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  1. $1.13 offered a clean bounce, see if holds or headed into lower zones, vol is still low but in Asia so expected. I'm hoping XRP (and other solid alts) can detach themselves from the ultimate **** coin (BTC) so if/when that thing searches for liq into 8k or lower they're not as affected.
  2. In terms holding through potential huge pullbacks, can it be stomached when/if we're approaching $25-50 area? I couldn't do it, prefer to secure some of the position and then scale back in dips. But I admire the long-term investor types who can hold through pullbacks in this space, if their plan has particular targets or fundamental targets in sight. I'd expect this entire market takes a very large dump once the institutional money has piled in and made substantial profits, then once the final retail dumb money is in, Amazon in dotcom burst being a good parallel here in terms of level of potential liquidation. 2019-2020? Anyone who can stomach through those types of mass liquidations has balls of steel!
  3. Here are my levels for this pullback, maybe we hold here if the entire market picks up the bid this week, if not then I'm looking for $1-87c with potential bounce at $1.13. Always potential to seek liq in the 75-65c area if those levels don't hold. In case anyone gets their knickers in a knot over TA being 'useless', I use a combination of market structure (PA based patterns) and order flow to trade for a living in the futures market. There are edges to be found if you know where to look in regards to short-term trading. PA by itself I'm not so into, and volume is less useful without centralised exchange, but it's mostly all we have in this space. In crypto my bets are based on strength of projects primarily, but PA still offers many useful clues for timing entries and scales outs/ins etc.
  4. Agreed, perhaps 'slow and steady' wasn't the best choice of words. More interested in price coming back to fill the inefficiencies as it trends along, looking at Ven PA as an example; although it's growing rapidly it is also mostly filling in gaps as it legs higher. Less chance of it having to find liquidity right at the base of a big extended move if this occurs.
  5. I'd rather a slow, steady incline now which would not occur if we suddenly jumped to $5. I highly doubt it's going parabolic this weekend, at best a move may begin when trading sets off next week or in Feb.
  6. That's not entirely true.. levels will still react they just won't hold. Horizontal SR, based on methods of reading where participation shifted as to hints of resting liquidity, will always offer bounces unless in complete liquidation in a thin instrument.
  7. Here we go I'm long XRP from 60c by the way, so invested in her picking back up the trend, but there were/are gaps to be filled. Have a look at the Daily.. even potential for test of 60c.
  8. We're like 14 days into 2018 mate Relax. BTC did not rise by a factor of 10 in the first 14 days of the year If you're a long-term investor, act like one and view no less than a daily chart. A retest of the $1-1.2 area is completely reasonable and trend would still be intact.
  9. I reckon we're going to the $1.2s.. $1.610ish is the latest line of defence for me for this to hold and if gone we should see the $1.20 area. Everyone will have a meltdown, all the long-term holders who check daily % changes Then we'll resume trend or consolidate and resume - assuming fundies remain +ve.
  10. This is my chart, posted something similar the other day but now given positive news and rejection after that I would expect $1.20 area is on the cards. Fill in the gap, pick up new buyers and off we go - assuming fundies remain intact. Excuse my old chart If $1.60 holds then no $1.20 discounts!
  11. Agreed, techs are only relevant if the fundies remain inline. If for example, a couple of banks go public and say they tried the protocol, were not impressed and will not be revisiting it, then, of course, things change. The point was to bring some context in terms of the swing, a lot of people in this space seem to have no idea how an auction works and flip out calling a 'crash' during every retracement.
  12. No need for hope yet, start to question whether the market believes in Ripple if we get below 95-80c. Until then it's simply a healthy correction after a parabolic run.
  13. Wanted to post this in the zerpening thread but can't yet as a new member. This is my XRP chart, we've just gone on a huge run with only one minor retracement on the way up. It is perfectly reasonable for price to come and test the zones I have marked and the trend still be in play. Price does not run in a straight line, it runs until the bids dry up then pulls back looking for new buyers. This equates to plenty of exposed legs on a chart getting filled before the next leg begins - https://www.screencast.com/t/tw7ENlMkaL4c
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