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  1. Thank you itcdominic! You will soon get a confirmation email with other details.
  2. Hey Fleshmeister, the next poster will go in production in Q4 2019. If you want to be included please send DM on Twitter @stedas
  3. XRP Community Poster Link: http://www.stedas.hr/xrp-community-poster Wouldn't it be nice to have your XRP family & friends on a wall in your home? - Now you can! The poster represents a reminder of a wonderful time in XRP history and shows the early XRP adopters. 600+ members from the XRP community around the world 4 member sections: Twitter, YouTube, XRPchat and blogs Find every member by his/her profile image or name (A - Z; left to right) A perfect memory on your XRP family & friends About the poster High-quality glossy paper (150 gsm) A1 format (width x height: 84 cm x 59 cm | 23.4 x 33.1 in) The poster comes in a durable postal tube (without the frame).* Visually appealing design and uniquely organized layout (find member fast by name or image) 3 poster versions: Limited edition, Special and Standard (paper and digital) If you are intersted to purchase the poster visit: http://www.stedas.hr/xrp-community-poster Please share! There wasn't too much space left but some of the XRP Chat members are here, too @zerpdigger @Benchmark @dr_ed @fiik @itcdominic @jag216 @Julian_Williams @lucky @NightJanitor @Sebastian @Skippy @T800 @Tripple @tulo @Zedy44 @rootvegetable
  4. ** UPDATE ** NEW XRP COMMUNITY POSTER (2019 edition) Over 500 people 4 main member sections: Twitter, YouTube, XRPchat and websites / blogs NEW! A print version available to order (July 2019) If you wish to be included (or to nominate other members) contact me on Twitter ( @stedas ) or send an email to: dario@stedas.hr June 20 is the last day for nominations / submissions
  5. Thanks! Yes, I saw this map... great visual info!
  6. XRP the great digital asset for payments with numerous use cases Link: http://stedas.hr/xrp-the-great-digital-asset-use-cases.html
  7. It is there under "Did you know" section
  8. HOW-TO GUIDE: XRP Tip Bot http://www.stedas.hr Don't know how to use @xrptipbot? How to start tipping? What is the syntax? What are the limits? How to send multiple tips at once ... Find out everything and start tipping now! http://www.stedas.hr/
  9. Ripple - A fintech company for the 21st century This infographic shows the company profile of one of the best Fintech companies in the world today. LINK: http://stedas.hr/ripple-fintech-company.html Share and Retweet! Thanks! Grate Company Great Team Great Vision
  10. Agreed, find happiness and purpose in life NOW... don't look at the current price levels and don't be nervous. Eventually, it will appreciate and XRP holders will be OK.
  11. Look at the history and all those Amazons, Facebooks, iPhones and Googles - how they started?
  12. It's good to see that this list is growing, though (slowly but steady)
  13. ** 40+ Companies using, accepting or testing XRP (xRapid, Ripple)** Great to see XRP ecosystem is evolving 😎 All confirmed xRapid partnerships in one place: www.stedas.hr/infographic-companies-using-ripple-xrp.html
  14. ** CONFIRMED 1st BANK TO USE XRAPID ** "Working collaboratively with #Ripple and selected counterparts, we have designed, tested and are implementing both xCurrent and xRapid in record time..." K. Punjani, Director This is the 1st bank that is officially confirmed by Ripple to use xRapid (XRP)
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