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  1. Together with over 40 global companies and nonprofits, Ripple joins the Open Payments Coalition to help drive innovation forward and simplify global payments for all. PayID is the universal payment identifier. PayID is a free and open standard that allows for interoperability between payment networks. 40+ companies 100M consumers VIEW INFOGRAPHIC > https://www.stedas.hr/payid-open-standard-for-payments.html This solution replaces complex account numbers with simple names that are easy to understand so instead of the IBAN number or a Bitcoin address you use: JOHN$EXAMPLE.COM Use cases: Peer to Peer Payments E-Commerce Checkout Subscription Payments Invoice Payments
  2. I agree on this one. It really is a long-term investment and the current price is a great buy. But, on the other hand, in short-medium timeframe(1-3 years), I expect the price might be substantially "pumped" by FOMO and new investors coming in this space. So, to conclude it is a good trade opportunity for those that are not willing to wait for 5-10 years.
  3. You might need to take into consideration the timeframe for this valuation model: 10-12 years from that date (2028-2030)
  4. They used an estimate of XRP transaction volume in the range of $190-560 B per day
  5. These are not my "numbers". I have used this paper as a source "A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets XRP and BTC" by Susan Athey & Robert Mitchnick (2018)
  6. This is the price model worth discussing and unfortiunatelly the only one from 2018. If you are aware of the newer price valuation please do share and I will make an updated version.
  7. Because there is no an easy-to-follow visual representation of the 24-page paper.
  8. XRP price valuation VIEW INFOGRAPHIC >> https://www.stedas.hr/xrp-price-valuation.html The only "scientific" valuation approach of the XRP price potential "A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets XRP and BTC" by Susan Athey & Robert Mitchnick (2018) The price for XRP* - $6.37 (low estimate) - $32.91 (high estimate) * expected "steady-state" timeframe 10-12 years (2027-2029) Valuation Approach: Transaction + Storage This approach to valuing cryptoassets integrates the two primary functions of money: 1) medium-of-exchange 2) store-of-value Conclusion of the paper: This result, suggests that both BTC and XRP may have significant upside from current price levels despite the spectacular price appreciation in early 2017. This paper, by contrast, incorporates future unit issuances, consistent with standard finance theory for valuing assets in a dynamic environment. Note that the “High” and “Low” estimates are used to acknowledge the significant imprecision in assigning values to the most complex parameters. They do not reflect the overall range of potential values that these parameters might take, but instead serve as a plausible range of values within the Success Cases for BTC and XRP. About the authors: Susan Athey is the Economics of Technology Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and she also serves on the boards of directors of Ripple Labs. Robert Mitchnick is an MBA candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He spent time with Ripple in the summer of 2017. He stands in the top 1% of the Stanford GSB Class of 2018. ***** DISCLAIMER: Susan Athey and Robert Mitchnick haven’t been involved in making this infographic.
  9. How to buy XRP on Binance? How to buy XRP on Binance - one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world? 1) Create an account 2) Verify email 3) Buy XRP with credit card (Master Card, Visa) Bonus Tip: How to send XRP to Ledger Nano S/X - the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet. VIEW THE GUIDE HERE: https://www.stedas.hr/how-to-buy-xrp-binance-exchange.html
  10. XRP TipBot to Uphold Migration Guide If you are XRP Tipbot user you will have to link an Uphold account to send/receive XRP tips. Due to regulatory rquirements your XRP TipBot account will have to be connected to an Uphold account. View guide here: https://www.stedas.hr/xrp-tipbot-uphold-migration-guide.html Note: Your tips will only be processed if both you (sender) and the recipient have an connected Uphold account
  11. XRP Community Poster #5 - 600 community members (YouTube, Twitter, Coil + XRPL explorers and websites) If you are new in the XRP community follow these XRP fans and supporters: https://stedas.hr/xrp-community-poster/xrp-poster-pre-order-v5.html ***************** XRP COMMUNITY POSTERS - GREAT REMINDERS ON YOUR XRP JOURNEY There are 5 XRP Community Posters that feature over 2000 XRP members from all over the world. Posters represent a reminder of a wonderful time in XRP history and show the early XRP adopters and XRP Community supporters. If you wish to buy the poster go here: https://www.stedas.hr/xrp-community-poster/posters.html Contact: info@stedas.hr or send DM on Twitter @stedas
  12. The Anatomy of XRP address What is XRP address (account)? When and how to use a destination tag? View infographic here: www.stedas.hr/anatomy-of-xrp-address.html Accounts in the XRP Ledger are identified by an address in the XRP Ledger's format: 25-35 characters, starting with an "r", case-sensitive, for example: XRP address: rXieaAC3nevTKgVu2SYoShjTCS2Tfczqx Destination Tag: 153214622 When and how to use Destination Tag? Use Destination Tag when sending to exchanges or 3rd party app (i.e. Binance, Coinbase, XRP Tip Bot, Wirex). You don't need to use Destination Tag when sending to your own on ledger account or hardware wallet (XUMM, Ledger Nano, etc.). If required just enter “0” (zero). Institutions who send and receive value on behalf of many users use Destination Tags to distinguish payments from and to their customers while only using one (or a handful) of accounts. E.g. exchanges require a destination tag because they have one XRP address and many users. View infographic here: www.stedas.hr/anatomy-of-xrp-address.html
  13. NEW XRP TIP BOT GUIDE What's changed? Instead of @xrptipbot user needs to put #xrptip i.e. @WietseWind +0.25 #xrptip Did you know...? You can send up to 500 XRP / tip on the mobile app You can withdraw up to 1000 XRP / month For more Ripple and XRP Infographics visit https://www.stedas.hr/ripple
  14. Finally, the XRP Community Poster #4 is finished! Trying to find your next XRP friend? Look no further - this poster shows over 1000 members. Who to follow on Twitter? Who to watch on YouTube? Who are the @Coil authors? What about some XRPChat forum members? Connect with them and be a part of this journey! Please support this community project: 👉 https://stedas.hr/xrp-community-poster/xxl-xrp-poster.html Thank you!
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