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  1. Just my 2 cents.... To my (limited) understanding it doesn't really matter if a CDBC is build on XRPL tech. Even if a CDBC is build on RippleNet, it will not use XRP.... The main role for XRP (and where it is very good in) comes with cross border payments and trustles settlement from one currency to another And .... AFAIK XRPL can do this for other networks using the interledger protocol
  2. I'm with your possible legal outcome conclusion, but how will it (not) help Ripple in whatever way? Funds from his sales go to him and the lesser XRP come to the secondary market, the higher the price can go (lesser diluted). And who says that after such decision by the court that Jed's XRP can not go to the secondary market? And IF they can't then his XRP are deemed securities as well???
  3. To my understanding his selling of XRP still is related to the trading volume? (1.5% I believe) As the contract started with 0.5% first year, going up to 1% ... but was open ending (from 5th or 7th year?) with 1.5% until dry if I remember well.
  4. Dunno, maybe because Stellar hasn't sufficient liquidity ?
  5. Perhaps related to the Stellar - Moneygram deal ?
  6. elaborating this tweet it has to be that the calculation of rewards is based on this 3 parameters: 1/ about 1,5B/52 or 28M SGB per epoch to reward (52 epoch per year) 2/ # of data providers and their delegations 3/ accuracy per provider Makes me assume that the more providers (and delegations) may join ... the lower the rates
  7. Actually I was wondering if the reward rates relate to the number of data providers. Now there's only a few (about 3 to 5) with good data what gives them fairly high reward rates but I expect, when there will be more providers with accurate data, that the reward rates will become way smaller....
  8. Where and how is the reward rate calculated ?
  9. https://cointelegraph.com/news/i-destroyed-my-life-uniswap-trader-spends-9-500-in-fees-on-120-transaction Just wow 9500$ fees on a 120$ trade
  10. Should be highlighted! Importance of sustainability is growing.... even in a country like China
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