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  1. It could also be partly due to the partnership announcement expected at the end of May
  2. I agree that with 200 separate announcements, it would eventually become a mundane event Another plus could be that as Ripple take on relatively unknown/small partners, then the sheer volume of partnerships would cause more of an impact on the public than the partners themselves.
  3. I am using Uphold for all my buys now, especially since I get to use GBP (£) directly. £50 minimum amount to fund by debit/credit card, with a 4% fee. Card needs to be a 3D Secure enabled Visa/Mastercard. In my experience, this usually only takes a few seconds £100 minimum amount to fund by SEPA transfer, with no fees. In theory, this takes up to 3 days - I am still in the middle of testing this. Currently, there are no fees for exchanging fiat to XRP. I think this only applies to the first 5 million zerps. There is a 1.4% fee to exchange between currencies, e.g., XRP back to fiat. The XRP rates on Uphold look very close, if not identical, to Bitstamp. Uphold has wallets for the rest of the cryptos they have listed, and have announced XRP wallets as part of an upcoming Phase II release. The only issue I have logged with Uphold Support is that I can add funds using a debit card when using the Uphold website, but cannot add funds with the same card when using the app.
  4. Is LBX available and in use? I thought I would register to check them out an received an email saying
  5. It's still going through it's initial sale, and I hope we eventually see AUC (https://auctus.org/) on Coinbase soon Sharpay SHRP (https://sharpay.io), also going through an inital token sale, has an interesting use case where people are rewarded for sharing articles, links, etc. **I have seen no evidence that any of these will actually be listed on Coinbase**
  6. We resisted the Euro and we ended up voting for Brexit, so giving up the GBP is not in our immediate future. I do wonder, given the speed of messaging and settlement with xRapid, will it open up competition between banks across borders? So, if I particularly like the service offered by a bank in the Bahamas, my fees/income will be paid into a bahamian bank account, and I will pay for my Starbucks grande eggnog latte in London with my bahamian bank card. And it would all take hardly anymore time, and little more expense, than it does currently using a UK bank account.
  7. The Bank of England is already a paying customer of Ripple, so hopefully this is the quiet statement of a man that has already converted Still, I would love to know what Ripple and the BoE are doing together.
  8. This is a question for anyone: Does regulation need to be in place before institutions (Wall St, etc.) are allowed to invest in digital assets? Or is it that they are waiting to see the impact of the regulation, and/or waiting to have sophisticated infrastructure in place?
  9. Sweet! Thanks for this, I really enjoyed his/her article on the decentralisation arguments. Will save this for later
  10. Thanks for sharing this, it is a great read. Loved the tone, and the different perspectives on centralisation/de-centralisation
  11. The price and volume looks so beautiful. Btw, Black Panther was awesome so clearly [INSERT CAR MAKER OF CHOICE HERE] [INSERT CELESTIAL BODY HERE]
  12. Why has XRP risen so heroically...? I am putting it out there that the Black Panther, The Avengers Infinty War and Deadpool 2 trailers smashed it out of the park and were all met with universal appreciation. The market also welcomed the late addition of the Han Solo trailer, which served to calm nervous Star Wars fan investors. Carry on with whatever you were doing.
  13. The point I think Brad is making is that it is difficult to work out what caused uniform price behaviour on all these digital assets, when these assets are so different. He suggests looking at the utility of each asset and make choices based on what we think are the most useful, effective, etc.
  14. "Bank of England is a paying customer of ours" I had no idea. Proper chuffed.
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