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  1. The number is transactions have gone down by half. It it because the BTC payment stopped?
  2. Are green ones BTC transactions or Blue ones?
  3. Do we know how much of the current 20+ TPS is accounted for by these transactions?
  4. Correct. Also he will have to sustain the number of transactions during the attack. So he will be burning through a lot of fees if he wants to keep the attack up for any period fo time.
  5. Then why not go all out and increase TPS to the max. 20 TPS is not hurting anyone.
  6. So my question is why would someone be willing to throw away $50K XRP? I still believe it is some sort of testing unless I am missing something.
  7. delete account will be enabled in the next version rippled,these XRP can get back too. Yes, the proposal being discussed right now, you will lose 15 XRP in process, essentially 22,500 (~$6750) Just in account creation. Why would I want to do that? Spam theory really doesn’t hold any water.
  8. the main account create 500 accounts as BTC issuers, create another 500 accounts as BTC recipients , 500 issuer send self-issued BTC to 500 recipients, then the recipients send BTC back to issuers, again and again. ofcourse make no sense except spam. So they have locked up 30,000 XRP just with account creation? Not to mention trustlines (which they can get back easily) and transaction fees. Why spend that much money just to spam?
  9. It will burn XRP with every transaction. Also, since it is an IOU, they will need to create trustlines which I believe costs 10 XRP and remove it from circulation until they cancel the trustline.
  10. It’s not if it is just BTC IOU. Doesn’t need to backed by anything.
  11. Why is it odd? To pay/ settle any other asset other than XRP, you require trustlines. looking at the scale and amounts, looks like some large final stage testing before production. Might this be sologenic?
  12. I get it but also from what I mentioned, 500K XRP order book within .03 pesos is a good enough depth to settle 100K XRP either way you slice it (visible and invisible)
  13. Yes, for sure. That is how they have high amount of liquidity and order book depth.
  14. I looked at the file and I'm not sure how the index is being calculated. I cannot see the formula in the cells but it sure does seem to be conforming the general observation of rise in volume and other methods used to track liquidity such as tracking the destination tags that are known xRapid wallets.
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