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    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Everybody is speculating on what the truth is/isn't. It could've been for a plethora of reasons: Job performance, financial re-alignment, personal/family, corporate compliance issues, etc. The fact of the matter is that he's gone. While yes, I will admit, his quick departure does seem hasty and very suspect especially since he seemed to have had a pretty high-level position within the company in setting the overall marketing strategy for the company. I personally don't necessarily buy this idea that "He completed his role or fulfilled his duties now that Ripple has gone mainstream." I doubt that he would've quit the pretty lucrative job he had already previously, to join Ripple as the "Cheif Market Strategist" and say, "Yep, I'm done after only a year of servitude!!!" As many have said, marketing within a company is an ever-evolving and continuous process. Companies are always trying to figure out how to best market themselves to consumers. I voiced my concerns in an earlier post on this thread about how I felt that he was never a good fit for this position from the beginning. However, this is not Armageddon as many on this thread are making it out to be!! All businesses, whether public/private, have periods of self-reflection, realignment, and re-organization that occur throughout various stages of the company's lifecycle.
  2. King34Maine

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Thanks, Kind Sir!!!!
  3. King34Maine

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Woohoo, just got my "Bronze" upgrade. How you like me now!!! I know I'm the shiiiiit.... LOL!!
  4. King34Maine

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    .....or I've always thought Wellington Sculley would've been a good fit for this job. Good communication + the business savviness!!!
  5. King34Maine

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Yeah, I didn't think he fit that role well at all. To me, he didn't do justice articulating Ripple's vision as well as it needed. Every time I would listen to him, whether it was a panel discussion or a one-on-one, I always felt that he lacked the ability to closed the deal. If I hadn't known anything about Ripple prior to listening to him, I wouldn't be convinced of Ripple's ability to take on SWIFT and to transform and transmogrify the transfer of value globally. They need someone who has better business acumen and a deeper understanding of Ripple's tech stack (not necessarily the nuts and bolts, i.e. mathematical equations etc.), but someone more versed about it. I felt like he repeated the same tired script over and over. He basically, took over Brad's infamous line (paraphrasing): "We can stream video or send a text from the space station instantly, but can't move money from one country to the next just as fast." I know that I'm going to get hammered for saying this, but I've felt this way for a loooooonnnnngggg time!!!
  6. This is actually pretty old as they announced the collaboration Feb 2018: UAE Exchange Partners With Ripple For Instant Cross-Border Payments It is most likely xCurrent to start out with.
  7. LOL....I was thinking the same thing!!! It is a Coindesk article though. So, you know they love to give shade to anything Ripple/XRP related. At-any-rate, I think that the actual platform will be blockchain agnostic. I believe they initially started out on Ethereum similar to the Securitize STO platform. I think with Ripple's deep penetration into the Banking/Finance sector this platform could be extremely beneficial.
  8. Link to Coinbase Article: Dharma Labs Raises $7 Million From Green Visor, Coinbase and Polychain "If ethereum is the protocol for decentralized global finance, then it’s going to need a lending tool built just for crypto. That’s the thesis of Dharma Labs, which built the Dharma protocol for decentralized lending businesses. Its first product, Dharma Lever, is in a closed alpha release now, enabling loans for traders and large crypto holders." "Now the startup has secured $7 million to build out the product in a round led by Green Visor Capital, a fintech-focused venture capital firm. Other participants include Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Y Combinator, Passport Capital, Blockchange and Ripple’s Xpring fund." From the Website: "Dharma is a platform for building globally-accessible lending products using programmable, tokenized debt. It can support virtually any kind of lending product you can imagine. It is flexible, extendable, and live on the Ethereum Mainnet." Medium Article by Danny Aranda: Investing in Dharma
  9. Exactly!!! Whether it's PoW, PoS, PoB (believability), or Consensus; Wall Street could give a rats ass. The only thing that matters to them is how much of $$$ can they make off of it. However, therein lies the conundrum. The very same Bitcoin maxis who railed against and sought to destroy the Banks and Wall Street with blockchain technology are now waiting on hand-n-foot for them to catapult Bitcoin to the stratosphere. Their hypocrisy has no boundaries!!!!!
  10. This is a bit off topic, but does anybody have any ideas as to what this is:
  11. Well, Ripple formed a partnership with Accenture back in 2015 and as part of the collaboration, Accenture would integrate Ripple’s products in its advisory services to clients. The same with Deloitte, which is how Ripple was able to get the Temenos collaboration. As far as NTT goes, Ripple has a working relationship with the Japanese IT firm (via a subsidiary company, Everis) that goes back to the 2016 joint-venture to create a Java iteration of ILP for Hyperledger QuiLt. While things are still early, I think that we will begin to see greater developments with respects to Ripple related partnerships in Japan and southeast Asia via SBI. Now that Ripple and R3 have kissed and made up, the three can now focus and get back to business. Especially since SBI is going to be spearheading the adoption of R3's platform in Japan and throughout the Eastern Asia region via a consortium similar to the one they formed with Ripple. Then you couple this to what the SBI CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao, said during the SBI's 2018 Financial Results Briefing about how this newly formed SBI-R3 joint-venture will integrate XRP more extensively within the Corda platform. IMHO, I think that Ripple has more partnerships lined-up than they are able to disclose. To further expand on this topic of channel partners, I find it interesting to see how the recent revelation of SWIFT's POC with R3 unfolds. As many may or may not know the CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) Group is the FX settlement solution for SWIFT partners and around 24k 3rd party customers. Back in 2015/16 CLS partnered with IBM to build CLSNet which was designed to "standardize and increase the levels of payment netting in the FX market for trades not settling in CLSSettlement. By standardizing and automating the calculation of payment netting, CLSNet can reduce costs for market participants and increase liquidity in FX markets.” Fast forward to May of 2018 and we have the CLS Group making a strategic investment into R3 to “explore how Corda, R3’s enterprise blockchain platform, can be deployed to improve efficiencies for its members, including 70 of the world’s leading financial institutions and more than 24,000 third-party clients. The investment expands R3’s footprint in the FX space and further strengthens its ties to the critical infrastructure underpinning financial markets. CLS holds a unique position at the centre of the global FX market, settling over USD 5 trillion of payments instructions on an average day.” I think that these “Channel Partnerships” you speak of are developing before our very eyes in a staggered fashion. I believe that there are major moves being made unbeknownst to us common folk. Time will tell!!! This conversation made me think of this thread by @zerpdigger:
  12. King34Maine

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    To me, the only saving grace for Stellar has been IBM and the (engineering talent) he got from the Chain merger. I often wonder why IBM never formed an alliance with Ripple? I can't imagine that the two didn't have conversations about a possible joint venture. Makes me think that IBM wanted too much control and say so in a potential collaboration would've left Ripple with very little options.
  13. King34Maine

    Beachhead is going to use the XRP Ledger

    This is pretty amazing!!! Also, found this by Bank XRP back in October of last year:
  14. Sorry, I correct my previous response. What I was trying to say is that Corda Settler can utilize/connect to any payment rail supporting digital assets/tokens (i.e. xRapid)
  15. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. What I was trying to say is that Corda Settler can utilize/connect to any payment rail supporting digital assets/tokens (i.e. xRapid) "The Corda Settler is an open source CorDapp that allows payment obligations arising on the Corda Network to be settled via any parallel rail supporting cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets, and any traditional rail capable of providing cryptographic proof of settlement. Uniquely, the Corda Settler will verify that the beneficiary’s account was credited with the expected payment, automatically updating the Corda ledger. In the next phase of development, the Settler will support domestic deferred net settlement and real-time gross settlement payments."