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  1. This doesn't even make any sense....LOL!!! If I'm a start-up and I had an investor who was willing to give me 200-250 million dollars in crypto what ******* idiot (pardon my french) wouldn't take that deal?!?! With that being said, as I've mentioned before Ripple has just as much vested interest in seeing Coil's vision come to fruition as anyone. Wall street reacted to Ripple's MoneyGram deal bc MoneyGram is a publicly traded company and Coil is a small privately held start-up. Also, it was widely known throughout Wall Street that MoneyGram had been experiencing some funding/financial issues of late. When the Ant Financial bid to buy out MoneyGram fell into disarray due to a conflict of interest of a foreign entity having access to the financial records of US citizens many in Wall Street began to predict imminent doom for MoneyGram. However, low and behold, Ripple comes in with a 50-million dollar check to save the day for MoneyGram. Since Ripple's equity purchase of MoneyGram, there has been a flurry of new/extended partnerships for MoneyGram: Canada Post, SentBe, Wal-Mart, Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Visa, ABE of Egypt, SBI Remit, and Pakistani State. Oh, how the tables have turned!! In many ways, Ripple’s most recent equity commitment with MoneyGram is a bold undertaking by them. I don't think most people fully understand just how audacious of a move on the chessboard this was. Essentially, by acquiring ownership/equity (up to a ~10% stake) in MoneyGram, no matter how small, they have essentially tethered themselves to the success and/or failure of MoneyGram so to speak. If MoneyGram isn’t able to “right the ship” and the company has to file Chapter 11 or worst Chapter 7, one can only imagine what Ripple’s naysayers/competitors will say!! At the end of the day, this is what it's all about; laying it all on the line. Ripple has spent a great deal of engineering resources, millions of dollars, and almost 10 years building, testing, and trialing the various solutions that makeup RippleNet (i.e. xCurrent, xVia, and xRapid). It's a put the hell up or shut the hell up moment for them. With Coil they are doing the same. Putting it all on the line and taking some risks. I think Navin Gupta, Ripple's Managing Director of South East Asia and MENA, said it best at the Bahrain FinTech conference last year (02:16:28 - 02:17:48): "Ripple is not an ordinary company. We're not here to have a small market share...or do X or do Y.....or make a small amount of money. We're here to make a dent in the universe!!" So, there you have it. It is a known fact that to bring about signifiant and fundamental change and "make a dent in the universe" your risk is going to be proportionate and in many cases will need to exceed that which you are trying to changed. There will alway be entrenched interest that will always want things to stay the same. Take Ripple for example, they didn't just by happenstance strike over 300 production contract deals by chance. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to prove the naysayers wrong. Now, instead of running around trying to convince banks to give them a shot. The tables have turned and now banks and FIs are scrambling trying to meet with them. With respects to the potential selling pressure of XRP by Coil, you are under the mistaken impression that they're going to immediately dump all of the XRP onto the market. Yes, part of that 1 billion XRP will be sold to help fund day-to-day operations, however, some will be used within the platform itself, and as part of the 100-million dollar Grants for the Web initiative. I think I know what/where your problem lies. Like most, I believe you had an unrealistic ROI (Return-on-Investment) date/time period where you expected the price of XRP to be at XX amount. However, we are still at the beginning of this journey. Ripple has always saw XRP as a catalyst in helping to build out and grow the ecosystem and that is what they are doing with their supply of XRP through investments etc. It is way too early to be getting your panties all in a wad about selling pressure at this stage of the game. XRP is a long-term investment. By long-term, I'm talking years not months. The challenges that Ripple is tacking surrounding cross-border payments and Coil around creating a new payment model for content creators via web-monetization, are monstrous undertakings that are going to be realize over a period of time. So, when you measure the success of these companies you need to do so over increments of 5, 10, 15, 20-years.
  2. Ripple gave them 1 billion XRP to help them provide the monetary support for both Coil, build the platform, and incentivize the growth and development of a community of content creators to test and build on top of the platform. How did you think "they" (i.e. Coil) were going to obtain funding for their audacious and, I'll admit, risky endeavor? Nothing like this has ever been attempted, at least not at this level. I completely agree with you that this is a very risky business proposition Stefan has embarked upon via Coil. Changing the status quo is never easy, which is why they've enlisted some of the best partners in promoting open-sourced tech/platforms for content creators. To your concern regarding the need to reach a larger audience (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, etc.) Stefan mentioned in the extended Ripple Drop episode (01:48 - End) back on September 5th that partnering with larger platform and Internet service providers where you have a Coil bundle as part of your subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Charter, etc. Interledger 2020: Access
  3. It has always been aligned to support the XRP ecosystem. Just because they invest in other great projects isn't a contradiction to their primary objectives. Ppl need to stop being so 1-dimensional in their thinking. In this new blockchain/DLT/digital asset/Gig Economy everything will be inter-connected.
  4. All a part of growing pains. The great thing about the collaborative approach Coil has taken is that they've partnered with two platforms (Mozilla and Creative Commons) that have pioneered open-source mediums/platforms as well as helping content creators legally "share their knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world." However, even more important is Coil's partnership with Loup Design and Innovation (a leading global marketing and consultancy group) to manage the $100 million dollar Grants For The Web fund and partnerships. Oftentimes many novel ideas are squandered and poorly executed by their visionaries due to the lack of good guidance, strategic planning, and thoughtful execution of such said idea. I think Stefan is going about this the right way sourcing the right talent to scale his vision for a new web-monetization model for content creators.
  5. Kevin Chou, CEO of Forte Labs, gave a very good overview of his gaming background, 100-million dollar partnership with Ripple (i.e. xPring), and announced 2 of 15 gaming partnerships in the Forte pipeline (Disruptor Beam & Other Ocean). Keven also mentioned that he expected the1st gaming partnership to go live on the Forte platform December 9th, 2019, which would be today. I have scoured the Internet to see if any announcements had been made regarding the first go-live partner. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any announcements in this regard. However, keep in mind that this interview happened back in November, it is highly likely that the go-live date could've most likely change. Overall, a very insightful and bullish interview in my opinnion!!
  6. Regardless if Ripple created an entirely new Consensus mechanism it would still succumb to the emergence of new advances in consensus algorithms that would require updates as innovation never stops. David alluded to the possibility of a new dual-consensus platform. I'm wondering if they could utilize some of the core-consensus technology stack developed by Logos (their first acquisition). Michael Zochowski (co-founder of Logos, now Head of DeFi at xPring) said that: "While this chapter of Logos is closing, the ideas and spirit behind Logos will continue in our work at Xpring. We have not yet finalized the plans for the Logos core technology, which has continued to set the bar for blockchain performance, but we hope to have exciting news to share in the near future." I can't see a scenario where Ripple doesn't at least take a look at the Logos blockchain tech. After all, my guess is that their tech stack was one of the deciding factors for the acquisition besides the engineering talent.
  7. Well, yes, that's a no brainer. I stated in my previous response that "it completes/fulfills the tenure of HIS most recent role, over the past two years, as Ripple's Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation..." This Infrastructure Innovation program that Rao headed up was a separate/specific marketing/education initiative that Ripple created to focus solely on those entities tasked with overseeing monetary policy (i.e. Central Banks etc.). As I said, his retirement, in my opinnion, indicates that he completed his job with respect to growing and developing this marketing/education initiative not that Ripple will stop educating/marketing themselves. Ripple has been full-steam ahead with key hires for their marketing division. If you look at Ripple's career webpage you will see that they are hiring for several marketing positions. To be perfectly honest, I fully expect that those who were involved/part of this Infrastructure Innovation initiative will most likely be assimilated/merged into Ripple's broader Marketing/Advertising apparatus as the company continues to grow and streamline key business/operational infrastructures.
  8. Just hover over his username and click "Ignore User" feature....I did already!!!
  9. I agree with you here. It completes/fulfills the tenure of his most recent role, over the past two years, as Ripple's Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation to: ".......help build the Internet of Value, by establishing an Infrastructure Innovation initiative. We’ll offer our technology products and deep expertise in both payment systems and DLT to enable central banks and market infrastructures to innovate on their own digital journey. We can provide proven building blocks for both regulators and commercial banks to pilot real-world solutions in collaboration with the Ripple team." "As our new Global Head, Infrastructure Innovation, Rao will engage with known and new stakeholders responsible for the world’s payment infrastructure, bringing a consulting mindset to explore new concepts with the backing of Ripple’s technologists." “My first priority will be piloting interoperability between payment systems, the use of DLT for domestic clearing and settlement and novel applications of xCurrent as well as our digital asset XRP,” said Rao. “I look forward to exciting new initiatives in building the Internet of Value in 2018!” In fact, I view his retirement as as a positive sign. It shows that Ripple is well past the education phase with the global payment infrastructure stakeholders who control the levers of monetary policy and and the flow of money (i.e. Central Banks, IMF, BIS, etc) and have positioned themselves in the preverbal sweet spot.
  10. If you can't handle the ups/downs of a nascent market place, new asset class, and the potential to lose your investment then you shouldn't play on this playground.
  11. The official title of the article cites "Leading Business Executives Stepping up to Confront the Housing Crisis." Garlinghouse and Larsen are "Leading" Executives within the blockchain industry. Size doesn't matter with everything. That thing that resides between your right and left ears and within your skull can be a powerful/useful tool if used properly.
  12. I was thinking the same thing...LOL!!!
  13. The company Finablr was founded via the merger of UAE Exchange (Ripple partner since 2018) and Travelex. Finablr went live with remittances via RippleNet (xCurrent) earlier this year.
  14. When examining various sources from Finablr, Forbes, and Coindesk, none mentioned anything about Finablr using xRapid/ODL. I highly suspect that Finablr is only using xCurrent at the moment. The author either made an error with the Finablr ODL announcement or intentionally did so to create a click-bait article. Got to be careful as many online articles are just there to get a click and nothing more. Also the author didn't even provide the source material from which he obtained his information regarding ODL + Finablr + Samsung. If you have to research source documentation on your own, that's a good indication that something's not quite kosher.
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