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    Speculation indeed. Technology that was used to create the debit/credit payments networks 40 years ago still exists today, BASE II still exists on mainframe and involves the manual placement and collection of clearing/settlement files. That goes to show just how ancient the beast is. XRP is beginning to feed on the corpse of this aging beast however to think that it wont bite back is overlooked, research a San Fran based company called 'Chain'. Visa B2B connect will have it's commercial launch in 2018 most likely, unlikely with any major institutions however....
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    My employer almost rhymes with the best type of dog...............Vizsla. I hope that covered my back...;)
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    Evening/Morning! A newbie here, looking forward to getting involved in the community By day I work for a major Payments Processing company (one of the two house hold names), by night i'm juggling between the lady friend, crypto data and crypto charts (how fun). A HoLDer of 7500 xrp from $0.80, in for the long run. Hard not to cash out, but remember.....this is only the beginning folks. Stars
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