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  1. With all due respect, maybe it would be for the best to first properly study the tech, gain knowledge and after that start working on that website project. Everyone would be spared from misinformation. Good way to start is by lurking on XRPChat, there are some very knowledgeable people contributing here.
  2. I don't mind seeing some of the "How high do you see XRP going?", "Price prediction for the year X" threads offloaded from xrpchat to other forums.
  3. Good luck with the project @XRPCafe
  4. So one of many challenges with FIs seems to be to make them actually understand how a distributed ledger (using a social consensus algo) is supposed to run. Maybe the stakes aren't high enough for the FIs and they think it's not worth it (yet?), as there isn't a carrot like with bitcoin's block reward and tx fees for miners. On the other hand, I don't think those FIs would fall for a reward based validation system as it essentially wouldn't run by the network's common good or honesty. Or maybe the FIs are still figuring out the concept of "frenemies" in the context of social consensus dledgers. Anyway, that's one hell of a puzzle for ripple to solve. XRP distribution has also been a tough nut to crack, but I'm way more optimistic regarding that than I was a few years ago. Been getting much better than it used to be. It used to be terrible, now it's only "fairly bad" currently. MM incentive program may potentially turn out to be a great way to distribute XRP and improve XRP liquidity. All in all, personally I am an optimist. Ripple has surprised me positively too many times to start doubting them now. XRP is still 100% speculative and its potential is very difficult to understand, therefore its daily/seasonal ups and downs are irrelevant to me right now. There isn't a distributed ledger system being used by serious FIs right now, zero. Volume created by cryptos is ~100% speculative. I'm in this because ripple has gathered quite a group of badasses and they are already working with FIs and fintech software giants behind the closed doors. They might actually be the ones to pull off the challenge of luring institutions to start using a public dledger.
  5. Now THAT would be a useful tool
  6. I realized that I'm basically saying what you're saying @cmbartley: We don't know the specifics and we can only rely on the number of accounts activated. And in general we can conclude that the number of activated accounts increasing is a good thing. That's all we know based on that data.
  7. In general it might not be a bad thing, but I suppose in worst case it could be fairly pointless. Obviously it all depends on how many big fish per small fish is the ratio and how much the ratio varies. In a race you're not satisfied in knowing that you're moving forward, as you want to know how well the speed matches other participants. Unfortunately we can only guess
  8. Yes, low value / high volume cross-border transactions will supposedly be the first step, as that precise area of payments really needs an efficient, secure and inexpensive solution right now. I'm sure there are all kinds of simulations going on for value transfers in general through RCL and ILP also though, as ripple seems to be fairly serious about that "internet of value" -thing.
  9. I'm sure they've run quite a few different kinds of simulations with their partners to take as many real world situations into account as possible. Of course there are always atleast some minor unknowns... All-in-all, good thing for ripple is that they actually have serious players as partners to test things with and actually have some kind of "real" results to show other serious players. Easier to get that snowball effect rolling.
  10. https://ripple.com/dev-blog/rippled-version-0-40-0-released/ Related?
  11. correction: prior to announcing to dump his billions of XRP on fairly illiquid markets and effectively destroy any confidence in the currency he promoted just one year before. It was a malicious and unprofessional act. No one blames him for just "leaving".
  12. But I must add, @Max Entropy, I didn't call Jed an a-hole. But he did act like an unprofessional a-hole, since he had been promoting ripple and xrp just one year before announcing the dump. I stand by that. But enough offtopic and Jed from me, as the guy IMO belongs to past in terms of ripple and XRP.
  13. What can I do when I see a good post, damn it
  14. Jed already voluntarily gave 2B of his remaining XRP to charity after their settlement with ripple last year