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  1. I hope btc absolutely fails. What do we have to lose? 78 cents/zerp? Meanwhile bitcoin will be worthless. Prices will be stagnant for a year or two and then we rise. This is the true decoupling, and not many will stick around for it. I’m likely wrong, but that’s how I see it
  2. If you want Bitcoin prices, you have to go through a bitcoin timeline and waiting period. Just a heads up, xrp wont be $100 tomorrow, or next month, or by the fourth of july. We can apply multiple thought processes to the future price of xrp; we can argue the future price and speculate it all day. Or just wait. In the meantime, work towards your personal career and life goals and keep crypto as an afterthought. Itll pay off, i promise.
  3. Well y’all, it’s solved! Uranus is headed to Taurus and we’re all passing the moon. We can breathe easy tonight thanks to this insight. Hope Garlinghouse gets the memo, but he’s probably known about this for years. HODL!
  4. God are they cocky and confident! We’re in the right place people, keep going to work and living your life as normal. One day, things will be a little different for us
  5. Just a heads up. There’s plenty of these YouTube vids on all sorts of cryptos so it’s hard to deduce what to believe and what not to. Just giving you the audience perspective.
  6. You’re opening line stated that today is “December 19th, 2018”. I closed the video because you lost credibility immediately. Sorry bro
  7. Exactly, if I sell it won’t be until January 1st, 2019, 2020, 2021 etc. taxes play a huge role. The “whale” myth around here slightly confuses me. How much zerp classifies one as a “whale”? And when do they hold the evil “whale” meetings?
  8. I got in to bitcoin because of the anarchist nature of it, I went all in on XRP after doing my own research and lurking these posts. I feel pretty confident that governments will crush most cryptos, and XRP will rise. If you can’t beat em, join em. That’s what Ripple is doing
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