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  1. https://cointelegraph.com/news/gatehub-crypto-wallet-data-breach-compromises-passwords-of-14m-users
  2. interesting quote made by Holmes in the very last minute of the video (when he "goes out over his skis")
  3. Disappeared.... Has to be fake or trolling. Will change the OP
  4. Saw some news passing. Rumor? Truth? Fake !
  5. By the end of the conversation(30:50), when asked about the last mile problem (banks in/out, 7d/7d), Holmes made this interesting remark. "Why not think about just XRP on both sides?" When even a CEO of a large remittance player thinks this way....
  6. I'm afraid it is .... Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  7. There indeed is much anology with Cisco. They litteraly "formed" the unified IP protocol as we know it today by being the first with a line of reliable switches and routers and creating the path for others to follow that Cisco industry standard. Ripple is doing exactly the same now with ILP....
  8. They have around 350k agents. Thats on average about 10k per agent prefunded for payouts. Not so unusual when you talk about 5 days or more to settle with their banks what brings the average below 2k per agent. And those ARE trapped as for every lets say USD in .... there has to go lets say an INR.... out. Those USDs are not send by airplane as you know but by cross border settlement... and the INR has to be instant available with that local agent... The cost to prefund the local INR will be much lower with instant settlement....obvious
  9. Hm... still not much lower settlement assets on their sheets. To my understanding thats the figure to watch for real progress with lower prefunding
  10. Having asked/answered a few relevant questions on topics not going about charts, moon, lambo,... will do Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  11. They indeed look cool but "only Bitcoin" makes them practical useless
  12. I hear him talking about G10 or even G5 Central Bank stablecoins...... What about all the rest on this globe? All those not belonging to that elite? Ongoing under control of those big boys? Ain't nog going to happen..... There soon will not be not "just one western club" to rule them all in finance. They (western finance) still do not get what will be called an "internet of value"... Not saying XRP will reign, but the club of distributed independent assets that can gather trust combined with all the needed technical features.... THEY WILL And XRP is on its way.... not just to belong to that club.... no... XRP might be the one to take the lead
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