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  1. All I can say @gatehub is that ,whatever phase they will go trough, the only phase all victims want to happen is the phase of complete refunding. They may say, and even have the law on their side on it, that they cannot take responsibility because the funds were not in their wallets and that they were just controlling (losing) the keys, fact is that they WILL go bust by any other decision about refunding all the reported losses. A trusted gateway, means you trust them to guard all the funds by lending them the keys. If they do not refund, nobody will trust them anymore, not even to hold you one single XRP for more than a minut .... Refund or die.... simple as that!
  2. I rather think that it is “the truly you” who defines how “rich” you are.... Richness is that line, defined by yourself, that you cross when you can say for yourself and your beloved “now we have enough to live without worries” Some cant even see that line with a few billion $ to “worry” about
  3. Don't know how that legally translates, but there is a fundamental difference between cars/carkeys and cryptoassets/secrets. The first can become physically separated what means that the holder of the keys de facto cannot be responsible for the state of the car neither for the theft of the car, unless that car is placed on an environment that's under his full control (private parking lot, garage). With crypto one can say that the asset virtually is tied and even makes part of the keys and therefor being under full control of the key holder(s). One could say that encryption may separate the keys from the asset, but I think that's a weak argument and as said, I've no idea how this translates to different laws and jurisdictions..... We might soon (?) find out I guess....
  4. With crypto it is a bit more complicated. Holding the keys means holding the funds as well. Its not like just holding car keys. Its like having the keys AND the car in your parking lot AND both under your full responsibility....
  5. Not “just API security”. They were/are the permanent trusted keepers of our secret keys. So it is not like a wallet service or tool being hacked, but it was the entire content of a strongbox they had to guard. Also with crypto, who holds the keys, has complete control and responsibility for money.... Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  6. Indeed such bank must be a MG client in this example, but they may not want to have a nostro account in every exotic place on earth when it is served by MG....
  7. Huh? They just made a PR of a new member in their suite of crypto based financial products. How can that be spam? Informative publicity at worse...
  8. Something to look up????? 1) @gatehub seems to know WHO of their clients are vulnerable to theft (18K so it seems?) 2) But what separates the vulnerable from those who are safe? My son who still has a wallet with 16K on Gatehub. (I warned him of the ongoing hack but he is so busy that he still didn't find the time to put them safe ). But he told me (just double checked it) that he did NOT receive a warning email grom Gatehub of being vulnerable to a direct theft from the hackers But now he did receive a warning from Gatehub as potential target with phishing. The last payment he made on XRPL was on 5th of Jan 2018 and before that he ONLY received payments from computing for good after the initial activation on 7th of Jan. 2014 For some reason (anyone knows?) he was NOT warned by Gatehub for potential hacking..... And they do have him in their records because he was warned for the phishing
  9. I understand, but as long as it is not 100% clear that the hole was on their site they will not compensate. Also: who to compensate? All who claim? What about unclaimed? What about some still to become a victim (the hack goes on...)? What about those who didnt take action soon enough after the warning? Lots of q to find the right answers first...
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