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  1. Being public funded, it will be obvious that XRP is an asset with a use case and critics of "investors" being lured into false security funding through XRP will fade away. This will give Ripple much more freedom in positioning and active promoting the real value of XRP.
  2. Q was more like " do you expect competing MM's within the same corridor to drive up XRP demand (and price) ? " Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. @Tinyaccount I was wondering if those early adopters like @Nicolas already can have an idea about Q like this: 1) What do you think is the amount of XRP that is needed (mainly by MM's and traders) to source for a certain value of liquidity expressed as a multiplying factor. I mean like "to move on average or on peak a certain value per hour Xborder over ODL the markets need about X times that value in XRP to support exchanging fiat>XRP>fiat on a corridor" Estimations of ODL amounts, together with estimations of the # of "XRP floating or available for FX" those would be a good metrics tho calculate a fair valuation for XRP. Such honest numbers of course would be of great help for possible investors (and to open the eyes of some dreamers) 2) Where the first Q can be seen as an attempt to discover the baseline of a fair XRP valuation, I was also wondering how demand for XRP by MM's can be driven higher once they are going to compete for a market. See this as an attempt to discover how much room there might be above that baseline.
  4. I suppose there will be an investigation pre-IPO by some authority? Wonder if this couldn't be the best & fastest clearing for that matter.... About "correct" valuation.... will aways be a difficult one, but at least Ripple has a plan, a market, clients, order books, cash, profits(?) ..... that's a lot of figures to make some calculation. The XRP stack will be just one more figure in that math.... And after all ... valuation is what the share market decides. Some stocks even are running very high before there is a decent business.... Just look how many stocks have negative EPS but still having incredible high market cap.... It's what the markets believe ... or not....
  5. You can get burned with buying an IPO as well.... more than enough examples with expensive IPO'ed shares that saw a very sharp fall back in their first weeks.... Mostly it comes OK with some patience but ..... with the lesson that it often is more profitable to be patient with your buying and to purchase AFTER the IPO
  6. IPO for Ripple.... and transparent reporting on public funding with shares that are not XRP.... Ultimate proof for XRP not being a security?
  7. possible reason for delay https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-22/stuck-in-the-past-japanese-banks-wary-of-fintech-revolution?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&cmpid=socialflow-twitter-business&utm_content=business&utm_medium=social
  8. The official RIA twitter account @RiaFinancial just tweeted this and almost instantly deleted that message
  9. I know it's tricky, but MG can play a key role in building liquidity. Banks will not help and so is WU. After a merger they're in front seat to go for full speed. With MG just as partner it will go on a far lower pace...
  10. Hard to say, but if I would have to predict, my bet would go to a merger with Moneygram. Would fit in recent moves and timeline. First the investment in MG, then the integration of ODL, then the preparing of the balance sheet with the 200M funding .....might lead to a merger with a public company.... After all they both are very complementay: MG needs the tech and the financial support and Ripple needs the liquidity to offer it in a later stadium towards other client FIs and banks as an option on ripplenet for xborder settlement. Liquidity is the KEY for Ripple and MG has the perfect network to make it grow. A merger certainly would accelerate this.
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