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  1. Should be highlighted! Importance of sustainability is growing.... even in a country like China
  2. People calling out XUMM for scamming about the reserve do not (want to) understand how XRPL works or they are only trying to undermine the project for personal or other reasons. If they do not have bad intentions then one has to admit that are just to dumb for self-custody and that they are way better of with an account on an exchange. It's that simple and they really do not deserve the efforts of devs to develop special sponsored accounts... as after all it wouldn't make them smarter.
  3. Understand, biut it's just about locked up value, WHY then the complexity of new type of sponsored account when simply lowering the reserve from 20 to 10 or 5XRP reaches the same goal?
  4. Just a reminder for those victims who have not yet joined the French lawyers, appointed and payed by Gatehub. You MUST do this to be able to claim any refunds DIRECTLY and not via e.g. Keller Lenkner who then also deduct a commission
  5. Think you can replace the "nows" with "ended" ;-)
  6. That's not exactly how I understand it. Ripple lawyers found in the metadata some data that was written during composing/editing of this document Hinman used to prepare his speech. So actually the SEC wasn't trying to delete that information, but they probably were not aware of this (probably negative for them) metadata
  7. Sure you got it from Coinbase and not from a scammer (imposting Coinbase) ?
  8. You got to like his humor as well... Look a the details in the background ... a missing piece in the puzzle, a 5 9 and an 8 pinned on the walls... unicorn placed on the buffet ....
  9. Let's put it simple: If you meet some stranger on the street who says: "If you give me $100, I'll surprise you with a super fast run around the block and what's more: I will reward you by giving you the $100 AND an extra $100 back".... Would you believe him??? Guess no, but that is EXACTLY the same proposition .....
  10. Agree with most what you write, but in my experience, the most genius solution often is the most simple one. Remember some smart guy saying that the best ideas are those that you can explain in just a few words. And that's exactly the case with ripples ODL: Exchanging fiat1 for a decentralized, fast and cheap moving asset that you can exchange again in a distant location for fiat2. That idea is just genius and really simple. This idea and this tech got my attention in 2013 and it still does. Of course putting a simple idea at work often is hard, very hard. But at the end the simplicity of the idea and the tech, compared with complex solutions, will pay off - always... Every other solution that - for the basics and fundamental principles - goes beyond this simplicity will get trapped into the added complexity. #XRP only needs 1) legal clarity 2) liquidity. Of course, Stellar (and others) can compete around that SAME principle, but I do NOT believe in all those work arounds that basically are trying to avoid legal and/or liquidity hurdles. The fastest (best) way to take a hurdle is to jump over, never to take another road around...
  11. Understand and agreed, but I'm still trying to figure out how hard it can hurt small staffed or even individual #XRPL devs and/or apps... Also in what way will/can it affect development @Ripple ?
  12. Can someone tell me what exactly is negative about this bill, specifically for XRP and Ripple ???
  13. I believe he's working with Richard Holland (the guy behind toastwallet) as well?
  14. That "ugly word" (so true) chased lots of people away from message and discussion platforms.... Remember the old XRPTALK and the official Ripple forum with plenty of very good and deep insight talking during the early days (2013...) With all those "wanna be on the moon boys" coming around the era with fine and lengthly tech talks, not disturbed by a gearing up lambo, is gone forever I'm afraid....
  15. Thanks Scott to explain it in simple wording. Do you feel hooks have a chance to become real on #XRPL? I know @Wietse did a great job there and is a big believer in "his" hooks. But I also understood that @JoelKatz is not and even rather against it as it may make the ledger more complex while it doesn't fit in the bigger plan @Ripple
  16. The whole projects stands of falls withe the hooks amendement going forward (very small chance IMO)
  17. Wonder what Hogan has in mind with "Ripple attorneys did drop the ball"
  18. Yep there never was and still isn't a fair notice about XRP being a security or not.....
  19. Remember that the main goal of this litigation was to hammer not just Ripple but also XRP markets. How easy was and still is it for the SEC to say that ONLY the sales from Ripple and Ripple board members violated the securities laws? They (and we know exactly who "THEY" are) KNEW that by letting the whole of XRP sales in a gray zone, all US based exchanges would have to delist XRP if they wanted to avoid sanctions.
  20. probably the main difference: With PoW the whales OWN the network and with consensus the hodlers, no matter how large, just can USE a network that is OWNED/CONTROLLED by a COMMUNITY....
  21. It's not about justice. It's about power and $$$. The threat is Ripple (and XRP), not the other 4235 coins and companies/people behind them
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