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  1. 42:50 "the goal is to make it the institutional digital standard for international value transfer"
  2. I wonder how it would work out if ripple announced a "cake or death" -strategy (inspired by eddie izzard's standup piece) that they'd sell a certain amount of XRPs each month OTC for the current market price (maybe 5-10% higher than the market price for large purchases, I dunno). Naturally there would be lock up deals for large purchases. It wouldn't have to be 100% of all XRP distribution, it could be something like 50-75% of all distributed XRPs also. After each month all the unsold monthly "cake or death" XRPs would be burned off.
  3. Well, I'm sure the whole situation with Jed hindered ripple's plans to start promoting XRP as a viable crypto currency until 2016.
  4. All essential new features being implemented into RCL, that are enabling infinite scalability and connectivity, are using XRP only. Sure, it's nice if XRP gets mentioned in different occasions, but I find those essential features far more important in relieving my feelings of impatience. If banks or different players in this space are to use RCL through ILP (or ripple's private ILP equivalent protocol), they will eventually want XRPs once regulatory obstacles are out of the way. May it take 1 year or 10 years, I'm willing to wait and see.
  5. Lurking hard, but no longer participating in discussions. We might know better when escrow amendment gets enabled. I don't see much point in getting impatient. Crypto still is mostly shilling and hype with no real world usage. 10 cents on monday
  6. His sales percentage is not tied to payment volume. It's the trade volume that matters in this regard
  7. But to a degree that's a fact. No one is asking for an echo chamber. Personally, when I speculate with XRP, I don't pretend to be a stock owner of an established company. If I were as annoyed and pissed off over what ripple is doing, as some of the people who have posted rage-induced posts here, I'd sell all the XRPs and move on with my life. EDIT: To elaborate: We're blind people and someone with clear sight is driving the car we're in(We are not stock owners so basically we don't get to know much about what's going on). The driver cannot tell us much due to different reasons, nor i
  8. Increased the font size and changed the color to red, just to make the point a bit clearer and more visible.
  9. And how do we know what FIs are going to do with their XRP?
  10. butterknives aren't designed to be weapons, but some people still attack others using them. Have they officially been designed to be used as a weapon though?
  11. 100% XRP, long-term speculative investment. The only crypto related asset, aside from XRP, that I've seriously considered to buy as a long term speculative investment is FCT. ETH has a great team, but smart contracts and the platforms hosting them in general seem to be a bit of a question mark IMO. But the ETH team still is great, which is very important. Sia and storj seem fairly interesting, but right now they aren't interesting enough. The bullish crypto buzz reminds me of the dotcom times. Short-term profits and day-to-day trade are irrelevant to me as I have no time t
  12. I find it encouraging to see FIs actually pay nearly current rate price for XRP, as it doesn't have liquidity nor volume yet
  13. This logic does not apply to XRP. I'm fairly certain that XRP will not rise (long-term) unless there's a significant increase in liquidity and volume. I was kidding to point out how ridiculously undervalued and underhyped XRP is compared to most other cryptos.
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