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  1. $2 at best is what he said. It's already been $3.80 before. Bull runs in crypto tend to be exponential, there is no way the next bull run would take us to anything less than $5-10. It's pessimistic because XRP is already insanely undervalued. Also think about where you are and be more relative. Jumping from $0.50 to $2.00 in the crypto space is not an "insane return" that's actually a low return IMO for the crypto space. Also did I say I predict 5K? No, but theres a huge difference between $1, $2 or $5, and $5,000. Anyway each to their own, i'm more bored of people's attitude here, sure you can be ridiculous and predict $589 eoy, and those people are delusional, but being too negative is also not helpful or constructive
  2. Interesting opinions thanks for the read
  3. So do you believe in xrp or not? Because If you do, why so pessimistic? And if not, why are you here? Why are you posting this? Do you think people respect you for trying to have a post where you can then say "hate to say I told you so" if you were right by EOY? It seems very immature to post something like this where you try to say you will be right.
  4. I'm just sick of people being so negative and trying to say they told everyone so. It doesn't help anyone to act like that.
  5. Good guess, how did you know?
  6. Good shout, i'll just ignore, after seeing this users other posts it's clearly just an annoying troll... There's so many around lately.
  7. Stop posting this Sh*t on every single forum. No one cares and no one is listening. We're invested in XRP mostly and some others are diversified to other coins too, but no one is going to listen to you by saying BTC is a better investment. BTC is a joke and it's best times are behind it. Even if it does increase, it won't increase anywhere near the same levels as XRP would Also you say you've already sold your XRP so obviously you're just bitter and trying to persuade other people to follow you with your poor investment choices.
  8. Fair enough, I understand - and thank you for another post, again, appreciated as always! I hope you're right and also, good luck with your poker again I hope it makes you lots of money
  9. But we all enjoy your input and I always look forward to your updates
  10. I wouldn't mind this at all
  11. Fair enough, I agree with you there. It's hard for anyone to make an accurate prediction about price, but I think it's possible for people here to predict that XRP is more than likely to be the most or one of the most successful coins Yeah for sure, hopefully they will be more successful than any of us can even imagine, and yeah, a high volume will help to indicate it's success. I'm trying to have no expectations and just keep my eye off the price. Otherwise sleeping at night is difficult lol.
  12. The effort you put into your posts is really admirable. Thank you very much for all the time and energy you put into writing these. You're a good teacher.
  13. Interesting prediction - I think as time has gone on more and more people would be quite happy with $1.50 at least. Out of curiosity what are your predictions for XRP in say, 2 - 5 years? I'm wondering where you think the ceiling is for XRP.
  14. So what are you saying? You think that social media has made it harder to debate with people? And what age range do you believe is effected by this? Because the use of social media is prevalent among 16-25 year olds, sometimes up to 35, but then the amount of people who use social media starts to dip after people's early to mid 30's. Also the individuals who seek approval and act like sheeps tend to be the younger individuals on social media. Most people on XRPChat tend to be 30+ so I would say in this case social media has nothing to do with the general sentiment and contrary views to yours here. People aren't reinforcing each other or disagreeing with you because of social media or because they are sheep. I would say most people here are quite good at formulating their own opinions. I think it's something for you to bear in mind instead of blaming social media for the culture here on XRPchat. Maybe people disagree with you for other reasons.
  15. Without sounding stereotypical and offensive but this guy either has to be: 1. A cynical old man who hates social media and optimism Or 2. Someone who clearly is jealous of the fact that other people do get attention on social media and he doesn't get any and is jealous that people can be happy. Maybe both... But he seems to constantly critisize social media and people's use of it and i'm not sure why... I also don't think he realises that xrpchat is full of many older individuals, I would say 18-25 year olds are in the minority here and that the main users of this forum are people who are around 30 or over. He's a hypocrite who wants attention on an online forum, I've placed him on my ignore list but I want to know what his gripe is with social media and why he uses it in every argument lol.