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  1. Another interesting "looking backwards into GL's views on blockchain" https://thefinanser.com/2015/09/the-finanser-interviews-gottfried-leibbrandt-chief-executive-officer-swift.html/ This quote particular remarkable ...
  2. Even as a CEO one has to follow the rules of the company. It might be that he personally wanted more cooperation with Ripple, but could not come to a decision with his full staff and the board (SWIFT is controlled by a LOT of banks). Now that the ship slowly begins to sink I wouldn't be surprised if a smart guy jumps off after remembering a 2013 gut feeling.... Never try to teach a Dutchmen how to trade over the globe.... They know all about it... and that includes the hassle and costs with xborder payments
  3. kanaas

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Agreed. They both can move counterpartyless: Gold in a suitcase carried by yourself or by a trusted carrier, XRP by the XRPLedger Just made the comparison for storage with an independency from any other counter party and with a value that comes from nothing else than the use case: jewel-arts/electronics/chemical/industries for gold and spamprotection/crosscurrencybridge for XRP.
  4. kanaas

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    I think that you basically do not believe or understand how XRP can have value on its own ? XRP is not connected to any central or other bank neither to an org or exchange not even to Ripple. XRP has no liability at all . Holding XRP on its own ledger is the same as holding gold in your own bare hands.
  5. Remember Ripple often prejected Uber as a good example to benefit from ripplenet...
  6. kanaas

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Another possibility (less complicated) might be that Ripple gives/lends a partner a pile of XRP as a buffer for payments. When xRapid then executes a payment it can look at both order books and simultaneous make the buy and sell of XRP. If nothing has happened on the order books in that short timeframe of only a few seconds, after execution of both trades the change in XRP balance is zero.... By lending the XRP, even is this case, those partners don't hold XRP themselves, what can be interesting from legal accounting perspectives as they do not have to mention it as company assets on the balance sheet.
  7. kanaas

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Yep, I think it is normal to give some support and incentives for early adopters. Of course with a certain limit in time and funds. Using XRP for that support makes it even more interesting in a sense that the reverse of a loss (volatility goes biderectional you know) may go back by the bot to Ripple. At the end it might even be an equal “zero loss” result, but with the possible and minor remaining “loss minus gain risk” only for Ripple.
  8. kanaas

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Not sure, but I thought to be reading somewhere (from David?) that Ripple may offer a kind of assurance/incentive program with xRapid against uncertainties about volatility. Don't know how they might do that, but one of the options could be that, when there's a shortcoming on XRP for the outgoing fiat (more XRP needed than negotiated caused by instant volatility), Ripple might compensate and, if possible, get them back when there is less XRP needed on another trade. This could create full assurance in low volume/high volatile markets for trades/payments executing faster and with lesser fails or hick-ups and most important: guarantee on "no loss on volatility" for early adopting partners.
  9. Because they are in escrow perhaps?
  10. When someone bought XRP during 2013...2016 on average for 0.006 and sold SOME in 2017 on average 0.5 or more, one has to see him as "normal behaving" and not as a proof of disbelieving. In my case my stack did cost me in 2014 0.006 average and I sold 20% for 0.2 and another 20% for 1.0 but I'm still holding 60% of free XRP while having a >3000% return on investment. And I still am a big believer in the future of Ripple and the IoV. I also think XRP will get an important role in the bigger picture. The most impressive in my view is the way how the big picture has been been painted from the very start and how the Ripple team adapted and improved it on the go, but always stayed laser focused on that ultimate goal that never has been changed. You are right that the vision on XRP has been changed from the early idea, but it still has incredible interesting features to play its role in the plan. Of course it's tricky to see it as "just a good investment" as it all depends on what ratio risk/reward one wants or can handle. That's individual and a decision one has to make personal. In my view it still is a very good investment for the longer term, otherwise I wouldn't hold my 60% anymore. Would I still buy today? Hard to say as in my case that Q doesn't pose anymore, but I think that I still would take the risk to spend some funds on XRP. It's the only crypto that shows some real use case coming up, but don't expect to have instant gains within the year. The ride might even be bumpy for an unexpected time...
  11. Yes, but than a version with global reach
  12. as WhatsApp is coupled with a mobile phone number, I would love this terrific idea to be integrated in Whatsapp. Something comparable with the XRPTipBot. Non Whatsapp users could receive an SMS with an invitation to just download Whatsapp and claim the payment...
  13. All joke aside, I'm happy to be married, for 37years now, with a very very nice, lovely and sweet women who even likes and laughs with my awful jokes and humor.... What more can a man want?