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  1. Wouldn't trust them to much.... They opt to stay anonymous.... Sounds weird to me, even fishy...
  2. maybe this can help
  3. Agreed. The idea of SDR never did and never will (political) work. But I think that the idea of a "global fiat currency reserves" will vanish too and their role might be overtaken by other bridges. A reserve today basically is no more than a broad accepted and trusted (stable) currency for cross border payments... USD, EUR, RMB, to name the most common. Actually, in the world of corresponding banks they indeed act like bridges as well . But the problem with them as bridges is that they only serve as payment carriers who 100% rely on the corresponded banking trust network. OTOH by bridging with
  4. what funds to use? fiat? crypto? what country, region do you live? are you prepared to share your identity (name, ID card, home location, ...) with an exchange as almost ALL exchanges have to comply with AML/KYC rules...
  5. Very true, but I do not understand why it took you 2 years to come to this conclusion and explaining the incident in detail?
  6. Here 's the complete (English) list of all the 2048 possible words. Maybe you can find the right words for those 4 by the non-missing letters you still have?
  7. here, however, there was one today .... by a pigeon, right on my jacket
  8. Exactly. For some undeclared reason at a certain moment they abandonned high value tx over ODL causing a fall back of 75% in weekly moved value
  9. that's a good start (to see the craziness)! filter out predictions from opinions and most of all: understand that a decentralized crypto asset isn't a security. it's a different animal that acts and reacts by other metrics. If you're here to speculate than many will try but none can really help you. if you're here for the long run, you have to focus on the use cases, regulation matters, maturing and evolving of all these industries and their ecosystems. some here hope that the value will come over time, with demand driven by usage. guess that's where your focus should be (
  10. Where do you monitor that? I'm sometimes looking here and for several months those values seem to be around the same levels, even way below the ATH
  11. It all depends who does the backing. Even in the EUR zone there often is a high pressure between EUR in stronger and weaker economic zones. In other words: having a EUR on a German bank is not the same as having a EUR in let's say a Greek bank. Means that basically there "should" be a need for settlement between German and Greek Euros...
  12. arrested in Spain https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/06/business/mcafee-arrested-tax-evasion.html
  13. the more of these the higher a need for trustles tokens to bridge them ;-)
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