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  1. the roadster (the model that was blasted into space) is projected at around 200K and the 2018 lambos are expected to be about the same. comparable, i guess
  2. Not going to the moon, we're going further than that, we are going to MARS, and we are not going in a red lambo, we're going in a Red TESLA
  3. Will you also be taking a mannequin astronaut with you and blasting David Bowie ?
  4. Important thing to note here is that XRP is capable of breaking out any time it wants.
  5. Need to keep this going - and not what you think - but rather the split from BTC and ETH. Yesterday BTC/ETH had gone up to about 8800/880 while XRP was at .83, and I took that as an extremely positive sign. Today's increase could finally be what we hoped for, a legitimate non-hype escape from not just BTC but ETH. I don't really care if it goes down a bit again, as long as it remains separated from those two coins and does its own thing.
  6. Me too...well, i was about to, only to find out BINANCE DOWN AGAIN ARGH edit, you can get there via us.binance.com but they'll start another maintenance cycle in about 1 hr...fyi
  7. BTC is staying below 9000 while the alts are roaring back. We need this to continue.
  8. The effect this site (CMC) has and the artificial bubble it creates to some extent is astounding. After sitting all day at 1.22 on Binance suddenly it shoots up to 1.28. this inclusion/exclusion nonsense ended up causing the start of the last downturn.
  9. (Original historic thread by @RegalChicken) Since the old thread got locked i am going to start a fresh one to talk about RIPPLE (not FUD over another coin). I hope the mods don't mind. Seems like there's some XRP stagnation atm, one thing that I've been wondering is if the crypto market needs a better vehicle for new investors to join in. Maybe January in general is when people go back to work, to school, etc and therefore volume is slow. Currently sitting at 1.22 on Binance. Might as well drop some more into it. At least it hasn't gone below $1 again. Maybe a fresh start
  10. This is huge. They can compete with Coinbase once they get established.
  11. It's going to get crazy in here tomorrow. For me the only difference other than HODLing is considering putting in more money, and right now I don't.
  12. As I said in another thread the whole dream this has going for me has nothing to do with material gain. The goal is to amass enough that I can leave the rat race and go pursue something more meaningful without having to deal with financial pressures. Specifically, find some kind of a farm in a third world country like Thailand and just spend time reading, volunteering, and helping humanity. This is a good group of people we got here!
  13. If I were to move my zerps off Binance to a paper wallet or a ledger I should be immune to any nonsense with Tether, correct?
  14. Given that the price took almost a year to get from near 0 to .2, then went from .2 to 3.8 in 3 weeks, and then is almost coming back to that level in almost the same amount of time, this thing could go up to 5 by the end of this month still. Nothing is impossible.
  15. The fact that MoneyGram is on board is about as much evidence as you need and probably more than 98% of players in the crypto space will ever achieve. That alone should buy them a chance with you to see the outcome of the pilot.
  16. That was also about the time exchanges got bottlenecked and closed down. Kraken in particular went down around that time I believe. These access related things matter a lot.
  17. If this thing goes as high as we believe it will, not getting in at .87 is not going to matter. At least that's what I tell myself to restrain the addictive impulse to buy more!
  18. Every time I bought a few more, excited about a drop, the price went down so I'm only waiting for it to go down to .25 or lower at which point I could REALLY stock up. Background: I dipped my toes at .4, put in my biggest investment around 1.9, watched it rise, got some more at 2.75 post coinmarketcap fiasco, then tried to get more at 1.8, and finally 1.6 Last 3 buys it's tanked every time. I think I'll wait till it REALLY tanks. Holding obviously.
  19. Can I just give a bit of appreciation for this forum. It's legit building so much fun around this ordinarily miserable experience.
  20. Would love to buy more but spending a few more hundred isn't going to make a massive difference for me unless this thing goes down to .20 (at this rate anything's possible)
  21. Everyone should have a target. A "cash out" point if you will. Never ever touch it until you reach that cash-out point, unless you need the money badly. It shouldn't exist or be real until it hits your target.
  22. re: capital one, makes sense actually. as much as it would kill buying on dips, the amount of fraud, chargeoffs and chargebacks CC companies must be suffering thanks to coinbase is probably massive. much better to use debits and ACHs/wires for all involved
  23. ****** as hell, just put in an order through coinbase, converting over, and was excited to get in on a price i thought i wouldn't see, and it's already going back up. no wait! stop! let me get this in!
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