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  1. I know it's tricky, but MG can play a key role in building liquidity. Banks will not help and so is WU. After a merger they're in front seat to go for full speed. With MG just as partner it will go on a far lower pace...
  2. Hard to say, but if I would have to predict, my bet would go to a merger with Moneygram. Would fit in recent moves and timeline. First the investment in MG, then the integration of ODL, then the preparing of the balance sheet with the 200M funding .....might lead to a merger with a public company.... After all they both are very complementay: MG needs the tech and the financial support and Ripple needs the liquidity to offer it in a later stadium towards other client FIs and banks as an option on ripplenet for xborder settlement. Liquidity is the KEY for Ripple and MG has the perfect network to make it grow. A merger certainly would accelerate this.
  3. yep, buying a bank, no matter what size, would be the most stupid move to make (in regards of ODL coming of the ground)
  4. Accepted. You also said "The court hearing was interesting to say the least this morning, but good news is coming from it." Can you explain that quote as well?
  5. THB , most here just want to know when XRP finally will boom and how high it will go.... do not expect much intelligent questions Unless you're specialized in deep knowledge XRP charts analysis as that's about the most discussed subject here
  6. Those accounts are rekeyed (and now even empty) and all funds are moved to 5 new accounts on a hardware Ledger Nano X
  7. I doubt the hack went that way. First: he hack wasn't record in the access log and second: in my case I found it weird that they didn't touch my largest XRP account. That time I did manage 3 on ledger accounts in a GH wallet (didn't make use of hosted accounts) with my funds asymmetrical spread over those 3 accounts. The largest account was far bigger than the one they took away. If they had access trough pasword hack they could have taken all 3 in no time....
  8. https://www.dataviper.io/blog/2019/gnosticplayers-part-1-nclay-ddb-nsfw/ So where are the recovered funds? My gutfeeling..., - stolen XRP is traded by the hackers (not recoverable as they were) - LEA is making progress (some proof by this blog) and already has a few in prison - GH anticipated with a reserve to refund (remember @silkjear discovered a large tx from ripple to GH about the same amount of stolen XRP) - GH is not willing (ashamed?) or not allowed to talk until legal and justice acting has been completed - And finally, every single REPORTED stolen XRP will be refunded from the GH reserve - Victims who went to court might even win a lawsuit from GH and "recover" some possible losses (not able to trade/sell those XRP for several months, psychological suffering,...)
  9. Speculation/manipulation (all coins moving in harmony = not related to news)
  10. Exactly. And it is for your type of value adding writers that there is room for a neat platform with content that people are prepared to pay for... I do believe that we will move away from the model where we pay or subscribe for selected quality news and/or insights sources for content, mostly originated from the old media like CNN, WP, NYT, ... to a more open set of paying platforms like coil. Not saying this is the ultimate model, but it sure is the direction we're moving.
  11. Also .... writing and posting nonsense can create huge platforms like YT or FB.... Great times ahead for Coil? [emoji2957]
  12. To what group do you belong? [emoji57]
  13. Like spenfing time on xrpchat... some must have made fortunes here
  14. but I think it's odd that the only source to put it this way seems to be crunchbase, alle other sources speak about an Xpring investment
  15. to my understanding micropayment systems can and should be build around paychans or off ledger. btw, are coil payments going straight on ledger? Are is it working like xrptipbot (off ledger accounts)?
  16. Because in case of Ripple .... NDA stands for No Deals Ahead .... Means there is nothing to leak ;-) Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  17. https://cointelegraph.com/news/gatehub-crypto-wallet-data-breach-compromises-passwords-of-14m-users
  18. interesting quote made by Holmes in the very last minute of the video (when he "goes out over his skis")
  19. Disappeared.... Has to be fake or trolling. Will change the OP
  20. Saw some news passing. Rumor? Truth? Fake !
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