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  1. You are correct. When I said when you do it, I meant set the message key. The monitor that transaction and send Spark to that address.
  2. No you have up to 6 months to set up message key. Distribution will be at when you do it after Dec 12.
  3. Thanks. What is a good and trustworthy way to generate a new public and private Key for Ethereum? I don’t know much about that space.
  4. I used XRptoolkit to update the account message. It was easy and seamless. Also, there are some robust features to access the DEX, Escrow and checks. I loved it. in another note, I used MEW to generate my wallet and don’t have my private key but just the mnemonics. Does anyone know if a way to convert the mnemonics to private key?
  5. Can you show me that the Schrödinger’s cat isn’t dead? Can you also show me it is alive? This is a ridiculous question. Not sure what is being insinuated here. That we shouldn’t trust Ripple? Are they fraud? We shouldn’t trust the countless public statement made by them? We shouldn’t trust the push for regulatory clarity they are pushing for XRP?
  6. This is absolutely no true. As Pablo mentioned above, the damage to Ripple’s reputation is massive if the XRPL goes down. They have a lot at stake. Even if it were true that Ripple is only interested in XRP long enough time sell it, it will takes years for them to get rid of their bag. To say that they are only interested in XRP to sell them is to put in blinders and only look at it from one very specific point of view.
  7. The dude is little nuts. I disagreed him in a completely different political matter and he blocked me both from his personal and toast wallet account. I find out afterwards that that was not uncommon and in one instance, he even filed a complaint in to the bar against one lawyer.
  8. I second this. Also, another line of question that could’ve been revealing was asking about FlashFx itself. What is the company’s future. What kind of growth was it expecting over next 1-2-5 years. How many corridors does it sees itself active in next year. The growth of current corridors it is doing business in, etc. There were too many “Ripple” related questions that even if he knew the answer, he couldn’t divulge. But I guess yo I only get better at interviewing if you interview more and you got to start somewhere.
  9. Price can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Gamble wisely and only what you can afford to lose.
  10. This is getting interesting. Definitely something going on. Nice sleuthing @coolio
  11. I’m pretty sure they are excluded before. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.
  12. Why so? XRP is divisible up to 6th decimal. So as price rises, you can subdivide. Also like I said above, is push comes to shove, the codebase can be changed to allow inflation.
  13. Looks like the bot keeps on running. A lot of failed transaction due to no sufficient fees. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rpJZ5WyotdphojwMLxCr2prhULvG3Voe3X
  14. XRP is not static. Codebase can be changed to make it flexible in terms of quantity, however, quantity is only one facet. The floating price can account for the static supply. Maybe we can have an agreement in terms of XRP between Keynesian and Neo-liberals at last.😂
  15. We know from MGI earnings call that they are getting back a portion of the fees they pay for ODL and they are recognizing it as revenue. Per Alex Holmes, it was negligible last quarter and included in other income but said that it will increase in future period and will be presented as its own line item.
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