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  1. Something to look up????? 1) @gatehub seems to know WHO of their clients are vulnerable to theft (18K so it seems?) 2) But what separates the vulnerable from those who are safe? My son who still has a wallet with 16K on Gatehub. (I warned him of the ongoing hack but he is so busy that he still didn't find the time to put them safe ). But he told me (just double checked it) that he did NOT receive a warning email grom Gatehub of being vulnerable to a direct theft from the hackers But now he did receive a warning from Gatehub as potential target with phishing. The last payment he made on XRPL was on 5th of Jan 2018 and before that he ONLY received payments from computing for good after the initial activation on 7th of Jan. 2014 For some reason (anyone knows?) he was NOT warned by Gatehub for potential hacking..... And they do have him in their records because he was warned for the phishing
  2. I understand, but as long as it is not 100% clear that the hole was on their site they will not compensate. Also: who to compensate? All who claim? What about unclaimed? What about some still to become a victim (the hack goes on...)? What about those who didnt take action soon enough after the warning? Lots of q to find the right answers first...
  3. More important is to catch the hacker. That’s the first and most wanted target to go after in the first place.@gatehub is, besides us, a victim too. Once the thieves are behind bars and/or the hacking stops one can talk about responsibility and compensation. Not now (not yet) Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  4. Before blaming Gatehub, I think we've to be sure that is was in some way THEIR fault and we also must distinct hosted wallets from Ripple wallets. The stealing clearly was from the latter in all these recent cases. Ripple wallets are ONLY protected by one or more (in case of multi-sign) secrets and can have access by whatever Ripple wallet. Hosted wallets ONLY can get opened by way of the Gatehub UI. For my part I always took security serious and I still cannot figure out where or what hole I could have left open. But my first conclusion now is more like it might be that hosted wallets on respectable exchanges (like Bitstamp for instance) might be more secure (with strong password and 2FA) than most Ripple wallets like the one on GH. I know the crypto specialists will tell you that cold storage is the way to go, but when it comes to complicated, many like me do not feel comfortable with those, being afraid in making stupid technical mistakes. I always saw the GH Ripple wallet as best of breed as the funds stayed on the ledger and not on the exchange. Have to admit that I saw it wrong.
  5. Yep I've seen it as well. What do you think is suspicious here? All victims seem to have received the same email from GH. So it looks like GH has detected in some way this hacking activity and they have all this "warned" victims as a client. The attackers using more than one account gather the stolen funds doesn't change that.
  6. No need to feel sorry, I'm financial more than fine enough (but still real angry, because I had some plans with those funds in a few projects in Central Africa) Actually I'm feeling a lot more with guys like you who lost all of your holdings - even if with lower amounts. Don't know if Gatehub can be held responsible. Depends on the way how we were hacked. Doubt that it was by way of abusing our personal GH accounts (bypassing 2FA). Logs @gatehub should give an idea how/when our accounts were (not) used on the UI. If it wasn't this, they are 3 options left 1) our secret keys were captured somewhere online 2) GH vault has been hacked and decrypted secret 3) secret keys were brute forced on XRPL Normally I would say 1) is most plausible (if indeed out GH accounts were not abused as I think) but for my part I doubt this as well, because I'v always been extreme cautious with my secret keys (not on line and just on paper) and this wouldn't explain the group of other accounts (not related in this exposure possibility) that have heen hacked almost in the same time
  7. One victim here as well. 799K stolen from my wallet raXpsscPp99gDrsm6qzTy9c6wQitr6q1h. No need to feel sorry as last year I could sell 1.6M XRP for about $1 average, so I'm still fine with even a very good amount of XRP left, now in a safer place as well (thanks @gatehub for warning) I doubt it was hacked by 2FA bypassing as for several months didn't have any login to Gatehub myself and there is no sign of a suspicious attempt to my Gatehub wallet login and I use Google Auth (not SMS). And even if it was that way they DID left more than half of my funds untouched, so I think it didn't went that way. Truly hope it wasn't brute forcing secrets.... THAT would be scary....
  8. Clear sign that Ripple is on the right track. Including XRP strategy.
  9. @tiffanyhayden My dear Tiff. I’m not a native English speaking guy, so I may not be the right person to judge. But I think that you are a very talented writer with a rare direct and very informative style that is very pleasant to read. And not only that. You have a deep understanding of crypto related fintech and you are always watching it very open minded. Maybe you should do something more with that talent? I mean like professional reporting for some mainstream media? Was just wondering. That space needs people like you I guess...
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