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  1. kraken

    Thanks guys. Was only testing a new way of buying XRP using revolut’s eur wallet.
  2. kraken

    Hey guys. what's the min xrp purchase amount on kraken? I deposited a small amount of euro's in to it to make sure I was doing it right as my account has just been verified. Just doing a test purchase of 10xrp but it says amount too low. what's the lower limit?
  3. is kraken a wallet?

    Yeah. Quite happy with toast tbh. Very easy to use.. I’ll use that for long term holding and probably keep a small float in Kraken for shorter term trades. Does that make some sort of sense lol
  4. is kraken a wallet?

    see this 20xrp thats being held. will they never release it? cant I transfer the whole lot out - which would result in the wallet closure?
  5. is kraken a wallet?

    thanks folks
  6. Just got an account verified with Kraken. I currently use toastwallet. If I were to generate a kraken address in my account and send all my XRP here. Would it automatically convert it into EUR? Or would it hold as XRP in my kraken account? If so, why would I ever use a wallet? instead of just holding my xrp in kraken for when I chose to cash out?
  7. Hi all, I currently only hold XRP but I am interested in buying some other altcoins, that are real real low value. Happy to drop a few quid into them whilst they're valued at 0.000x and see where they might grow to (if anywhere) How do I go about buying these altcoins? I've seen UNY, PLC, MBL & MINT that look of interest..... I have no idea where I can buy these? I currently buy ETH on coinbase from GBP. Then I use changelly to convert to XRP and deposit this in Toastwallet. Anyone help?
  8. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    Given I can’t buy XRP direct from UK, I currently buy eth then use changelly to convert to XRP and send to wallet. If changelly are expensive, what’s the cheapest / most credible alternative. Must admit, anything I’ve used changelly for has been completed in 20/30min.
  9. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    Reading all the above.. if I wanted to convert XRP to gbp. Could I use Changelly to send XRP back to coinbase as ETH and then withdraw straight to my account? I noted some some previous posters use coinbase to purchase XRP. Why wouldn’t they follow the reverse procedure to get money back? ive never done it, hence I’m asking.
  10. Xrp value

    nice to see an actual answer instead of **** takes. a lot of people dont know a lot about this world - myself included - so actual responses are always great to read.
  11. I've been waiting on some sort of answer to the continued drop - and potential reasons behind it. But all I get is the blind faith brigade posting HODL. Which doesn't really help, or answer anything. But, as someone who only invested what I am comfortable losing, I done it with the long term goal. The intention is to forget about it for 5 years... however, after investing a few weeks back I am just trying to learn about the market. I understand price can go up and down, but this is a fair ol' jump down. I've no intention on backing out, perhaps I'll drop a little more in... but it's a long term gamble. In the crypto horse race... I just hope I've backed the right horse! However, If anyone has an informed level of insight, and has an opinion on why things are trading as such - without firing caps lock on and typing those favourite 4 letters - then please educate me.
  12. I see people talking about selling XRP to buy more when the value continues to drop. So, how would I do this on toast wallet? do I transfer to another crypto, hold it and then transfer back? If so, what crypto would you use? Or or are you transferring back into currency then back to XRP? Is this viable given I trade in GBP?
  13. Now we’re into the $1.20’s?! Why? Why’s it dropped so so much - esp after money gram announcement?
  14. The arse is falling out XRP right now. Good time to buy. I’m only a small investor but buying in the $1.50ish mark seems ideal if you believe in long term gain. Only another £50gbp but it all adds up.
  15. Whilst in it for long term, seems price of XRP been dropping for days. Into the $1.60ish range now. Why?! Im in it for long term, likely to buy some more tomorrow if it’s still low... but wid just like to understand why the last few days have seen such a drop. Last week we were $2.10+ anyone with actual info, informed opinion please?