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  1. Yeah, saw that on Twitter earlier today as well. For those who care, here's the link to the WIPO Polysign patent.
  2. I wouldn't waste anymore time and energy trying to engage in a civilize discussion with @XRPage, @Fidel_Castro, @LetHerRip, and @xerxesramesepolybius. They're purposefully acting stupid. Time is too precious to waste on them. The Ignore User feature is wonderful!!!
  3. My assumption regarding this is that NYDIG could very well be a partner utilizing a "White Label" version of Polysign and/or Standard Custody and Trust blockchain/custody technology. David S. was asked about his involvement with Polysign in a recent online panel. Take a look at their leadership roster. Who's NYDIG's Head of Regulatory Affairs - Benjamin Lawsky. Here's his LinkedIn profile.
  4. Exactly!!! Like Brad G's mis-guided assumptions about banks custodying digital assets in 2018, this is a perfect example of how expectations do not always align with the current state of affairs. I have no doubt that David S. expected ODL corridors to have been further along than where it currently is, however, like Brad, he couldn't have foreseen that crypto regulations would take so long to come to fruition or having to navigate the growth of the business through a pandemic. Listen, shit happens!! Timelines and expectations are not set in stone and can and may have to change in the face of u
  5. No bullshit here. I'm offering my opinions just as you are. With that being said, I think you have a very child-like understanding of the problem Ripple is solving around cross-border payments and the global transfer of value more broadly. It's not as simple as 1+1=2!!! Until you do your own due-diligence, whatever I say is nothing more than a moot point to you.
  6. Nope, but I wish Brad would put me on the payroll. Listen, I want to make money on my investment in XRP as well. I'm not here for shits and giggles, I want to be in a state of what I refer to as TFI (Total Financial Independence). I believe that XRP will get me there, but I've come to the realization that it's going to take some time for it to get there. With that being said, XRP is not my sole investment. All I'm trying to provide is clarity.
  7. What @aavkk wast trying to underscore was that the technology was brand new during this period of time. What @aavkk said was "Sure, it was created several years earlier but the market wasn't ready and the plumbing wasn't ready until 2016 to start marketing and laying out use cases for its promising utility." As I explained in my previous response, changing the way value is transferred globally will take years to be fully realized. The fact that people expect Ripple to uproot and change what's taken +60ish years to build in only 5 years is not rooted in any kind of common sense or reality. I u
  8. I completely agree with you here. If you don't mind, I will continue to beat the horse just to make sure we're all on the same page...Lol!! I think a lot of people have been just randomly putting money into various assets/platforms without truly understanding their specific use case, their target industry, and product-market fit. Fintech platforms/companies like Ripple are targeting and bridging the world of crypto/blockchain to that of traditional financial markets. They are working within the confines of a highly conservative and regulated space that moves at a much slower and methodica
  9. There wasn't an official announcement made, only a job listing posted on Ripple's careers webpage. Folks in the community got wind of it and various crypto news outlets also picked up on the job listing as well. The position was posted some time early May, but was filled fairly quickly like in July, I believe. I found the closed LinkedIn profile for the position here.
  10. I don't think that it would ever get to this point, but just to entertain the idea, it would most likely NOT be a bank buyout. More like a large tech company (i.e. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) No bank wants to be under subjugation from another bank. This was one of the many issues JP Morgan had when trying to on-board partners to its Ethereum-based permission DLT platform, Quorum. This was one of the reasons they sold it to ConsenSys.
  11. Well, in the 20th Ripple Drop episode (03:00 - 03:40) Brad G. talked about how Ripple was in very strong position financially and that they were considering making strategic investments and/or possible acquisitions this year. If we take a look back at the end of 2019, Ripple announced the acquisition of Algrim and Logos towards the end of September. We're quickly approaching the tail end of September. If they continue this trend, we could hear some news shortly regarding acquisitions. I'm thinking their acquisitions will be more so for shoring up engineering staff for the development o
  12. You know, I didn't even think about FXRP being utilized in this manner. Yeah, I remember reading this a while back. May have to do a refresher.
  13. I don't think Ripple missed the DeFi boat at all. Ripple's approach to DeFi, in my opinnion, will be completely different than what's currently going own right now. DeFi, as we know it today, primarily represents only retail investors dabbling about aimlessly trying to find their footing. David Schwartz touched (47:52 - 49:08) on this in a Fireside chat with CoinTelegraph this past June. Through RippleNet, Ripple will/can offer many services like the XRP-denominated loan product (already in the works) as well as DeFi services and offerings to INSTITUTIONAL clients. This is where the REAL money
  14. I wonder if the "Private Asset Transactions" patent developed by @nikb is the same/related to the "Blinded Tag" proposal he proposed back in March/April of this year?
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