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    zerpian got a reaction from xrpaware in Q1 2017 XRP Markets Report   
    Thanks for the report.
    It’s clear Fiat is flowing into the market via BTC. So, it is in XRP’s advantage to get listed on (at least) the top exchanges.
    The more liquidity flows in via BTC, the more volatility decreases and the more daily volume increases.  
    Should XRP want to survive, decoupling from BTC should not be expected to happen soon. As long as Fiat>>BTC cannot be reformulated as Fiat>>XRP , BTC is XRP’s oxygen.
    And as long as Fiat>BTC>XRP exists, xrp is simply contributing to BTC’s popularity, price, ..
    I suspect the impact of good news (banks choosing for Ripple) on the price was relatively low, considering XRP’s history. Hence, this argument is noted as the last bullet point.
    The most interesting part:
    We may expect XRP lockup in Q2, because this paragraph is preceded with
    Secondly, as they will be adding liquidity they expect upside volatility. I remember that during the rally only about 50M xrp was left on poloniex. This could be done by discount window lending
    Would love to hear some feedback, as I could be completely wrong.
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    zerpian got a reaction from baggy23 in [Solved]: a Bug and a new kind of Attack on RCL.   
    This. The whole concept of digital currency is, you do no need to trust anyone.
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    zerpian reacted to cmbartley in Vinnie calls Ripple "HYPE" (edited)   
    To me this is a serious issue. By not laying out a clear roadmap similar to other cryptos Ripple followers and XRP holders are left to infer their own strategy and interpret news for themselves. Why can't XRP talk about their strategy? Many believe that each announcement means that banks are lining up to use RCL when @Vinnie and others correctly point out that that is not the case. I agree that Vinnie isn't the most careful with his words but he's right that there is significant opacity to how FIs are using Ripple technology. My grave concern is that Ripple is allowing for a speculative bubble whereby expectations due to misinterpreted public statements by Ripple ultimately bursts when it becomes clear that banks going "live" does not mean live with XRP or on RCL. People are buying and holding  a this coin BECAUSE they think bank RCL/XRP activity has already started. It has not. Rightly or wrongly XRP holders will feel they've been mislead by Ripple and it will be obvious not enough was done to clarify the strategy and how XRP fits (or does not fit) into each deal. I think the community would be receptive to a clearly articulated road map that appropriately managed expectations. But if expectations are not managed, people are free to misinterpret as they want, and they won't blame themselves for getting it wrong.
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    zerpian reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Video: Why XRP will be valuable   
    Found by xrp noob:
    Short and easy to understand.
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