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  1. I completely understand that **** changes, partnerships started one day can dissolve the next. However, your response: "Sure sure, everything and anything must be working ripple! Another example of living in a bubble and denying the truth right in front of you!" seemed to imply that somehow the collaboration between Ripple and Earthport was made-up. I was just providing the evidence of the collaboration between the two companies. If you can find proof that their partnership/collaboration has ended, I would love to see it.
  2. I keep hearing about this BG123 guy. Do you have a link to his graphic and predictions by chance??
  3. Compliant gateway for real-time payments. How Earthport And Ripple Are Teaming Up To Make Cross-Border Payments Instant.
  4. King34Maine

    Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund

    Exactly!!! It is no secret that Coinbase is extremely late to the game with respects to their coin offerings. In their many attempts to appeal to Wall Street as the "by the book" exchange limiting their platform to only BTC, ETH, LTE, BCH, in many ways, has been a huge factor to the decline in their daily trade volumes in addition to the prolonged downturn/retraction of the overall crypto market. I believe that large institutional brokers/players have been quietly/meticulously vetting which projects/platforms to put their money behind giving top-tier exchange outfits (i.e. ICE's-Bakkt, NASDAQ, Goldman, SBI-VC, etc.) time to get their trading platforms up and running. I think 2019 might just be the year for a culling of the many ICOs and crypto-exchanges. Coinbase has been trying for the longest time to attract institutions to their trading platform via their Index Fund launched back in March of this year. As usual, they overhyped the enthusiasm for this new fund with nothing to show for their efforts forcing them to curtail on-boarding fees as a bargaining chip for prospective investors. As mentioned, the subsequent lack of interest has forced Coinbase to re-think the ideal target audience for their trading platform. I think Coinbase realizes the error of their ways as they have been vocal of late with regards to adding more crypto assets to their platform, expanding to other countries, and focusing on retail-based offerings for your average joe retail investor via their Coinbase Bundles. Coinbase's lack of a diversified crypto offering allowed other exchanges and retail trading platforms like Binance, Bithumb, Robinhood, and Circle unfettered room to grow in retail markets. It was fool's gold for Coinbase to have thought that the "Good Ole Boys" were going to give them a seat at their table to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  5. King34Maine

    a swift / ripple solution will be the answer

    This is totally off subject, but WTF is up with E. Beard's hair. That ****'s not kosher at all bro!!! LOL.....
  6. It's their "Precious 💍 " They can't help themselves. The temptation of the Eye of Sauron is powerful......
  7. King34Maine

    Bank of America on RippleNet

    True, but that's not what we're discussing.....
  8. King34Maine

    Bank of America on RippleNet

    This is old news. BAML was one of the founding members of the RIppleNet Committee (2016) back when it was called the: Global Payments Steering Group
  9. Because each individual credit union entity has their own compliance requirements/procedures that have to be followed. For example, just because AMEX says Ripple's tech stack is safe, reliable, scalable, etc. doesn't mean that VISA and MC are going to just take their word for it. They are going to test the validity of the tech for themselves. It's called due-diligence. You would want to know that your bank or credit union did their own assessment of new and nascent tech before implementing it company-wide no matter what others say.
  10. Link: SAIV Coalition
  11. King34Maine

    Grayscale Cap Fund Composition

    I'd say they need to flip those Btc and XRP figures around....
  12. Way too much adoption of RIpple's tech across the globe for any Bank or FI to ignore. While this year's SWELL conference focused heavily on regulatory & governing policies/aspects within the crypto space, there was also, IMO, a subtle and ubiquitous subliminal message/theme being delivered at the same time. That is, Ripple is ready for PRIMETIME!!!. You don't garner visits from the IMF's Deputy General Counsel and Alt. Executive Director (Ross Leckow and Sunil Sabharwal) just by happenstance!! No other fintech/blockchain organization/company has the ear and level of support from the global financial community more so than Ripple. Big things are happening behind the scenes that we are not privy to.
  13. King34Maine

    Maybe some news from IMF today?

    I thought that name sounded familiar. Look at Ripple planting seeds in all the right places......
  14. I don't think people realize how big this is.....am I reading that correctly??? I guess that Klein/Johnson Lobbying firm Ripple hired don't ******* mess around!!!!