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  1. This venture has some serious talent and money behind it. This is going to be big!!
  2. The whole point has to do with removing the inefficiencies in the system. Banks are acting as the middle-men in the system. In the current system, they have a role to play and they take the cut of the money for their. In the new model, they do not have a role to play and the money business/people are paying currently are actually going to be savings.
  3. lll_lll

    SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's

    Agree to disagree. This has no bearing on your initial point.
  4. lll_lll

    SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's

    Not true. OPEC controls the supply of Oil and Oil is still considered a commodity and not stock. There are other examples but this is the most prominent one.
  5. Ripple understands the regulatory environment and the political landscape of Europe way more than I ever could. One thing to watch out on this is the Brexit. It looks like Ripple sees London as the hub for their European strategy. We are seeing England warm up to XRP recently with more firms joining willing to use xRapid. We will see what future holds for this part of the strategy in next few months/ weeks.
  6. lll_lll

    XRP number of on ledger accounts

    It was a rhetorical question, but yes, what you have answered is my concern. We as a community focus on the shortcomings and scaling issues of BTC and ETH but we have our own scaling issues that isn't discussed much. As you have said per your understanding that this issue isn't an issue until far off on the future but the anecdotal evidence I have seen in few places where someone with credible source saying we are already there if not past the point. Technically speaking, I don't think it would be hard to determine the number of accounts where it starts being an issue. As I said above, what if in the next bull run, there are 550K new accounts added, will that effect the ledger or what if SBI VC goes live with its 23M customers and we get 2M new accounts? What effect will it have. By no means I am trying to raise an alarm. I am just trying to understand the limits of the system so that I can make an educated decision.
  7. lll_lll

    XRP number of on ledger accounts

    Why? Why doesn’t BTC or ETC care about how many accounts that can be created? Why does XRP have the reserve? It is absolutely a design choice and a trade-off. The only thing I am trying to understand is the limits of this choice because no one seems to be talking about it. Maybe it is not an immediate problem and maybe Ripple devs have figured out a solution but I’d like to understand it more.
  8. lll_lll

    XRP number of on ledger accounts

    Here you go. Here is the discussion on the topic. Basically at a cost of 5 XRP, the old account can be deleted and the remaining funds can be transferred to a new account.
  9. We have recently surpassed the 1.5 million mark on XRP ledger recently. While it is an amazing milestone for XRPL and a sign of progress in terms of XRP adoption, I have been thinking about the negative consequences of this milestone. Unlike cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETC for which there is no cost to the number of accounts they have on ledger, the number of active accounts XRP has inverse relation to the performance of the ledger. This was a deliberate decision made about the design of the ledger because it gives XRP ledger more benefits in terms of features that can be added on-chain. Recently, I have heard that we are already hitting or exceeding the limit on the number of accounts that XRPL can handle from a couple of credible sources in Twitter. Ripple has been working on ways to make it more efficient in recent updates to XRP ledger also. Also among other things, Nick B. has an outstanding amendment waiting to get merged to the code base that allows anyone to delete the account for few XRP. With that as a backdrop, here is my question/ concern. During the last bull run, about 550 K accounts were added in a span of few weeks. With all the minor improvements and future amendments that are planned, do we think we are ready for another bull run that will most probably add another 550+ accounts without impacting the performance of XRP ledger?
  10. My take is that Jed sees the writing on the wall. People who were working with Stellar are diversifying or abandoning the ship. Two examples are Sendfriend and recent partnership between Ripple and IBM. There are probably more under the radar. XLM price is reflecting the underlying problem. Jed Hodls remaining of his XRP to moon.
  11. lll_lll

    Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

    It wasn't 39 few months ago. It was 39 last year.
  12. lll_lll

    Brad @ wef Davos panel discussion

    I don't think you understood what I said. I meant in the transparency debate about disclosing the sale and how much DA each of them own, Brad basically kicked Joe's butt.
  13. lll_lll

    Brad @ wef Davos panel discussion

    Brad basically owned Joe in the transparency debate.
  14. lll_lll

    Q4 analysis/prediction

    Really awesome and in-depth analysis. This is where I wish we had a Tipbot integrated into XRpchat.
  15. This is pretty interesting. I don’t have the wallet address but this is the kind of weird transactions we saw with the wallet associated with FlashFx too. Would be awesome to understand what is happening here.