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  1. Well, you do have a direct quote there and I cannot remember where I read about XRP only being given to further adoption...
  2. Xpring gives out XRP to be used to build he ecosystem. The receivers cannot sell XRP directly in the market. It is used to encourage the market participants to use the asset.
  3. Thanks. Fixed the title. I will also check you reddit.
  4. Hi all, I have been storing my XRP in ledger nano for about a year and a half. I have not logged in or connected it to my computer since then. Has there been any bugs or updates that I need to do before I do that? Any help is appreciated.
  5. I don’t think Ripple wants this. Accepting no action letter from SEC is basically admitting that XRP is a security. The class action lawsuit can basically point to it as evidence.
  6. You are correct George Washington.
  7. So the market report explains about half of the increase in the circulating supply (~500M XRP) out of 1B increase. Where is the other $500M increase coming from?
  8. This is not true. Corda settler has nothing to do with ILP. Corda settler is production ready. ILP isn’t. On the larger issue at hand, it is a complete misunderstanding and misinterpretation of events even after multiple evidence to contrary, the speculation still goes on.
  9. Unless Transferwise is aiming to get all the transfers in the world, this is a non-issue. Transferwise technology is proprietary to them. Ripple tech can be used by any bank to transfer to any participating bank.
  10. I hate when people just comment reading your last sentence without reading the full context of the conversation. The example was not to show that Google is emotionally attached to their investment. It is to show that when you invest in something, you believe in it and want it to succeed.
  11. My point is that you don't invest in something just for the sake of investing. You invest in something because you believe in it.
  12. Did you just say that? That’s like saying I gave 10 kids so I can’t love them all.
  13. This venture has some serious talent and money behind it. This is going to be big!!
  14. The whole point has to do with removing the inefficiencies in the system. Banks are acting as the middle-men in the system. In the current system, they have a role to play and they take the cut of the money for their. In the new model, they do not have a role to play and the money business/people are paying currently are actually going to be savings.
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