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  1. exactly.... seems nothing more than an unregulated marketplace with one simple goal: selling SOLO tokens ;-)
  2. Nope you can even create your very own "SoloMio" token on the XRPL. Creating is one, finding buyers that trust you another and those who bought your token..... some other day they have to sell it again to another buyer (or victim). Trust indeed is key... always. The only token that has a level of trust that we all can see and control - globally counterpartyless - is XRP as for that you only have to trust the ledger and its trusted validators. Remember lots of people a few years ago trying to sell their worthless USD.snapswap tokens after the SnapSwap pullback from the XRPL (some shady Baltic company took it over)? Guess this is just another SOLO.coinfield story - explained different....
  3. Libra attempts to replace the current system Ripple/XRP attempts to enable it Thats a fundamental difference
  4. Unless they see XRP as an extended resource [emoji23]
  5. Yep. Never understood why anybody should call fiat pegged coins stablecoins. Some fiat may have low volatility, but they still move .... thats not the same as stability.
  6. Huh???? What about caring about the victims of your Gatehub Hack? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  7. Doesn't this hold a bit more risk of bloating the ledger? Easy delete invites to easy create.... As even after being deleted... the account forever will stay in the ledger. Not?
  8. Perhaps psychological? No more talking about one product with and one without XRP. Just one single solution with optional use of crypto bridge...? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  9. The web didn’t bring equality as well, but it sure brought improvement and a much lower entry level to participate in a connected world. A valueweb can bring more equal chances and connection for todays locked out economies. Full equality will never come true, but an open and free to use valueweb might improve a lot for global communities
  10. Same as what happened with the web for communication... The present network of corresponding banks WILL become replaced by a valueweb. But you are forgiven my friend... very much hearing the same objections as there were in the 90ies against the www... orchestrated by the large and mighty phone operators....
  11. Never stumbled on a link to an article you realy wanted to read? But.... it is payed content and you’re not interested in a monthly or yearly subscription as you wanted just read that article? And there are other services made possible as well... like paying for energy by a wall outlet... or a parking lot.... lending a tool... viewing a news flash, a movie, a song on line .... and so on.... So much possible with streaming payments besides just “access to content”....
  12. Yep. The whole system of correponding banks is more than ready for improvement. It all boils down that today you have to pay AND the forex trader AND the carrier while in a full operating valueweb the only cost will come from the traders (the exchanges) and the role of the carrier will be played by a free to use valueweb. That’s not only less complex... it will as well be way cheaper, faster and more reliable for both micro and macro payments. And at the end.... for ALL corridors. Including EUR/USD.
  13. But you have to understand how settlement today works. It is ALWAYS based on trust and relationship. Even for local RGTS there is a central point of common trust. The problem comes with Xborder where there is nothing like a global RGTS. Means that banks need.... and a forex.... and a common trust for settlement. For the latter, big banks do have that relationships, but the smaller banks like credit unions and the likes (and even large international trading corporations) depend on (paying) relationships with those bigger players acting as intermediate “correspondent banks”. Even for high liquid corridors this come with a cost. They can lower speed & costs by holding nostros on the correspondents.... but thats locked up capital .... with a cost as well (even more with the close to zero rating today). Means that those smaller banks must chose between a cost or .... another cost. You see the picture?
  14. Exactly. But also smaller banks will fing an incentive in cheaper xborder solutions for corridors like EUR/USD (avoiding fees, not only from SWIFT, but also from corresponding banks) Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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