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  1. Just curiuos.... (how much) do you pay for premium? I cannot access crypto with a regular account and premium seems rather expensive
  2. kanaas

    Look what I found at my local Walmart at 4am

    Must have been by a robbery
  3. Still better than 90% of all the "scientific" analysis I've been reading on this board as far ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Due to come out in june 2018 https://skemman.is/bitstream/1946/30405/4/BS-Lokaverkefni.pdf
  5. Australia shows the way.... LCR or "Least-Cost Routing".... Isn't that what Ripple products are build for?
  6. Yep Google reflects a middle rate of 19.62 means this was for an exchange fee below 0.5% (around 0.2%)
  7. kanaas

    Ripple insights: Welcome to Xpring

    Only "the most serious one"
  8. kanaas

    Facebook vs Ripple

    Or Stellar. Cant help smelling Jed around here
  9. Replace funds by calls
  10. Telcos didnt want voip either, sticking with analog and isdn calls as their clients payed for that overpriced cost... until skype and others showed the way
  11. After some messing around, I found this as some interesting figures SWIFT (5T/day) CHIPS (1T/day) and Fedwire (3T/day) give about a daily 9T transmitted crossborder for "only" 27T in nostro accounts? -> factor 3 While MG needs +3B assets for only 82M/day -> factor +30????? Should shed another light over potential for XRP?
  12. Yep ... and compare those 0.8M XRP with the 3200M settlements assets they now have locked in global nostros. See that picture? See the advantage MG will have in the remittence markets? When one reflects this "factor 4000" to the total of 27T locked up in global nostros it gives a BOTTOM valuation for instant liquidity provisioning settlement assets (like XRP) of about 7B.... Way below current valuation, but how much of XRP is REALLY liquid? How much is in savings, hoarded, invested (or just not available)? How much can an EXPENSIVE remittance, settlement market grow when it goes from incredible expensive to dirt cheap? I know.... it's all uncertain, but there sure is room for growth .... for XRP.
  13. Its not xrp but the sum of all their nostros in foreign currencies
  14. Actually looking over the whole crypto space, who besides Ripple, brings something new to the table and makes an ongoing enterprise level development? The Bitcoin forks with segwit and cash? The Ethernet-token ICO diarree? The Moneros, Trons, and all the rest of those " what is exactly our goal?" Answer for yourself....
  15. Yep, for ETH and BTC owners only ....