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  1. You're absolutely right. Ripple posting this Sr. Director for CB Engagements is very bullish for not only XRP, but the XRPL. It tells me that Ripple has enough interest from multiple CBs that warrants creating a Director-level position, under the umbrella of RippleX, to build out a dedicated team focus solely on CBs. Ripple has always been at the forefront with respect to educating and gauging the general pulse of which direction CBs were leaning with regards to CBDCs and blockchain going back to 2017 when they hosted World’s Central Banks to Explore Next Generation of Payments. When Brad G.
  2. I personally think most of the recent price appreciation for XRP is a combination of a few things: The primary reason, I believe, Is the pending Spark token disbursement from Flare Network. Institutional players slowly coming into the space + retail investors who were on the sidelines and suddenly saw crypto prices start to trend positively and FOMO'ed in at the last minute. Also, the liquidity for XRP in each ODL corridors is up. They're not at ATH levels yet, but are moving in the right direction after being stagnant there for several months. Finally, we know that du
  3. What's even more interesting is that Xago has received significant investment from Capitec Bank, the largest retail bank in South Africa, and a VC firm called Empowerment Capital Investment Partners to expand their services into the broader African marketplace. Wonder if Ripple will tap Xago to be a ODL exchange. Afterall, they serve as an XRP Ledger Gateway. On a Moneyweb podcast (06:03 - 07:00), one of Xago's co-founders, Mark Churnside, said that the company is currently in on-going discussions with over 25 global exchanges integration with the Xago platform to open up South Africa crypto m
  4. On a recent podcast interview (@ about the 47:42 mark) Brad G. talks about how several Central Banks have approached the company for guidance regarding the issuance of stable coins on the XRPL. A fairly recent job listing from Ripple proves that Centra Banks are starting to realize and leverage the many powerful features of the XRPL and are not only considering stable coins (per Brad), but are also considering issuing CBDCs on the XRPL as well: @KarmaCoverage what are your thoughts on this new development regarding the issuance of stable coins and CBDC's on the XRPL? While the XRPL
  5. From my understanding things are still in the very early/preliminary stages as they've only released an internal testnet to hammer out and fine tune the platform before a Pre-Alpha release. Crypto-News-Flash.com did a interview with the founder, Barney Mannerings, earlier this year regarding their collab with Xpring, now RippleX.
  6. Vega was not acquired by RippleX (formerly known as Xpring). They received an investment from RippleX October of last year to build/create decentralized derivatives products using crypto (in this case XRP) as collateral. I believe Vega just released their testnet and building out additional safety features. Algrim and Logos were the two acqui-hires. The Algrim team is building out Ripple's ODL (formerly xRapid) product and a trading/exchange platform for ODL with Ripple's partner exchanges. The acquired Logos team is working on DeFi infrastructure components to help demystify and lower the bar
  7. Meet Michelle Bond - The New D.C. Power Broker For Crypto On Wall Street
  8. Yes. What I was trying to convey is that Codius was created by Ripple as the ideal smart contract platform for the XRPL.
  9. Actually, the XRPL doesn't have a smart contract platform. Flare is a completely separate blockchain/platform/protocol. The Flare Network has its own network and token called Spark. The Flare team do what's called a "Utility Fork" of non-touring complete blockchains like XRPL, Stellar, BTC, LTC, etc to give these blockchain smart contract capabilities. They are starting with XRP/XRL first . A Utility Fork is not the same as what most would traditionally think a fork of a network would entail. Flare's Utility Fork is not meant to create a competing blockchain but is intended to "bring value bac
  10. What this XRP Line of Credit (XRP-LoC) also sets up is the potential for many of Ripple's partners to start facilitating a "Pay Forward" service/initiative that's typically reserve for your large correspondent banks (JP Morgan, CIti, HSBC, etc). Using XRP-LoC in combination with RippleNet's built-in Multi-hop feature to facilitate payments on behalf of non-ODL/RippleNet customers is going to completely level the playing field and change the game especially for these large correspondent banks who rake in billions at the expense of smaller FIs. This is going to be huge and have a multiplier effe
  11. I've always wondered why IBM partnered with Stellar instead of Ripple for their World Wire cross-border payments platform. When you compare Ripple's ecosystem/PaaS/Leadership/market penetration to that of Stellar's it's like comparing a Seiko (Stellar) to a Patek Philippe (Ripple).
  12. I gave my two cents regarding Coil's business proposition here a few months back. You have to remember that it's only been about a year since Coil was founded. There's quite a lot of strategic planning and due-dilligence that must be had before a startup executes. Yes, as I've stated in my response, what Stefan T. is trying to accomplish around web-monetization has a high degree of failure especially since the competition is so well-entrenched and integrated into just about everything. With that being said, investing in multiple new and innovative platforms is one of the primary reasons Ripple
  13. A Ripple and Fawry partnership would prove to be one hell of an alliance, especially in MENA. Fawry serves as Egypt's largest electronic payments network that is integrated into the vast majority of Egyptian banks throughout the country. Fawry, similar to other payment aggregators like MoneyGram, Azimo, and Ria serves as a one-stop-shop payment facilitator for banks, smaller payment providers, SMEs, and FIs. Utilizing a single API via RippleNet, all of the friction, time, cost, overhead, etc that would be require for these entities to build-out a similar network, would be eliminated.
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