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  1. It says that they need A partner for settlement ( didn t say this has to be Ripple). What makes me conclude them not competing with Ripple
  2. Here they say literally that they need other partners (Ripple's among them) for settlement...
  3. Ripple is xborder trustless tokencentric market solution - different horse
  4. Was wondering if some of the people of Ripple could unwrap a bit more details of how xRapid works. I had some idea that it's aimed as a tool to serve for liquidity "on demand", but I'm not able to find out what mechanism might be behind to serve that goal.
  5. Think you're right. Ripple targets cross border and banks, not payments.
  6. This is what the Germans (central bank) says
  7. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    Dimension Data video on BrightTalk
  8. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    but you don't like eggs ...
  9. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    Gotto love this timeline ... when it's showed in a video coming from Dimension Data
  10. https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/15381/262389?utm_campaign=knowledge-feed&utm_source=brighttalk-portal&utm_medium=web 100% behind Ripple and XRP so it seems ...
  11. The Crypto Hedge Fund Basic Ripple (XRP) Report

    Just one report that's only going over XRP ? Don't know how this to trust.... No name()s, no adresses, not even a phone... Wonder who will even trust them for a penny...
  12. Personally I do not understand the reaction from EFF. By bringing DRM into the browser it may become a lot easier for content creators, as first owners of their own content, to manage their own rights and do whatever they like to do with their own content (give away, sell cheap/expensive, promotional distribution....) while keeping 100% control of it. It really is a great opportunity to move towards P2P content distribution. Your content is your proprietary and with DRM you can protect but still manage and trade it. What the hell can be wrong with that? After all we ALL do this with our credentials, our accounts, our funds... and now we will have a tool to do it with our creative goods.... and as you say adding it up to an easy way for global small P2P payments makes to the personal toolbox complete. Don't know if it was coincidental or not by equal timing from w3c, but it sure is good to have both integrated in the most used web tool... the browser.
  13. Indeed. When we donate in Belgium by way of official ngo's there's a substantial advantages in taxes. Going that ways means you can donate double for the same personal costs. For that reason I will always prefer official channels with government support. Most important is the donation, the honesty and the level of support, not the channels for your payments, unless the latter gives other advantages (what's not the case here)
  14. Quick question for the og zerpers

    Can feel you, but one thing has to be said: it was never really Ripple or their employees themselves that hyped upon the news. It always were some other crazy people turning the wheels of hype and hoping for that rare "one trick pony" to ride for them. But that's not how it works. Disrupting or a profound change in payments and finance is not going overnight. Those hoping for that must be real dreamers.... Actually, the hodlers that have been accumulating XRP by CfG or by trading during those early days should be feeling good with present $0.2 valuation... don't you think so? Respect and ..... Congratulations for them!