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  1. It's not about justice. It's about power and $$$. The threat is Ripple (and XRP), not the other 4235 coins and companies/people behind them
  2. Who knows? Watching Crypto market graphics feels like a cow watching a train passing
  3. Looks like the market at least is not betting on the SEC and their bunch of lawyers ;-)
  4. leaving the below 0.001 mark on 2013-03-21 Leaving the below 0.01 mark on 2017-03-29 Leaving the below 1.0 mark on 2021-04-09 ? That's what one calls logarithmic ;-) What to expect in 2025?
  5. What the SEC alleges - to my understanding - is that the company and staff were/are using XRP to fund operations and to reward employees the same way as if it were securities. Jed, started selling when he wasn't an employee anymore.
  6. Means it was down on trust .....
  7. Stellar foundation nodes stopped validating. While they pretend to be decentralized it seems not be the case as all exchanges only listened to those centralized SDF nodes. They lack trusted community validating nodes.... Just one word... garbage....
  8. That's what I think as well. Banks are their primary audience. If they achieve to get clarity on the status of XRP it will open the doors to a global market WITH support from their home basis. Both are important. Maxis are just making some noise in the background.
  9. Take a look at www.xumm.app It's a very reliable and safe solution developed by XRPLabs and @Wietse ( @WietseWind ?) from the Netherlands and who is highly respected here and in the XRPCommunity. He and his team are really VERY smart developers on the XRP Ledger. 100% trustful ! Adding: You can start with a free (still VERY secure) app on a smartphone wallet and later on add a card based hardkey (Tangem card) for even more security
  10. You know what's the main difference? in China they want to build out a succes as a society & country first (suppressing the individual) while in the Western mindset one wants to win as an individual first (suppressing society & government)
  11. depends what hands are holding them... imagine those 50b holding by anonymous whales (kinda JEDs) ....
  12. This is only possible after all legal proceedings have been completely closed. Until then, a suspect is in principle not guilty and there is a theoretical chance that he will get his goods back. That is the reason why the French justice itself is keeping these goods in custody for the time being
  13. Actually the Gatehub hack started with the hack of credentials, including email addresses (from there they could decipher a bunch of secret keys) Those personal identity databases have been circulating over the web (including on this board I believe) By using such a set of stolen emails to advertise, these devs make their pointpay instant suspicious...
  14. And is this XRP being rammed by the SEC
  15. Let's hope for the captain that he has a good insurance ;-)
  16. This what they call block(ed)chain ;-) Remember Larsen comparing the XRP Ledger with container shipping? Very similar today.... Wonder how they came painting that name wrong. Should have been NEVERGREEN
  17. yep... here's an interesting (independent?) article on that matter...
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