user of ODL   
    I am not across all the details above and even though you see more volumes, this might still be part of testing with a subset of clients, segment on their end. We're helping some market makers to move excess funds to some destinations, so payments can be made in the local MXN or PHP currency. This increase in volume will attract new entities seeking to participate, thats what I am saying. There is still a fair bit of liquidity re-balancing required while flows are one directional only. Ideally in future we have even flows in all corridors but practically this is not possible. There is more flows going into MXN and PHP then from these currencies. If we take AUDUSD or AUDGBP, the flows should be bi-directional and even out, ie less re-balancing needed. There are a number of factors at play and I am not able to know and see all of them, so hard to dissect fully. Hope I am making sense.
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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in AMA with Nicolas Steiger, founder of FlashFX, Australian user of ODL   
    A: ODL flow will automatically exchange currency/xrp on either exchange once the initiating entity agreed the pre-quoted price. There is always back up liquidity from market makers, so if an order book is hit by a bigger market order, liquidity is immediately replenished by those market makers. 
    Meaning what?
    The MMs sit on billions of XRPs waiting to be used?
    I think MMs source more from the markets.  Holding huge amounts of XRP over long periods of time would be very risky  for MMs
    A: For us price is irrelevant as part of ODL. We look for the use case to transfer value from A to B and thats the important factor here. That was always important for us by choosing Ripple. We believe in use case, we believe in the technology, we believe in Ripple and the team behind, we believe in ODL and how XRP works as a digital asset, with increasing utility the price will eventually increase.
    He says they have no interest in holding XRP. Okay, fair enough atm.
    He says the price will eventually rise with increasing utility.
    Considering the fact that about 50 billion XRP are still not in the market at all and that ODL will only be relevant for those corridors that are exotic and not liquid, where less money is flowing anyway than e.g. USD-EUR, I think we can wait a very long time until the utility will raise the price.
    More usecases are being developed and the limited number of XRP will have an impact. With ODL alone it will take a very very long time, in my eyes.
    Crypto Eri has said the talk is that we need about 30 corridors before the utility begins to hit price, but this is a guess.  The cross border remittance market is something in the order of 800 billion, and the banking cross border is many times bigger again - in the multi trillions per day.  ODL at present is hitting a few tens of millions a day.  The 50 billion XRP will be needed, but they are mostly locked up and only released on escrow at a rate of up to a billion a month.  Last month the release was only 100 million.
    I think you should watch Crypto Eri on You Tube. 
    You are likening you crypto investment to investments in other markets.  The Crypto Market is flooded with bad players with huge wealth and not as well regulated as traditional stocks.  This will change.  This is an embryonic market and does not behave with much rationality.  If you choose a winner at a low price you will make huge gains, if you choose randomly you will lose your shirt.
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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    In principal I agree too, @XRPVisions .  When it goes it will snowball up very fast, and we are at a moment of maximum danger now.  The pessimism is doing real damage to XRP, and this has to be reversed by some big influential stakeholders in the financial system (or even a few whales) backing the concept behind Ripplenet and starting a run upwards.
    I think the combination of upward trend and publicity about the mechanism that is being installed for the IoV to work on a global scale with frictionless money transfer across borders will send speculators crazy.
    I agree Ripplenet is having most success in backwater economies that have not been properly served by the present failing monetary system.
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    DreXRP reacted to XRPVisions in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    It seems like there are multiple, concurrent events that will drive the price of XRP upward.  Increasing ODL liquidity needs would gradually create the perception of value and scarcity that is necessary to support a sustainable and long-term price increase.   
    The important price driver that I think tends to get a bad rap is speculation.  Whether we choose to accept it or not, speculation (and sharp instinct) is fundamentally the backbone of any emerging business enterprise.  People (and institutions) must believe in the success of the investment before they invest in it and before it ever actually becomes successful.  Ultimately, we want market makers to believe that they should hold XRP as a source of security and stability against an otherwise unstable monetary system that will ultimately be crippled by an over leveraged debt system.   The narrative that is sown about the asset is important at this stage. 
    It is also true that euphoric belief in the growth of an asset is the underlying driver of speculative and parabolic bubbles.  This is why I think when the XRP price goes up, it will be very fast--like Bitcoin's price movement. The price increase will represent an overspeculation in that moment about the real value of XRP in that moment.  What must happen during and after the initial, speculative parabolic run is the continued embrace of ODL as a viable alternative to servicing transfers in corridors that are not within the clenches of international central banks (maybe Africa, Southwest Asia).   The price will crash hard after the next parabolic run.  But I do not think it will crash down to .20.  Maybe it will go up to $50 and drop to $5 (obviously guessing here).  
    The next parabolic run & crash will cause a lot of people to prematurely pull out of the investment.  This is why very few people become rich.  It takes an insane exercise of willpower and strength to hold onto an investment at this stage in its growth.  Human nature usually wins.  
    Just my two cents.  I'm new here so please forgive the newb for her transgressions (if any).  
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    DreXRP reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    The State of the Union for Bitcoin – it’s Strong.
    When I started this thread this day last year January 24, 2019 – Bitcoin’s price was at $3,629 moving toward a breakout of the Pennant downtrend that began after Bitcoin reached it’s all time high of around $20k in December of 2017. 
    Bitcoin broke out of the downtrend on February 1, 2019 at 9:31 Eastern US time at a price of $3,548.  At that time I wrote that the bottom was in and we would move up and sideways from there.
    After we broke out of the downtrend I used that point to correlate when Bitcoin would reach it’s ATH again, based on when the breakout occurred in the past cycle.  As we had broken out much sooner this cycle, I supposed that Bitcoin’s cycle would play out on a condensed timeline and that Bitcoin would retake it’s ATH of near $20k by the end of November 2019.   (I also felt bitcoin’s move would drag XRP with it and XRP would reach it’s ATH in 2019 – this did not happen.)
    In February 2019 I began looking to the 50, 100 and 200 Day EMA’s for direction.  On April 6, 2019 -  the 50 Day EMA made a bullish cross (Golden Cross) of the 100 Day EMA at a price of $4,937.   These indicators were useful until the price rose so dramatically through June (as I expected - but thought would continue through November) and the 100 EMA was well above the 200 day EMA and this method was no longer useful. (except to anticipate the next downtrend). On October 3, 2019 the 50 Day EMA made a Bearish cross (Death Cross) of the 100 Day EMA at a price of 8,237
    Now Bitcoin’s price is $8,473 - We have just broke out of the Downtrend that began this past June on January 12, 2020 at a price of $8,181.   Once again the 50 – 100 and 200 EMA’s are useful and approaching a Bullish Crossover.
    The prior times we had a Golden Cross of the 50 and 100 Day EMA prior to the Halving occurred as followed:
    50/100 Golden Cross - June 5, 2012 at a price of $5.25      which occurred 117 prior to the Halving of November 28, 2012, price at the halving was $12.12, peak of Bitcoin’s price occurred 485 Days later November 30, 2013 at a price pf $1,161
    50/100 Golden Cross - October 20, 2015 at a price of $270 – which was 264 days prior to the Halving of July 9, 2016, price at the Halving was $657, peak of Bitcoin’s price occurred 790 days December 17, 2017 at a price of $19,721.
     At present Bitcoin is less than 109 days from it halving which is slated to occur May 12, 2020.  https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/
    The Bitcoin Hashrate is at it’s second highest level ever. https://www.blockchain.com/en/charts/hash-rate
    And Bitcoin is staring at another Gold Cross of the 50 and 100 Day EMA which should occur within 10 days.
    The last two cycles from the price of this cross to the peak of it’s price - Bitcoin rose 221X and 73x respectively.
    When and at what price the 50 and 100 Day EMA will be crossing is something I will be watching closely.  Although the timeframe has changed since my earlier posts my belief that we will replay the cycle has not changed.  I am just as Bullish on Bitcoin as I have ever been.
    If the cycle plays out sort of like it did in the past Bitcoin is looking to begin a bull run which should last for the next 1 to 2 years.    

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    DreXRP reacted to nikb in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    I normally wouldn’t dignify this tripe with an answer, but I feel compelled to: 
    You must lack in imagination.
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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    Yes, Lightnet is a rival option to Ripplenet and they are using Stellar tech.  Ripplenet are also "onboarding" through initiatives like XPring as well as integrating through companies like R3.   Maybe Lightnet will be early enough to gain some traction before Ripplenet is fully established as The International Standard, just like Yahoo seeded Japanese market and even today are the preferred search engine above Google in Japan.  
    However for me ODL trumps everything because it puts everyone on to one integrated system that connects everyone equally, sharing a common global Liquidity pot.   Everything else next to this cocktail looks over complicated and expensive.
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    DreXRP reacted to Julian_Williams in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    I am not an economist but when I run models of the transactions in my head I can see many ways that volume of ODL increases value of XRP.  Points which I think make your statement wrong. 
    The XRP is not "returned right after".  The XRP goes from America and lands in China, where (because of imbalances in trade) they build up.  The Chinese exchange paid X + TC (transaction Charge).  So the XRP has to be bought back by America at a later time at X + TC +TC2 = Y. 
    Every corridor has to have an exchange with stock of XRP at each end, on sale within narrow spreads.  The spreads narrow as the price accrues upwards.  So for high value or high vol transactions you have to have high value XRP
    The only useful stock is the XRP that is available in the narrow band of spread that is being utilised.  It is no good to use XRP that is over priced. 
    Also a bank that has branches in more than one country might own XRP which it sends backwards and forwards between different subsidiaries, so HSBC might begin to have a pile of XRP that goes back and fore from China to the UK on a closed system.
    Then there are areas where XRP will be locked up in smart contracts
    I think the ways ODL sends the price upwards are endless.
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    DreXRP reacted to jbjnr in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    Buys and sells of XRP are made with a spread of some basis points. When $1Billion per day is being transferred around the globe using ODL even at 10basis points spread, someone is earning $365million per year just off the fees. This gives xrp an intrinsic value. Even if cars were free (but limited in number), taxi drivers would pay to own them because they can earn money from giving people rides. Market makers will compete for this income and this gives xrp its value. The more xrp that is locked away and not being used for liquidity, the less is available for cross border transfers and the higher the 'price'. As price rises, investors will lock more up, this will in turn drive up the price via competition for the remaining xrp. ODL provides a floor price below which XRP should not fall and the floor price is directly proportional to ODL volume (and circulating tokens).
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