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  1. I thought this would be a nice funny post to get everyones spirits up about a possible Chase and Ripple partnership lol It does seem likely that they could partner up everyone knows that.
  2. So this commercial was created back in Q2 of 2017 and I have been seeing it a lot recently on TV like CNBC for example so is it just me or is Chase hinting at something. I know it's a long shot, but it sounds like they love Ripple lol
  3. So has anyone else been double charged and then had a reversal charge from Coinbase because they used their credit cards? Does anyone know what we should do about it if it's going to be resolved on it's own or do we have to contact Coinbase and our credit card providers?
  4. Don't forget that Michael Arrington mentioned in his tweet against nathaniel popper he said Western union, Moneygram, Mckinsey, and anyone relevant in Asia.
  5. It definitely will make a difference considering that many other exchanges will add XRP in February so there is a lot of competition. Do you know how many verified users BitOasis has by any chance?
  6. My guess is because many exchanges will be adding XRP in February so everyone is racing to get in really quick to get the most volume before Coinbase decides to add XRP. Also not to mention the pilot testing in Japan will be done on the 31st so they will release a statement of what they think about it in February. Since they pretty much love XRP so far my guess is that they could possibly go live with XRP in March if they have everything all set up. From all these exchanges adding XRP it might even pressure Coinbase to add it in February and March as well so its going to be nothing but good news moving forward.
  7. https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/22/coinbase-hires-a-new-vp-of-operations-to-lead-its-customer-service-effort/ That is the link where it states that Coinbase will add phone support at the beginning of Q2 because they hired a new VP of operations that use to work with Twitter.They are clearly expecting an extremely high volume in Q2 since they are getting prepared.
  8. I completely agree because Coinbase stated that they will have plenty of customer support especially over the phone customer service representatives by the beginning of Q2 to be able to deal with the high volume so it is more than probable that Q2 will be when XRP is added to Coinbase.
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