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  1. Thanks Truckdriver! Hope it helps...
  2. Thanks for your comment KarmaCoverage! Agree with you, but re this particular infographic, I've just put the data I got from researcher...
  3. I know what you are saying - it's all about "inclusion" vs "exclusion"... it was not my intention at all... this was pure for entertainment purposes only and on the request of the female members, so I guess it has "some" value for XRP community...
  4. Thank you Harvey for your kind words!
  5. Thanks for your comments! As for the Temenos they are more related to the "RippleNet integrators / APIs" category... p.s. I would like to create this infographic but need some help from other XRP community members on this topic
  6. That's great! Thank you!
  7. Yes, all in one place... a lot of visual information for all those new members coming to the XRP community eager to learn anything about XRP and Ripple... And, what took me months of research and creative work they can have it for free and in easy to understand way
  8. If you are referring to the Women in XRP community - the main purpose was to promote women members in crypto and specifically in the XRP community (as there is only approx. 3 - 6% of them in crypto world)... As one female member commented on Twitter:
  9. Of course, they can be shared - freely and widely! It was my intention to do these infographics to be easily shared on the web and social media sites! Thank you, Hodor for your support! I appreciate it!
  10. Ripple and XRP guides and infographics A great resource for: XRP investors crypto media outlets new XRP enthusiasts general public and for everybody else who wants to learn more about Ripple and XRP SHARE / RETWEET: http://www.stedas.hr/ripple 20+ infographics 60+ images & quotes
  11. Stedas

    XRP / FIAT MAP (infographic)

    Unfortunately, no! Circles are there to show the relative sizes so numbers can't go inside...
  12. * XRP / Fiat pairs Map ** Location map of 100+ crypto exchanges to buy XRP Interesting to see how the XRP virus is spreading SHARE AND DOWNLOAD: stedas.hr/xrp-fiat-pairs-map.html SEND YOUR SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS: If there are more XRP / Fiat pairs and/or exchanges that you are aware of send suggestions to dario@stedas.hr or contact me on Twitter: @stedas