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  1. Guess he’s wrong a month ... Google Pay being announced okt 23th [emoji3]
  2. UniCredit and Ripple

    There's also that other Interledger-Bulgarian connection: The Software Group was one of the partners working on Mojaloop (LevelOneProject from Gatesfoundation)
  3. UniCredit and Ripple

    Tech and IT guys often know, besides management, a lot about new developments in their org. They sit on tables to discus or to help on integration ... Service guys often are tech guys or at least talk with their tech colleagues ... Not surprised if this guy knew or at least has been hearing more than the average or even "high level economics" employee
  4. Gatehub receiving 'strike-off' notice

    With As you're the only holder of the wallet keypair (Gatehub just doing the GUI and claiming they do not store secret keys, what I believe), the only counter party risk with Gatehub Ripple Wallet is the risk that someone hacks your GH credentials. With 2FA by app (not SMS) and strong passwords and proper sanity and high degree of awareness not being fished by malicious sites this shouldn't be a problem. Cold storage of course is always better.
  5. Goodbye to Ripple

    Old banks will stay with swift and can only become new ones by adapting to ope protocols like ILP Swift gpi is for banks what ISDN and ATM once were for telcos. The younger dont even know what it was as all telcos today are IP and VoIP both back and forground... Open protocols will always win. Period.
  6. Will Banks Survive?

    You’re on dope?
  7. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/31313/bank-of-amazon-us-regulator-calls-for-rethink-on-separation-of-banking-and-commerce
  8. Ai.... Be prepared for the next fork. From Stellar > Lumen > ????? Maybe we can help them a bit and start thinking of a new name... "Regret/RGT" for instance
  9. Gatehub receiving 'strike-off' notice

    Not reading xrpchat on an hourly basis perhaps?
  10. XRP-Native token to ILP

    So what is you base to say that they are not great?
  11. XRP-Native token to ILP

    Pathfing can only work well with decent lquidity so its a bit false to say its not great as it was not yet ready to have a full test
  12. XRP-Native token to ILP

    With my view on how Ripple works between 2 ILP connected ledgers this just makes no sense? XRP is a native asset on the XRPLedger, serving as a bridge currency. When LedgerA/USD wants to pay, by way of ILP, LedgerB/INR it will(can) use USD/XRP and XRP/INR liquidity on XRPLedger to prevent the usage of (more expensive) forex rates on other forex services.
  13. XRP-Native token to ILP

    What do you mean by this? For my understanding, the greatest advantage of XRP for its technology, beside acting as cheap and counterparty riskfree asset, is its tight integration in its own ledger with the build-in best pathfinding Xchange for IOU's what are whatever value representing. The integrated Xchange is what sets it apart ...