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  1. The state of Texas has an added level of importance. Catalyst FCU is headquartered in Texas. This will pave the way for them using xRapid in near future.
  2. 2 reasons: One, less important, is the psychological, where people see it as one of the top DA miles apart from the third and the right way to calculate the MC anyway. second, more importantly, is because a lot of funds like Bloomberg crypto funds and some others are based on MC. More MC means higher investment percentage allocated to XRP.
  3. lll_lll

    Increased circulatin supply

    Yes. Key words “might be”.
  4. lll_lll

    Increased circulatin supply

    This might be 500 M transferred to R3 for their part in making XRP ecosystem widely available.
  5. Yes, Bittrex is great. I think the number of states available it up to 30 or so now.
  6. lll_lll

    XRP as Bridge Currency

    The problem with other crypto currencies are they are either slow, expensive or not liquid or all of the above. XRP is best positioned to be a bridge because it meets all those criteria.
  7. Die had been cast, long before we knew about it.
  8. Yes. If the price is stable or rising, institutions will have an incentive to hold XRP because they will save exchange fees on buying XRP.
  9. Sure looks like it. Although, why does crunchbase not show Coil as one of Ripple’s investment as well?
  10. lll_lll

    I could kinda see why it’s difficult!

    Just because it’s so hard to but XRP should tell you how early we are in this space. If it was easier, the price will reflect this and you’d be paying a premium,
  11. lll_lll

    USD-->PHP for consumers?

    You can’t use Bittrex? I would imagine Uphold not being cost effective but Bittrex or even Bitstamp would be cheaper than WU or MG even though time to settle is the same, right?
  12. lll_lll

    USD-->PHP for consumers?

    I guess that is an issue. The only thing I can think about is you helping them open their account in coins.ph and selling it for them what you transferred there. Not sure if it’s worth the work.
  13. lll_lll

    USD-->PHP for consumers?

    What are the obstacles you guys would face if you tried to buy XRP here, transfer it to coins.ph, sell it there and get PHP that way all manually?
  14. lll_lll

    Price variance during transaction and...

    Big money transfers like $100 Million will not be done in the exchanges. It will be done OTC. Market makers take the cut both on buy and sell end.
  15. IMHO, the last thing they want to be doing is buying back XRP. If anything, they want to selling it as fast as they can get rid of it without a having any meaningful impact to the market. Two reasons: i) They don't want to be holding majority of the XRP as it undermines the value of XRP. Corporate investors will be less inclined to invest in something that is not widely adopted and it also gives credence (albeit a weaker one) that XRP is a security because the distribution is centralized ii) It can lead to some anti-trust issues if Ripple were to get widely adopted. So, in essence, it will be a hindrance to Ripples growth. If in 2 or 3 years from now, if Ripples still holds > 50% of the XRP, it will be a problem.