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  1. The tweet is more about the institutional back channels they have setup over the last 20 years to speed up the existing rails. Like yea you can put a brand new bluetooth sound system in a 70s car but its still from the 70s lol. Basically what they did with the transfer system they have. Their CEO is also as smart as a bag of marbles. Said his company has already been using their own blockchain system for 30 years. Idiot confused it with databases.
  2. Just explaining where it stems from. Yes, if we are talking about infrastructure and systems then we are talking about the technical side. Thank you Captain Obvious
  3. Stems from a comment made by David concerning how fast Xcurrent partners can transition to Xrapid if they wanted to do so. David replied saying that the transition would be equivalent to flipping a switch. His statement essentially meant that once the infrastructure and systems for Xcurrent are laid within an institution, they have the ability to use Xrapid if they choose to do so.
  4. I find it funny that when R3 was suing Ripple everyone was up in arms saying R3 has no product and it is has 0 clients etc etc etc. Now they are a partner and everyone is like:
  5. Oh man, I am going to take the creator of Dogecoin super serious because he made such a super serious coin that we should all not take as a joke. Ass hat.
  6. Jeez, all these Nos just brought me back to my high school prom
  7. Wise monkeys listen to the elders but also think for themselves. Been in this a pretty long time by crypto standards. I've seen two new ATHs and two crashes. Last one was pretty bad. Still check the price/news daily because I want to make sure I see that bulldozer when it comes back around.
  8. As you climb to the top of the canopy, you hear a rumble in the distance. "Don't worry" says the old chimp "There have always been rumbles and they pass". A week passes, the rumble grows louder. "You youngsters, don't worry I have experienced louder rumbles than this" says the old chimp. The next week you are foraging for fruit but you cannot find any. The rumbles made all the fruit fall of the tree. "Don't worry" says the old chimp, "The rumbles will be gone soon enough". The next morning is hot, so you find some shade under a bush and take a nap. A FREAKING BULLDOZER CRASHES THROUGH THE CANO
  9. If you look at the logic behind his statement, his argument isn't strong. Chicken and egg scenario. Would be the most amazing thing if people used it but we won't use it till people use it....... Difference is that Transferwise is no WU or Moneygram. It is essentially a startup. Believe they began operation in 2011. They are exactly the type of money transfer system XRP is looking to help. Sunk cost for implementing the system is not a high benchmark for Transferwise compared to WU. I hope that Ripple increases the infrastructure price of XRapid once it takes off so high and mighty companies t
  10. DS said that it was literally flipping a switch once the infrastructure has been laid by the bank for xcurrent use. Makes sense to make it as seamless as possible with no extra sunk costs on the bank/remit/FI side
  11. If you jump up and down while the price is jumping up and down it will appear static. Newton baby.
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