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    DreXRP reacted to mike91 for a calendar event, Money20/20 Europe   
    Ripple is there incl Joelkatz. Also significant speakers from fintech industry like Wechat Pay, Dutch bank suggesting announcements etc.
    Monday, June 4 • 11:30am - 11:55am (Brad Garlinghouse)
    Blockchain, digital assets and reimagining global payments
    Tuesday, June 5 • 4:00pm - 4:40pm (Lordkatz, Stefan Thomas)
    Currency or commodity – how do we approach the shapeshifter that is crypto?
    Details: How should we be viewing crypto? Its volatility has shocked even the most knowledgably of experts, and the ‘currency vs asset class’ debate rages on with no definitive answer. Join our panel of certified crypto experts as they discuss, debate and de-mystify the classification of bitcoin and its cohorts.
    Wednesday, June 6 • 10:25am - 10:45am (Marcus Treacher)
    How blockchain is making instant cross-border payments a reality
    Details: American Express and Ripple are working together to make instant cross-border payments a reality using blockchain technology. SMEs and businesses worldwide can benefit from the innovation of blockchain-powered instant payments, helping to drive global commerce.
     This is the use case for American Express’ use of Ripple’s blockchain solutions for payments. SMEs still make up the backbone of most major and developing economies, and they are most impacted by the inefficient, costly global payment system. Companies like American Express and Ripple are innovating to provide businesses the ability to transfer value as easily as sending an email.
    Ripple booth info
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