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  1. https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/ibs-news/dh-completes-blockchain-integration-project-for-payments-systems/
  2. They also used to chase away Ripple users by putting a message on their site .... something like "We have to send out a warning when using Ripple, as we see that system still not mature and reliable enough, we are not responsible when it goes wrong" Not the sort of message to encourage people to use Ripple Think they are Bitcoin die hards.
  3. We can't know what she told them, neither why she was there. But she was invited to tell them a story.... https://twitter.com/Ripple/status/855954875191926784
  4. Well if you hear Andreas as a first class idiot explaining, without calling the name, that Ripple is no more than a database... than one knows enough [emoji81]
  5. When I said "One cannot compare tangible assets with virtual" I of course meant them as a collectors item
  6. encryption will always have a few steps ahead on computing as one only has to make the encryption more difficult and/or more complicated...
  7. One cannot compare tangible assets with virtual. Maybe that shirt you have with the big B on it may keep or even gain some value or that golden disk with the B on it.... But the digital asset itself will become buried and forgotten. Not the idea... of course not! Bitcoin deserves its place in the books of history, just like Netscape, Alta Vista, Napster, ... even eDonkey might make it. But Bitcoin as some that will still be traded over 10 years... forget it. The problem is that it's all or none of them. If it's all than even $100 per unit means over $1B for all those useless coins. Where are you going to find all those geek having a collection of such a huge heap of useless digital assets they even are not not able to show as not tangible??? Napster as well was an idea. Even a very good one... compressing HQ digitised music and making it downloadable for free. But they couldn't walk the paths of regulation ... same problem, Bitcoin seems to have. On top of that Bitcoin has its technical flaws, something Napster even had not. On the technical side they were as good as iTunes or Spotify.
  8. The Kruger Rand is tangible and always will have its value as gold. Not so with Bitcoin - it just has nothing. About Napster... that one in those days also was "always surprising" but I bet many of the younger yet here never heard about it ...... Surprising as well isn't it? The only Bitcoin may hold up for a while are the dark markets and even that compares to Napster as it lived on for while in obscurity, but .... it was traceable ... just like Bitcoin and in a certain way ALL what communicates over a public web some day will show some traces for authorities to catch it (Zchash, Monero, .... will find out as well some day). So for me this one thing is already sure for today: Bitcoin simply has no leg to survive... it's no more than starving money!
  9. Of course that's the final target. If banks will not do it for Xborder payments, supply chain might even do it on their own. There is way to much advantage in it for them ...
  10. Well that is what many hope for, but an asset with nothing as a reference to define a certain value.... has no value and the trading in some point in the future will drop down and finally completely stop. Just one single (bigger) seller can trigger the beginning of such a downhill anywhere in time. By the lack of reference it will than go to its real value ... zero... and this can go really fast.
  11. Step by step and the bigger the orgs, the larger the feet and the slower the walk. Compare it with the proces of buying a car. First step is seeking for information what the market has for you. Next step is looking for a dealer and a few step later you're ready to do a testdrive. And that is where some Ripple clients are now - testing the car with fuel from the dealer.... Another few steps later you're back on that fuel station to refill ... That's the point where XRP, the fuel, comes into the game .... Gotto be patient for a few steps to be taken by those inert bankers ...
  12. In short: "Bitcoin is doomed to become the new Napster ..."
  13. Seems somewhat confusing in terminology to me. I always thought that RCL being the Ripple Consensus Ledger, is unique and open for public usage. All other Ripple Ledgers are just "Ripple Ledger" or "Ripple Private Ledger" R(P)L
  14. And I am thinking Ripple Connect always was developed as the ILP based interface to the RCL .... If that's the case (if it is not the case, than WHAT is Ripple Connect standing for ????) than RC Cloud cannot be something else than RCL .... Don't you think so?