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  1. And now some other guy has your worthless snapswap USD [emoji57]
  2. His problem is that the BTC he still “owns” are.... vapored as... issued by SnapSwap (their exchange was sold to an obscure company that has gone bust)
  3. Was just curious. Im under Belgian law. In our case its either gain on investment (not taxed of your not doing it from professional activity or knowledge, otherwise income taxed) or its “speculative” and taxed with 33% on profit gains. Diff between investment and speculative is arbitrary and based on how long you were holding, the risk level you took (for instance investment with borrowed funds) and your trading frequency. Mining usually is been seen as sort of professional activity and taxed as income.
  4. Do I understand it correct that it basically is a solution to maintain a trading spread for MMs that let them cash in for each passing payment?
  5. "Francais" usually speak French ;-)
  6. forget it.... scammers on their streets address you'll find this one...
  7. like this one ;-) https://xwaav.com/
  8. It all depends what direction one wanna go. One of the most important services for remittance in developing markets is the last mile. And I guess MG still has a strong position here. Imagine all those available last miles to become connected to for instance all the Mojaloop based mobile money services that are emerging all over Africa... The last mile always is the most critical one. I've friends in Africa and while I've no problems getting bitstamp/gatehub.EUR or XRP over there, the problem still is: how do my African friends get them retracted in local currency? That's a huge market opportunity and MG IS operating on that market..... Not saying Ripple should buy them (tbh that's not their core business), but I'm sure that, with cleverly building around xRapid (or @BobWay 's new "tool"?) MG might become revamped to a premium, fast & cheap service with the "last mile service" to avoid (expensive) "branches" but dropping straight into mobile money accounts....
  9. Why would big FI's wanna get funds from Xpring?
  10. Hi Bob. Thanks for bringing lots of input and insights. While I suppose many will be more like personal views on a future for XRP, there sure will be a few based on insight and knowledge that you have and we as outsiders don't. This brings me to another inside person you may know very well and who was leaning to a much more negative view on XRP. I'm talking about Vinnie Falco. By the end of his career @Ripple he even was extreme bearisch on XRP and sold all his holding before that famous run from 0.006 to 0.2 and later even to 3. When someone is that negative he must have had a reason for that. Any idea from your side? Not to rant against him, because he seemed very talented and smart, but more like to understand his and yours view and how they differ. TIA
  11. kanaas

    Hi! I'm Bob

    You mean you and many others here really want to, but still do not know where its price is going? And that frustrates you? Let the talk go about tech, payments, networking, inclusion, interoperability and business please My impression is that those smart guys from Ripple know EXACTLY what their plans are with XRP Love this topic, please dont clutter it with wealth expectations
  12. kanaas

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Make sure you’ve one book to bring all price and valuation discussions (speculations) together.... just to prevent them to clutter the other books.... those forecasts, deep chart analysis, dreams, hopes, panics, moonwalks.... will keep on coming like a diarree. Better be prepared[emoji57]
  13. kanaas

    Hi! I'm Bob

    BTW. Maybe you should come to Twitter after all to enjoy the xrpcommunity over there and the fun interaction using www.xrptipbot.com
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