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  1. When Ripple makes public statements, they should be substantive.
  2. @WuWei If you had development experience you would have a different opinion. Look at 0x Project accomplishments... The 0x technology will power atomic swaps and distributed exchanges in the near future. The Ripple banks will be forced to compete... with distributed exchanges... but they are NOT price competitive. — Worse, if R3 wins even a portion of the case, then SBI and R3 get XRP for free. And this is the domain of the MBAs. You can’t make this stuff up. :-(
  3. @Graine You are a long time XRP investor, so I know you understand, but my comments here are not much for the people who debate comments, but rather for those that are silent for whatever reasons. Unfortunately, we have a situation where the Ripple MBAs took the only path they felt they had expertise in. Alas, this space is not for MBAs. Their time will come in 5-10 years when crypto is a mature technology. Today, we as XRP investors are forced to accept the ownership realities. But, it does not mean we have to be silent. Ripple management have made disastrous decisions in a tech space they don’t understand. Five (5) years and the best they can deliver is .80 cents... this when they were the only company with 50+ paid staff. Their competition had no paid staff, and they have delivered working decentralized products... with wallets! We have two (2) choices sell and trigger a tax event, or, advocate for the sale of the company to a tech giant. The current path of 50% of world banks in five (5) years is misleading guidance from the Ripple CEO. The state simply changes the focus from 100 banks to something more ethereal. If Ripple were managed by tech people guidance / gaffs like this would not be offered. More could be said... — Does anyone know the R3 litigation dates?
  4. Or maybe it was the failed R3 Agreement that was to deliver the 100 banks. Oh my... I am avoiding drilling down on the implications.
  5. @WuWei The same was said two (2) years ago, when Ripple introduced the meme of the mythical one hundred (100) banks that they were working, and apparently may still be working with. Alas, the 100 banks meme has morphed into 50% of global banking by 2023 (as I recall). Ripple is noted for kicking the product delivery dates down the road, or pivoting to a new product domain, all the while NOT implementing competitive technology, like wallets. Go figure. It is time to deliver on the last promise to its XRP investors... the 100 banks.
  6. @karlos @tomxcs The knee jerk reaction of Tomxcs to unpopular topics is silly. As Admin Tomxcs, has presumably a well defined role... what is it? -- Stellar will overtake Ripple, because Ripple is poorly managed. XRPchat, if it is paid by Ripple then should provide a forum to open debate. If XRPchat is not paid by Ripple then it (Karlos) should not care. -- Karlos... I am unhappy with the administration of XRPchat. On Monday, if TomXCS is not reined in, then I will do the following: identify which European Internet administrative body is responsible for web content, and hence XRPchat attempt to understand who funds XRPchat if Ripple funds XRP, then seek to understand what responsibilities Ripple has for XRPchat content Please take control of TomXCS
  7. https://stocksgazette.com/2018/04/20/3-partnerships-that-prove-stellar-xlm-will-overtake-ripple-xrp/amp/ -- Hmm... this is precisely what I have been saying. The MBAs at Ripple need to be replaced. Crypto is no country for MBAs. Stellar plus IBM, Deloitte and ICIC Bank... will push XLM >> XRP -- Read it and weep... then, use this site to advocate for : management changes at Ripple, and its sale to a tech giant. Time is tight.
  8. I wish he had said something insightful. Compare Ripple people with Musk... Musk is always informative or amusing. Ripple comments are pithy and constitute motherhood. :-)
  9. @xrpmeplease There is another expression that comes to mind, for me... it is "everything is relative". Portions of the US people's could avoid the consequences of a reset, Wall Street will force other nations, such as Europe, to eat the costs before the US does. So the US could remain on top, relatively speaking. But it remains unclear how the 'debt' is removed from the balance sheet. The smart guys will say... they will inflate it away, but Zimbabwe and Venezuela have tried that... it seems to stay on the books and the people get currency notes valued in the Trillions. This is why Japanese and Turkey have huge denomination notes for the equivalent of 10$. Lastly, I would think that foreign adventures have killed the US. Russia has debt of only 11% of GDP. -- ps. Max Entropy has a new title... "Adventure Capitalist"
  10. @fiik Not so... Ripple lacks the ability to function laterally... they have committed to a yuge undertaking with 'no bank left behind' globally. Historically, they have missed the mark on simple stuff... Which I have painfully identified. The problem with Ripple executives is that they nooooo experience. So they need to be saved from themselves by a large tech company. -- And please... let not the happy zealots here, proffer the accomplishments of Larson and Garlinghouse. no wallet no eco-system no research no extensibility ... mis-directions on open source. Ripple is not open source. ... they still run centralized validators controlled by Ripple. ... I could go on... and this is after six (6) years of development... with an organization 50+ for most of those years.
  11. @xrpmeplease Please explain? -- I guess you are thinking that the US can print money forever and the other nation states will accept inflated US dollars. Alas, the Petro dollar coupling is broken. The Middle East is selling oil for anything but the USD, and solar power is everywhere. The UU GDP is about 12 Trillion, and conventional deficit is 21 Trillion. The real deficit in unfounded liabilities is somewhere north of 220 Trillion, and then there the derivatives. Interest rates are ZIRPed or NIRPed in the West and all nation states are deeply in debt... provincially and federally. Go for it... This should be fun. :-)
  12. @cryptohippy You confuse "money for nothing and chicks for free" (Dire Straits) WITH software innovation, design, development and product delivery. When Ripple executives rolled over on the crypto vision and became complaint with the silly folks who run the banking system... they began taking "money for nothing". Meaning, Ripple is told what to do. Meaning, that Ripple takes the specifications from the existing legacy financial systems interfaces and attempts to 'shoe horn' them into the Internet of Value. Big deal. Innovation died when the executives took this path. The banks and the nation state governments have only ONE or TWO ways out of the mess that they either created or have been co-opted in. Choice one is Ripple. Choice two is Stellar and IBM. So you can expect to see Ripple Networks being introduced everywhere as the USD system is reset. The question remains as to whether the dinosaur banks partnered with Ripple can succeed. I think not. If the Stellar and IBM thing does not fall apart, then I would bet on Stellar given its tech partner. If Ripple partners with Microsoft then Ripple could survive the current leadership challenges. -- Ripple will make you guys a LOT of money over the next three (3), but beyond that you should think of converting to another crypto unless Ripple partners with MS, Google or Apple. These are possible outcomes as I expect Garlinghouse will want to be sitting on a NZ beach during the reset.
  13. Oh, I was just playing with the muppets... nothing serious happening here!
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