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  1. Today a Belgian girl of only 12 years old died from corona disease
  2. I think this was not SEC related. By that time Ripple was facilitating money transfers without permission, has nothing to see with security issues
  3. You're from Portugal aren't you? Saw this morning in a Belgian newspaper that a 14 y old very sportive Portuguese boy died from Covid disease Really sad.... [emoji22]
  4. Wonder if this might have an impact on XRP/Ripple legal cases? coindesk article
  5. For those who are still on (or wanting to join) WCG ... there probably are projects coming to support Covid-19 disease research. If you're not yet on WCG but want to join you can here The community Team  called "Ripple Labs" (started by Computing for Good) is still active and it is still possible (but you do not have) to join this Team ....
  6. That was before anyone saw collapsed healthcare services coming.... Wonder how those like@retep would cry when (s)he or his/her friend, partner, mom, dad, grandparent,.... became very ill but couldned enter a hospital with no more places available?
  7. no vaccin, nobody with immunity, slow incubation time (7-10 days) and fast spreading.... a pandemic cocktail. difference you say? When you in 2019 had a flu with serious respiratory infection, you might have died but at least they could always have tried and cured you in available hospital/intensive care beds When in 2020 you become respiratory infected by covid10 they might try to help you IF there's a free bed, free staff and free repiratory equipment... That's what I call a huge difference..... And now @retep please stop arguing before I will call you ignorant, dumbass and asshole in one sentence
  8. What country do live? If they really are acting like you say then I do wish you and your family all the luck. They'll need it...
  9. When you open that link retep posted you first read the numbers and below you can see the graphs showing the way it goes up FAST. When you know that an average infected person statistical infects 3 others in 3 to 14 days then you know that after the second stage there are 9 and after 3th stage its 81 infected... Any idea who much after 13 stages and only a few months later?
  10. Try to understand the graphs below
  11. Dont know where you live but in Italy and Spain it WENT really bad in a couple of weeks....
  12. for those not understanding what a collapsing healthcare looks like... (BTW it's Spain, not Italy like said by this tweet)
  13. Agreed. Mortality is expected to be around 0.7% of total average polulation. And eldery indeed deserve social responsibility just like anyone else. Also, a collapsing healthcare service with touch the whole society.
  14. And its not just the number of lives to lose... its even about a complete healthcare system going to collape.... now Italy, Spain... next Holland, UK, US....
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