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  1. I think you should consider diversifying your portfolio as mentioned by @Julian_Williams. I believe many people here don't have the mentality required to watch an asset take time to appreciate and that for them, they have over invested. You also said that you think taking 3 years for XRP to be successful is too long, I fear that if you can't wait 3 years for an asset like XRP to effectively reinvent a system surrounded by roadblocks everywhere then you don't have the mental patience required for this. Even Amazon, Apple and Microsoft etc didn't just happen over night, progress takes time.
  2. Man, why are you here? You're out? So if you sold your investment but insist on hanging around a forum where people still hold XRP, even though you don't, then I honestly haven't heard of something more pointless in my entire life. You don't know that no bank is planning on using XRP, so don't come here spreading FUD. I really can't believe how some people have nothing better to do than to chat nonsense on an online forum, it honestly astonishes me.
  3. Not to criticise you but this is one of the most redundant things I hear people say and what do you honestly expect? Of course there are emotional people here. In an ideal world with years of experience you wouldn't react emotionally about your investment, you would just react accordingly and reassess your investment if needed, but the reality is that most people here aren't long time investors, we are all still learning. Even if you've had years of investing in stocks/ETF's etc you will still be in for a surprise if you invest in cryptocurrencies simply because the market is so incredibly man
  4. Yeah maybe a bit too real. Now i'm depressed again, great, well done @JordanC... you idiot!
  5. Great post @JannaOneTrick, really interesting analysis. Like many people I had recently been frustrated with the programmatic selling of XRP by Ripple, but when you look at the bigger picture it's bullish. I really feel as though XRP is like a volcano, pressure is building and building and eventually we are going to just explode. The short term doesn't matter, we are all investors here and we all need to be patient, then we will be rewarded. Keep up the great work and thank you for your efforts!
  6. Has 50K XRP at $0.322... FIFTY THOUSAND. And you didn't sell at $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.00 etc. So many wasted opportunities, holy crap if I had 50,000 XRP I definitely would have sold at least a big portion as soon as it hit $3, $2 or even $1. If this guy sold now then fine, but I can't respect the fact that he he could have easily made $160,000 and didn't but now creates a thread telling everyone he sold. If he bought at $3.00 and is telling people he sold expecting some sympathy or just feels bad then I get that, but this guy had his chance and it's his fault he didn't take it. I
  7. You said in April "I won't be back" ... So why are you here again? If you've sold your xrp then why are you on an xrp forum talking crap about ripple and xrp? You're kind of strange man, you seem like some jilted ex lover. Just move on and leave lol.
  8. Unfortunately no one here can accurately tell you what the price will rise to. There are many people who can provide an educated guess, but that's the best you will get. Many think it will be something like $5-$10 in the next run and then consolidation and then after that, who knows. Unfortunately the best you will get is guess work. In years to come we could see it reach $100, but again, pure speculation and you shouldn't invest based on what strangers on the internet tell you. Invest if you truly believe the price will go up yourself and if you feel that XRP is the right asset for you
  9. You're generalising everyone here now though. Not all of us here are saying holding will guarantee you profit, though it's not unwise to think holding will return you a profit, if we follow previous trends then there is the possibility that you will profit, simply by holding. It's that or you short and let it go to zero, but to me that seems unwise because there are so many companies in the world preparing for a future with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, for example the company I work for has just started working with a cryptocurrency and we are in the artificial intelligence and machine lea
  10. lol what? Use your brain more please. We're seeing more and more how companies are preparing for a future where cryptocurrencies exist. People planning years into the future, banks partnering up with Ripple etc, in my opinion crypto is here to stay. You saying BTC will drag the entire crypto sphere to 0 is absolute nonsense, you can't know if this will or will not happen and saying "prove me wrong" is childish because you know the only way to be proven wrong is with time. More to the point, if you think BTC is sh*t and everything is going to zero, then why are you here? Just short s
  11. "and to follow on we must conclude that we have no strong feelings about this at all. You're welcome."
  12. If you think it's a joke then why did you invest in XRP in the first place? I understand your frustration, it's easy to be impatient, did you by chance invest recently? In which case maybe you haven't learn to be patient yet. XRP was the slowest to move last year, but we did move very quickly and by more than most coins in the end. Take a look at these timestamps on CMC (7 Days): https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20171203/ https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20171210/ https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20171217/ https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20171224/ h
  13. Me: Will XRP reach $100 in three years or crash down to $0.10?? Magic 8 Ball: Perhaps.
  14. $2 at best is what he said. It's already been $3.80 before. Bull runs in crypto tend to be exponential, there is no way the next bull run would take us to anything less than $5-10. It's pessimistic because XRP is already insanely undervalued. Also think about where you are and be more relative. Jumping from $0.50 to $2.00 in the crypto space is not an "insane return" that's actually a low return IMO for the crypto space. Also did I say I predict 5K? No, but theres a huge difference between $1, $2 or $5, and $5,000. Anyway each to their own, i'm more bored of people's attitude
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