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  1. They have around 350k agents. Thats on average about 10k per agent prefunded for payouts. Not so unusual when you talk about 5 days or more to settle with their banks what brings the average below 2k per agent. And those ARE trapped as for every lets say USD in .... there has to go lets say an INR.... out. Those USDs are not send by airplane as you know but by cross border settlement... and the INR has to be instant available with that local agent... The cost to prefund the local INR will be much lower with instant settlement....obvious
  2. Hm... still not much lower settlement assets on their sheets. To my understanding thats the figure to watch for real progress with lower prefunding
  3. Having asked/answered a few relevant questions on topics not going about charts, moon, lambo,... will do Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. They indeed look cool but "only Bitcoin" makes them practical useless
  5. I hear him talking about G10 or even G5 Central Bank stablecoins...... What about all the rest on this globe? All those not belonging to that elite? Ongoing under control of those big boys? Ain't nog going to happen..... There soon will not be not "just one western club" to rule them all in finance. They (western finance) still do not get what will be called an "internet of value"... Not saying XRP will reign, but the club of distributed independent assets that can gather trust combined with all the needed technical features.... THEY WILL And XRP is on its way.... not just to belong to that club.... no... XRP might be the one to take the lead
  6. Actually... yes. I received those from the reseller of that compromised Trezor . After my complaint by both the reseller and manufacturer, they sent me a new Trezor T (and now clearly genuine) + those Opendime USB's as "wiedergutmachung" I'm not going to use those BTC sticks but maybe someone else has interest (otherwise they are for the bin ....) BTW. After testing now both the Trezor T and a Ledger Nano X my preference will clearly go to the Ledger Wallet (easier to use and better XRP support - overall feels more robust soft and hardware) - (Doubt that anyone will want my "used" for testing Trezor T )
  7. On the same forum this "confession" just showing up .... GnosticPlayers2 New User Posts4 Threads1 JoinedOct 2019 Reputation0 #3 32 minutes ago hello to all people I'm writing this letter because I have to tell you the truth. There is currently a big misconception about me the real GnosticPlayers. But to understand you must first find out the past. GnosticPlayers is not one person but two people behind the identity. Me that is writing this letter and GnosticPlayers1 who started this whole drama. To separate the two of us you can call me Gabriel and call GnosticPlayers1 for Nclay because it's our true identity. I have known Nclay since 2015 and have always admired his skills. We have been very good close friends for many years. We met several times in real life because we come from the same country and we have nothing secret to each other. We knew everything about each other and we trusted each other. Nclay was the mastermind behind all the hacks and executed them all on his own. But since this is all he knows he did not know what to do with the databases he hacked and how to brought money. It was my first idea was to sell it on the black market is when I first created the GnosticPlayers identity in the dream market. My idea was to sell databases that nclay was hacking. He was very happy and loved this idea. He didn't once say no to that as long as he got the money he wanted. Also at this time we joined Rawdata / DDB his real name Maxime Thalet and helped us sell databases and gave us new ideas. Everything was fine until Nclay broke through GateHub and stole $ 10 million. Since we always shared money for everything before then Nclay was generous enough and gave me and Maxime 1/3 of each. We've all received about $ 4 million each. But this is where the problem began. Nclay became very irresponsible with his share of money and spent everything to buy 3 luxury cars for himself and gave a lot of money to his friends for free. But they were all fake friends who were just friends with Nclay because he was rich and had money and was exploiting him for money. After buying his cars and giving the rest to his fake friend he had no money left. There he became greedy and began to regret his decision that he give Me and Maxim $ 3 million each. He began asking us to give back his money or ask if he could have back it to a large extent. Of course since he was a friend of ours we gave him $ 500,000 from both me and Maxime but he refused to accept the money because of his greed and said he was asking for half of it. He wanted us paid him back for $ 3 million. We did not accept that and at that moment was angry and began to blackmail and threat for me and Maxim. If we don't do what he wants and return the money he gave us as a pledge of friendship he will reveal our information to the public and **** our lives. We did not listen to him and ignored him because we thought he was deceiving and would not do such a stupid thing. Since Nclay really has something wrong in his brain he really did. As noted he has published all the databases for free and voluntarily distributed my and Maximes information. He presents Me and Maxime as the main actors behind his actions while in fact the only major role in this case is himself only and none else. He has published a lot of false and fake information that he was Gabriel but in real is actually me. He is posing as us using our information to get us in trouble as a revenge. He framed everyone except himself. He has also broadcast the names of many others who have played no part in the process or who have never been involved in anything simply to confuse people and spread false information. His words should not be reliable and honest. This is the truth and you can believe me or not. Everything else said by a sick liar is wrong and only tries to frame others.
  8. I've received an Opendime set (3 USB sticks to be used as hardware Bitcoin wallets) as a present. Because I've no plans to use BTC in the foreseeable future I want to sent them for free to the first one who wants them and who has showed to be trustworthy on this board. I'll send them globally for free (if you're elected, just DM me your mail address). They are all 3 unused and genuine.
  9. Trump is going to build a wall on the south border of Colorado.... New Mexico becomes ... Mexico .... MEX/USD Remittances will go to the roof!!!!
  10. Maybe the investigation teams are coming to close and this guy wants to save his neck?
  11. If so than probably their xrpchat account has to be hacked as they've been using it in less suspicious times (since 2015)
  12. Yesterday someone I used to know very well passed away by euthanasia. She really was an incredible great person who inspired so many people including me.... Wanted to share this with the community. https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/23/paralympian-marieke-vervoort-dies-euthanasia-years-pain-10966693/
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg
  14. They still work with folks that you've to trust, but you might be right, at least that's one less in the supply chain.... OTOH, the security hologram seal (being removed) has done its job for me
  15. Yep, was thinking so. But what's also scary here is that there went something wrong in the supply chain as I bought this on a webstore who's on Trezor's list of resellers. This didn't go by second hand or eBay.
  16. Today I had a rather scary feeling when I opened the box of a new Trezor T wallet. To be sure that this piece of hardware is genuine, Trezor puts a seal with a hologram over the USB port. But in my case there was no seal (by the "glue restant" one could see and feel that there sure was one removed). I immediately informed Trezor and the reseller about this and they will replace it for another, but most important: they promised to figure out what could be the reason for this to happen. And now I was wondering: with this kind of hard and firmware build devices: Can hackers this way go after your secret keys and/or funds (even if you've entered pass phrases or accounts created afterwards) Anyone with with some knowledge about this as a potential problem? How scary can this be?
  17. Really? As far, Swell was only organised twice (2017 and 2018) with not very much "special" XRP price moving. The only notable price movements were the 2017 march>may run from 0.006 to 0.3 and the 2017 year-end december>januari bull run from 0.22 to 3
  18. Fact is that most of the XRP community do deduct this project as no more than a clever way to create a new coin, mainly used to fund the project, while the SOLO team tries to explain it as a bridging asset.... Basically, when this community looks at it this way, they DO see it as a sort of a scam as the primary purpose of the SOLO token is funding, while the issuer misleads potential buyers by promoting it as "utility"....
  19. exactly.... seems nothing more than an unregulated marketplace with one simple goal: selling SOLO tokens ;-)
  20. Nope you can even create your very own "SoloMio" token on the XRPL. Creating is one, finding buyers that trust you another and those who bought your token..... some other day they have to sell it again to another buyer (or victim). Trust indeed is key... always. The only token that has a level of trust that we all can see and control - globally counterpartyless - is XRP as for that you only have to trust the ledger and its trusted validators. Remember lots of people a few years ago trying to sell their worthless USD.snapswap tokens after the SnapSwap pullback from the XRPL (some shady Baltic company took it over)? Guess this is just another SOLO.coinfield story - explained different....
  21. Libra attempts to replace the current system Ripple/XRP attempts to enable it Thats a fundamental difference
  22. Unless they see XRP as an extended resource [emoji23]
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