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  1. In this episode we take a special look at Xpring and the work they've done to support ILP (Interledger Protocol) and XRP adoption. We interview SVP of Xpring Ethan Beard, Founder and CEO of Coil Stefan Thomas and the leadership team of Raised in Space Enterprises: CEO Zach Katz and President Shara Senderoff.
  2. Listen to the part from 3:45 - 7:30 min. This is about ripple. The first part may have been heard by some of you. Starting at 7:15 min, the next month will begin a partnership with VISA. The combination of their innovation coupled with VISA in cross-border payments has huge potential, they say.
  3. Evan Schwartz - Interledger Protocol:" It is about ALL THE MONEY"! 100B is never enough.... And no, they cannot just burn them...
  4. https://www.pymnts.com/news/faster-payments/2019/interoperable-real-time-cross-border/ Ripple, which enables money transfers via blockchain, has been utilizing its distributed ledger technology to support cross-border payments. Smooth communications between players must be supported if payment schemes are to be interoperable. This can be accomplished with a standard like ISO 20022, which has been implemented more than 80 times worldwide, including with TCH’s RTP system in the U.S. and Australia’s NPP. ISO 20022’s format works with various payment types and situations, such as currenc
  5. 2017 Bill Gates 2018 Bill Clinton 2019 Bill Cosby was discussed a long time here in the forum in detail Confirmed
  6. exactly. but seriously, I remember that David Schwartz already addressed the topic in an interview in 2017 and he wanted to distribute many tasks so that his failure can be coped with.
  7. If you are intetessted, the read Bobs post about upwards price pressure. And this one
  8. In terms of speed, we will see the 300 this year, maybe even at SWELL
  9. xCurrent is our core product. We have more than 200 customers using it, and we sign on average three to five institutions a week. (...) "The use case that we have around xRapid is that, rather than tying up capital, we reconcile the transfer of the messages and the value itself. xRapid is about sourcing on-demand liquidity. It’s not around trying to push financial institutions to use or buy cryptocurrency, but it’s using cryptocurrency, in this case our native digital asset XRP, as a bridge currency between two fiat currencies. This is helping users to have fast and low-cost
  10. @cryptoxrp @itcdominic https://xrpscan.com/metrics https://xrptracker.kka72.com/# Volume= Payment Volume https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ And on Twitter @galgitron
  11. The question I cannot answer certainty and only suspect. The idea of xRapid was born about 2 years ago. that's how I understood it from Bob's interview with Alex K. Listed is the RippleCoin (xrp) ;-) already much longer on exchanges. Ripple originally intended to have banks using xrp directly. Banks thought that was great, except the regulators, so xRapid was born.
  12. Think otherwise, Ripples success does not depend on the price of xrp, but the other way round. If Ripple succeeds in enforcing its system, then naturally there is a high demand for xrp, which causes the price to rise as a result of various factors, such as: 1. demand 2. Market Maker 3. Bob's algorithm 4. Arbitranger 5. Jefferson Paradox 6. Other usecases 7.... The system around xrp is manufactured with a vengeance, with moneygram they now have it in their own hands to let volume rise.
  13. Brad has said several times that xrp was designed not for investors but for institutional use. With an xRapid payment, it does not matter what the price is. $ 100 to be transferred remains $ 100, whether xrp is worth 42 cents or $ 589. From a global point of view, a high price makes more sense, and we've always heard that from Ripple.
  14. https://krld.radio.com/media/audio-channel/alex-holmes-chairman-ceo-moneygram-international-inc-nasdaq-mgi Nice podcast about 9 minutes. "I agree, a lot of those guys are doing what we did a year and a half ago , in pilot mode and testing xrp, but we’re about to do is move this forward in a very large way." @Zerp_Legend
  15. Nice read, thanks @hallwaymonitor, excited to see more from MoneyNet
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