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  1. Your right. There should be some restriction to the (endless) use of your 5$ ... That fee should be "consumed" in some way and when you run out you could or add a $ or wait for the next month....
  2. Yes they still are on the forefront in the x-border settlement spaces, but in technology one has to keep up with competition. Just one good example: I've seen it with PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant) coming around and emerging with Palm devices lightyears ahead with almost no competition at all .... until there was the Canadian BlackBerry with secure email functions .... becoming the new king in town ... until Apple came with the iPhone.... and so it goes on and on... You must know... NOTHING is for sure in this world and no matter how good you are, you always have pay attention for others going to do it slightly or even .... a LOT better...
  3. The big Q here will be the "decentralization" and risks coming with those fungible assets ... like for instance who's the issuer/counterparty ? No so clear (at least not to me) if there is no counterparty at all (like with XRP). They can be redeemed on every network exchange? Do one has to understand this as "all members on the network of exchanges" together are the counterparty issuers or the global trusted instance?
  4. Very interesting. To my understanding it's an approach of "instant Market Making" or a true liquidity "On Demand". Once bootstrapped this might work a lot smoother than Ripple's ODL that is actually based on a kinda pre-market making around XRP. Can see both systems competing for market share but this sure can become an important contender for Ripple and other instant settlement solutions.
  5. Weren't Arthur Britto and Polysign not supposed to solve this "problem"?
  6. Got some info that GH soon is going to coomunicate on proceedings by French justice.
  7. kanaas


    Why do you think those other coins gonna be better? Same magic balls?
  8. kanaas


    That you must have that crystal ball ...
  9. Seems like the big real world test has failed and some large MM pauzed... Already to see in ODL volumes. Guess that it was to early and not yet cost effective to support by MM on a larger scale.
  10. What makes it differ? Taking a pic of the seeds is enough to have one able to move the funds...
  11. Got you. For me XRP were an investment caused by curiosity, believe and hope. Curiosity for this amazing tech (I'm an engineer myself, always interested in emerging and new developments). Believe in the team and the plan by Ripple the company. And hope for the developing regions as I lost my heart to Africa and it is my hope that some day a global financial level play field may unlock the real potential of that continent were I've some very good friends living. Those 3 "drives" made me go for a deep investment in XRP during the very early days - some XRP by the "Computing for Good" program and the bulk by selling my whole investment-portfolio to buy me a big stake into XRP... as my gut feeling told me that there was much more in this for the longer term then I could expect from the stock market. And my guts (crystal balls?) proved me right. I sold 40% with a profit range of around 20000% (from 0.005 average to 1 average) .... The other 60% are partly (60%) kept in a hardware wallet and partly (40%) stolen by the Gatehub hackers and I hope to recover those some other day (the thieves are in a French prison waiting for legal proceedings) Still figuring out what and how to handle the rest of my XRP holdings... and even hope to pick up some useful ideas here (not the sort of HODL, MOON, LAMBO, ....)
  12. Didnt that appreciation came in 2017?
  13. https://mojaloop.io/google-and-the-mojaloop-foundation-empowering-digital-transformation-and-financial-inclusion%E2%80%AF/
  14. You're right, but first things first and that's legal proceedings to force the thiefs, not just to refund, but also to pay for possible psychological damage and costs related to the theft. Its not because for me a simple XRP refund is enough that others may think different because they might have suffered more or might indeed have wanted to sell their XRP short after the theft at a higher price compared with the present. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  15. As far as I know refund will only come from recovering. When thats not sufficient (guess it will never be enough), Ive no idea who can/will do the rest... Guess its up to the legal system to decide/force responsibles to take from their means for complete refunding
  16. Still in progress. The case might have seen some delay caused by Covid-19. Also there seem to be some discussions going if refunding claims should be calculate in the ($) value of XRP by the moment of the hack, what' a lot more than the value of today. OTOH, XRP isn't real money and stolen assets do not have to be repaid with money, rather by just giving back the asset I guess. Still leaves the possibility of claims to other losses and costs caused by the hack... For my part, I would be very happy to just get my XRP back as I was planning to hold them for an extended time...
  17. Well said! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  18. Guess what ? One can even buy them with fiat
  19. Yep, that is like buying a newspaper and not reading in it.... Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  20. AFAIK, and with the fixed fee subscription like it is now, the spending time for content readers is unlimited while content publishers are getting payed per view
  21. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/r3-announces-global-payment-app-with-xrp-as-base-currency-2018-12-05 Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  22. Got you, but its about building a consumer base for new sources of content. Newspaper readers often are already subscribers and paying news consumers...
  23. Another idea perhaps: Coil going for a cooperation with newspapers? Most newspapers all over the globe today do have both electronic and paper subscription where the latter in many case comes with both. It could be a very useful model to add a basic coil service to that subscription AND to open the content of this and other newspaper/media companies. This way I for instance could read once in a while a premium article in the Washington Post or New York Times with just that limited Coil value included in my local newspaper subscription. A win for me, but also for my local newspaper giving more value to their product and having an extra way to sell their content (per view).... AND for those papers like WP and NYT with a more global interest who can add a lot of payed views this way from all over the globe ....
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