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  1. In many ways I feel as if this is a risky/gutsy move by Ripple if you ask me. By having ownership/equity in MoneyGram, (no matter how little), they have essentially tethered themselves to MoneyGram's fate so to speak. It's no secret that MoneyGram has been having some funding/financing issues of late. If they go belly-up one can just imagine what the naysayers will say, "Ripple's tech and xRapid fail to prevent MoneyGram from going bankrupt!!" "Ripple, rips the life from MoneyGram!!" It will be brutal!!. However, if they succeed in helping to bring MoneyGram back into positive cash-flows it will be a resounding victory and validation for Ripple, RippleNet, and xRapid. This is what it's all about though, laying it all on the line. They've spent almost 10 years building, testing, and trialing the various solutions that makeup RippleNet (xCurrent, xVia, and xRapid). It's a put the hell up or shut the hell up moment for Ripple. I think that there's more to this story between Ripple and MoneyGram. I feel like there will be some new developments/partnerships for MoneyGram form Asia-Pacific (i.e. China and Japan). I mentioned in a previous post how Ant Financial had previously tried to purchase MoneyGram, but due to a conflict of interest the potential merger/buyout was denied by the Federal Govt. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time!!
  2. I believe they are building this platform on R3 Corda, but this is still good news for Ripple/XRP because we know that R3's Corda Settler will use XRP for currency conversions to settle transactions.
  3. Remember that the SEC were going to be issuing No-Action Letters for cryptocurrencies. I'm wondering if Ripple has been given the "Thumbs Up" and we (public) just aren't aware of the decision yet.
  4. I don't see why not. While we've seen so many blockchain-related entities/companies having to downsize, spin-off, and self-deprecate during the 2018/19 Crypto-Winter, Ripple has been running on nitro going through a hiring binge as they seek further expansion of the company. This underscores a company that has a big balance sheet, is cash-flow positive, and has healthy sales growth quarter after quarter.
  5. Yes, but I think this partnership represents far greater benefits than at first glance. I'm not sure how many remember that Ant Financial back in January of 2018 wanted to purchase MoneyGram for 1.2 billion as a means of entering into the U.S. markets. Well, I think they may have found a work-around. This bodes well for Ripple as well because this could be key into getting a larger foot-print into China besides their LianLian Pay and American Express connection.
  6. Before that it says, "Ripple can help you help Customers like Joyce"
  7. Not like them to post something over the weekend, Thanks for posting.
  8. Jed McCaleb, Ripple Labs Strike Deal to Avoid 9 Billion XRP Sell-Off. This outlines the constructs of Jed's XRP sales deal with Ripple
  9. Wow, Tiff H is in the house!! Haven't seen you around here in a minute chic.
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