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  1. Tbh, I think he is right stating that Santander is not going to touch or hold XRP. But there is of course a good chance that their product, being build on xCurrent, will have an indirect use of XRP for settlement. At least that is what Ripple always had outlined as the full functional Ripplenet. Guess we’ll soon find out if and how they saw that right.
  2. Remember the days when it was fairly easy to copy software products with no or way to complicated toold to protect the code. Only professionals were paying users by then [emoji57] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. I'm sure that a large part of frequent web users not only would like to pay for content but even would love to block ads for a fee. Suggest you to install the Brave browser and compare your surfing "ad-free" with what you're used to. I can tell you: you'll LOVE it! I also think there's some need for paid news subscription "per article". When I now wanna read just one specific NYT article, I've to pay a full subscription. With paid content per view, newspapers can have a new line of income.... Must have some appeal... for both the writer AND the reader....
  4. For small amounts .... https://www.xrptipbot.com/ perhaps? Or that other new project “xumm” from Wietse Wind? Check or contact him here https://xrpl-labs.com/en/
  5. MoneyGram Online Launches Redesigned Web Platform today... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-online-launches-redesigned-platform-143000939.html
  6. Its not in the messaging where Ripple can make the most difference for crossborder payments, but in replacing prefunding for liquid local currency
  7. Title of OP is misleading as 500M goes to 20 different companies. Braun's "Raised in Space" being just one of those 20 to receive only a part of that 500M
  8. Thanks @at3n Two more Q (just from curiosity): 1) is there a (suppose yes, so what is the) max number of keys a phrase can hold? 2) can a phrase hold a mix of keys from different coins/ledgers?
  9. A while ago it was “no appetite” .... making progress “from no to little” At least now there IS some small appetite [emoji57]
  10. “Little appetite for settlement in crypto currencies” Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  11. With a Ledger Nano X I can setup several accounts on XRPL (and other coins) In case one has for some reason to replace those accounts to other hard or software wallets, one has only one 24Words BIP-0039 phrase for ALL those LedgerWallet accounts. Is it possible to retrieve the secrets from ALL accounts by just one single phrase? Is it possible to give a brief technical background (for "noobs") how this works ?
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