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  1. Hello Bob, I don't contribute much in general. However, I'm trying to stay updated and in that sense I'm very pleased to have met you for your honesty and your brilliant insights. I feel like crypto changed your views on the fact that something that is valuable should also be liquid. I think it has changed a lot of people's view (positively) on life, money, etc. in one way or other. Like in fact borders are imaginery lines, I've come recently aware one day crypto might blur or even make disappear these lines. You can take all your wealth with you on a stick or with an implanted chip: property deeds, money, ID, etc...really exciting times ahead! I won't buy a yacht but you'll always be welcome to any party as a VIP guest
  2. zerpian

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay, I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for spending time enlightinging us, please continue sharing your knowledge/insights/ experience,.. Ben seems to be very good in figuring new names. I somewhere read (cannot find the article) he is also the name giver for cinnamon (cinema + money)... Regarding the inbuilt exchange, Beachhead (a VR game) has committed to use xrpl for exchanging in game tokens and other game tokens Thanks again!
  3. @lucky and yet Ripple has been struggling with this problem since the beginning trying to find the right mixture for a healthy and durable distribution. A strategy is missing, except the one that incentives market makers. I wonder how much of the half billion from the sales went back to these market makers.
  4. XRP the most held crypto by Japanese: https://coinpost.jp/amp/?p=70229&p=70229&__twitter_impression=true
  5. @Hodor You're not saying otherwise but let me underline that I do have confidence in Ripple more than any other company or any stakeholder (in case of BTC) in this market. Having said that, it feels like there is a lack of strategy regarding the distribution. The only thing we know is the graph but the curve doesn't predict anything. Even if one makes assumptions, it should be somewhat realistic. Missing the curve with billions is not realistic at all. The distribution should be accelerated by engaging with the community. That's actually my main point I'm trying to make. While writing the last paragraph, I had to think about dogecoin. Can someone explain me very simply why this coin is still in top 100?
  6. @Hodor I'm glad to see we're on the same page. Your ideas are excellent! Some time ago, I also proposed a variant of staking but honestly I don't care much how the distribution is done as long as it gets distributed. There are a few reasons I'm eager to see xrp distributed as quickly as possible: -the escrow is missing its purpose: there is already 6B undistributed xrp + around 700M xrp returning back into escrow every month. If Ripple was to dump, escrow will certainly not prevent them to -Ripple published an xrp distribution graph. Although we had a bull run in 2018 - consequently boosted Q1-Q2 sales, the total xrp distributed amounted for 2B. This means - at this rate - we will never reach the milestones on that graph - speculation is a knife with two edges. For innovative technologies it's needed to attract capital in the beginning but ignorant investors can burn themselves. E.g. wietsewind would not have found about Ripple, when there was no bull run (consequently no media coverage). However regulation is around the corner and hopefully it will put a consumer-protective framework (to a certain extent) in place. -healthier distribution will only be possible at higher prices, preventing people hoarding huge amounts xrp's and also preventing boom-bust cycles. Take for instance the numerous wallets created and the average holding amount in those wallets compared to pre-2017. -'overestimating the short term, underestimating the long term' stems from the inability to value correctly -specially true for crypto- the utility value. On the short term it is made by speculation (hence overestimating) but if you cannot survive this phase there won't be a long term nor an utility value. It's actually based on survival bias. Only focusing on the long term might loosen attention on the short term. -finally I think it needs to be done for the sake of transparency and all that blockchain stands for...
  7. I hope so too, as said in that thread It's a good thing this topic being discussed, it let's the idea mature but we're not there yet. I'd like to see this topic to be discussed more intensively. I believe distribution is the last unsolved hurdle..but this has been the case for Ripple since xrpl's inception. Joelkatz 'once said in the coming weeks (or months?) we're going to distribute billions of XRP. Yet, we have come to a situation in which XRP is only being sold. The brilliant minds must think of a strategy for once and solve this problem for good.
  8. I agree. Anything is possible as long there is a consensus within the community, although the structure with UN is too complicated and not feasible. Also the double purpose would be to find an alternative way for the distribution rather than solely depending on selling..
  9. Curious what those projects are.. I think the community should also get the chance to vote on projects: like a place where Devs can submit their projects, the community votes on the projects paying something symbolic like 1 XRP. The project gets funded by xpring..That might be something for you to lobby for @Hodor
  10. I hope you're right and they distribute some. Sofar they haven't done anything in that regard. It's in that sense also a bit ironic Asheesh talking exactly about distribution.. I have been saying it several times:the distribution should be accelerated and not only be made depending on sales..
  11. I share your thoughts @cmbartley. I'd like to add: - Ripple should accelerate XRP distribution. There is no way to respect the distribution curve (set by themselves) only by selling. In fact, Ripple went from 'we are going to distribute billions of XRP (for free, 2013)' to we only sell XRP. From one extreme to another one; -The distribution should be more transparent, also the allocation of the income generated by XRP sales; -Ripple itself is laying infrastructure for FI's and 'outsourcing' consumer centric apps to third parties. The examples we have are Coil and Omni but I don't believe these will be mass consumer apps. Also politics may have played a role in selecting those companies.. -Ripple sometimes takes an elitist stance and forgets retail in the success story of XRP. -It might not be a bad idea to have an XRP governance body.
  12. Thanks for this numerical summary! Speaking about use cases, here is an interesting one : ilp-enabled surveys. Might be an inspiration for your next post ..
  13. No but you're saying money is objective and fiat subjective. Because it has historically grown - certainly in the case of money. By surviving time and the subjects of those times, it has come to our times. Unless a paradigm shift, no subject can't change this given fact in our times. In that context, mind that money has more extended history than fiat. @opaopa, edited.
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