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  1. Not UK, but eastern Europe, baltic states in my example.
  2. Sorry Guys, this bas#ard destroed economy of my country, in 90', when I was a kid i had nothing because my parents can't afford to buy a lot of necessary things. Just wish he goes bankrupt and will never comes back into business.
  3. This is possible due to reverse rate - not XRP/USD, But USD/XRP Try to check price by dividing 1/1.446 = 0.6916
  4. Is it was in Suahilli or Moonspeak?
  5. If kraken is not reachable, hot do they show prices ( asset price = last tradeable price, e.g. there were activity)?
  6. BTW Kraken are not accesible too
  7. I see this first time in my life. This is panic....
  8. Only one good - if someone sell, then someone buys
  9. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am
  10. iddqd

    Hedging Instruments

    Derivatives is a crap IMO, just look back into 2008 and CDO, other derivatives. My only opinion, that if banks use xrp for transferring money, they use predefined exchange rate and hedging not necessary. But if banks want to invest in crypto, they should use derivative because of regulatory issues and unregulated crypto market nature.
  11. Boring. My wife now asks me about ripple every two hours - "Darlin', how are our Zerps doing?"
  12. I will claim for answers from Ripple about this decrease in price! Lol
  13. https://news.bitcoin.com/decentralized-bank-ico-miroskiis-entire-team-is-phony/ But they still says that XRP is scam.
  14. iddqd

    Hedging Instruments

    Also, with hedging instruments its much easier to have exposure in underlying assets to short it. And fact is, that banks can always have options, forwards etc., because they can be OTC.
  15. Just boring morning and my fight with flu made me really angry.