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  1. I'm deflated with this...I would expect him to say that WU is an innovater and working with cutting edge technology/always investing in doing business better and that is why they are testing....hmmm
  2. If your wealth is of significance don't people create a trust to avoid inheritance taxes? (I am not an expert on this, maybe someone can add?).
  3. Hate this, right before the weekend when things typically go quiet ????
  4. Well it has been what feels like a while since we had a coinbase thread .....guess this was due about now
  5. Sounds like it is gonna be a house tree ??? I am so rubbish at This.....thank God for this support thread
  6. So i will be transfering it in the winter? Or do I keep it inside until next spring? I promise you I am doing This!!
  7. So many arguments in the forum at the moment...when I read the nonesense i always revert back to his thread....I haven't started my avocado tree yet (deeply disappointed face from @XRPto50dollars) Anymore information/tips on crappy uk weather and transferring to soil when the seed sprouts enough ...apart from the obvious - move to a different country ????
  8. No1butsum1 ....the feeling of being no1 but someone all in the same second. That's how I feel in London....
  9. No1butsum1


    So saddened by this and sorry for your loss.....my prayers are with you ...
  10. This is currently my favourite thread in the whole forum ???
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