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  1. Because they are in escrow perhaps?
  2. When someone bought XRP during 2013...2016 on average for 0.006 and sold SOME in 2017 on average 0.5 or more, one has to see him as "normal behaving" and not as a proof of disbelieving. In my case my stack did cost me in 2014 0.006 average and I sold 20% for 0.2 and another 20% for 1.0 but I'm still holding 60% of free XRP while having a >3000% return on investment. And I still am a big believer in the future of Ripple and the IoV. I also think XRP will get an important role in the bigger picture. The most impressive in my view is the way how the big picture has been been painted from the very start and how the Ripple team adapted and improved it on the go, but always stayed laser focused on that ultimate goal that never has been changed. You are right that the vision on XRP has been changed from the early idea, but it still has incredible interesting features to play its role in the plan. Of course it's tricky to see it as "just a good investment" as it all depends on what ratio risk/reward one wants or can handle. That's individual and a decision one has to make personal. In my view it still is a very good investment for the longer term, otherwise I wouldn't hold my 60% anymore. Would I still buy today? Hard to say as in my case that Q doesn't pose anymore, but I think that I still would take the risk to spend some funds on XRP. It's the only crypto that shows some real use case coming up, but don't expect to have instant gains within the year. The ride might even be bumpy for an unexpected time...
  3. Yes, but than a version with global reach
  4. as WhatsApp is coupled with a mobile phone number, I would love this terrific idea to be integrated in Whatsapp. Something comparable with the XRPTipBot. Non Whatsapp users could receive an SMS with an invitation to just download Whatsapp and claim the payment...
  5. All joke aside, I'm happy to be married, for 37years now, with a very very nice, lovely and sweet women who even likes and laughs with my awful jokes and humor.... What more can a man want?
  6. When my spouse says "payback" .... she means something else
  7. I doubt payments to be troubled (more) by #brexit as payments may cross borders but they do not meet customs
  8. If one wants to have liquidity ON DEMAND = settle without trusting a third party (vostro crypto or fiat accounts on a correspondent or other foreign bank, exchange....) the ONLY way to go is to use public independent value tokens. Today, best option for that, when looking at cost & speed, this clearly is #XRP. Last hurdles.... volume and available corridors (and regulation) being cleared up, one by one, some even as we speak I guess. R3 collapsed to that vision so it seems.
  9. It all depends how they have set up the buss plan and what market they target. Most common users like we are not international trading or doing import/export. Thist can come with high costs in some “difficult” regions. Expensive accounts may even still look interesting when the offered payment corridors on average go fast and cheap....
  10. Why? Managing accounts goes with a cost. There is nothing like a free lunch....
  11. I’m with you. All those big dream analysis and wild price predictions clutter the board to an almost unreadable space. Gone are the days with most of the postings worth reading for thoughts on vision or explaining or answering technical details I’ve learned a lot on the boards like this one or XRPTalk and also on the official forum with regular extended posting from Daniel, Nik, Arthur, and even Jed. Now the official forum is more like a goasttown .... And the only one can learn here is a great technical price forecasting to those magic goals like 589, moon, lambo .... or the superdeals in the making with 100s of banks or Amazon or Google or WU and so on... While real interest should go to tech and market development, or apps and usage with devs doing real things like Wietse with the tipbot or the guy (Warbler) behind Bithomp or the network building around interledger mojaloop coil... xcurrent going global with banks... xrapid making its first steps (yes it still is no more than that).... Mods should act more firm to the idiotic TA and other wild price “discussions”. Those are ridiculous and serve to nothing else than false hope... Sometimes I do feel here like walking into a kids room of wild dreams...
  12. Yep. From all what I've seen on Twitter, Mr. Kitao is both serial tweeter and a parrot, repeating and quoting all he read or had heard about Ripple and XRP. Just wondering Are Bearableguy and Mr. Kitao one and the same guy? Is 598 some sort of Japanese lucky number???
  13. According to the details he revealed I think it could be Algeria. Has 41m citizens, starts with an A and is located northern Africa ...
  14. I remember he said it was in Africa ...
  15. Fundamental difference is that patron is a donating/payment bot where donator/payer has control while coil is a receiving/collecting bot where receiver/collector is in command
  16. Impressive speakerlist most important on page one ;-)
  17. You can buy that magazine , they do ship international ;-)
  18. Or the best time .... if you want to be in the spotlights ;-)
  19. yep and the fact that they did put just Brad and this SWIFT guy on stage with a CNBC moderator means that Ripple has gained a lot of credibility in that space. Also among all the official tweets coming from the forum they mentioned just here not to miss this panel.... Means something with all those high level speakers....
  20. Yep. And sometimes even better for a bit higher price than buying on open market (for reason of accounting visibility)
  21. No. Most (all?) other crypto even do not have ANY intrinsic value. Even XRP hardly can defend its present valuation that is based on speculation. But at least it has a roadlap towards a true value
  22. Credits to the author in bringing up this as an important Q, as for the bank it DOES matter if they can buy (cheap) OTC.
  23. Not only UK. We're still "before Brexit" and this counts for the whole European Community....