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  1. I do not agree. A real community, if someone say there is some fake , want to take a look more closely to understand what is going on and if I'm right. What we see here is only impulsive reaction that lead me to suspect I'm really right
  2. You talk so big bullshits seem impossible to believe they are fake
  3. No, you are one of the first fake.
  4. I agree, is not entirely fake , there are a lot of real users, but also a lot of " fake " .
  5. What are you talking about ??? they are exactly the same people.
  6. there is someone that use swear words here, but none give a warning, when I get a warning for nothing..
  7. Is not conspiracy , is reasonable to think that this forum is not independent from ripple company
  8. Do you have a story of a guy from " messico " ( marocco here ) lost the money in an exchange ?
  9. How you think is so a pleasure to post in a situation like this one ?
  10. Is even worst of what I thought....
  11. No, there are hundreds of accounts from the same office, and fake single personalities .
  12. What the problem ? , if I'm incorrect in my statement, this is completely ignored.
  13. As I stated above , this seem so impossible that the average stupid " bobby " can think I'm crazy and you are right.
  14. Yes, that is so impossible that the average stupid " bobby " can think what I say is total nonsense. And you know.
  15. Three pages for a total nonsense of a crazy person. Think about.
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