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  1. The SWFIT video submission has been watched +17000 - that's over 4 times more
  2. Invariant checking isn't that new, but I understand that it is part of good practice in writing first class C++ code
  3. http://www.coindesk.com/30-million-ether-reported-stolen-parity-wallet-breach/ Can one ever trust decentralised, distributed code? So the answers seems no. When Ripple devs and security departements do several checks on the code before releasing .... it is for a reason isn't it? Wonder if Vitalik will do his fork-trick once again .... He sure has the scenario ready from last "event"...
  4. Yep, well written, albeit that the writer might be bit biased according the disclaimer...
  5. All cryptos don't have any kind of relation with any kind of economics - it's 100% speculation so it makes sense to see some correlation between the top3. They are all overpriced in a sense that none of all crypto serves at anything serious right now. But of course speculation isn't that wrong in a sense that some (like XRP) might grow into real world applications. Those anticipating on the right target might be rewarded. But indeed, there are no references at hand to make a serious calculation that comes to any defendable figure as valuation.
  6. Banks will only buy crypto when they need it. Never as investment or hedge
  7. Until now the whole cryptocraze is no more than speculation. Real value will come with demand from usage, until than it can go from zero to whatever stupidity and back to zero - like a bubble - Only coins created to make some wheels go round yet will show a NEED to buy/have/use them and will represent a value. All the rest will keep on jo-jo and starve at last...RIP...
  8. Think it's better to diversify with fiat related values as well. The whole cryptomarkets will see a few rough months I guess.... While the Bitcoin bubble eventually may start to deflate, it can take the rest down as well. Ripple will start to see value once the use cases will have to add more to their initial stocks because they'll probably need them to keep the wheels on turning. It will take time to get there...
  9. It's a region with a lot of expat workers with a broad field for Xborder remittances. That's the main usecase for XRP
  10. July 12th is done, but first comment deadline July 17th is still possible .... https://www.battleforthenet.com/july12/
  11. For that matter, the SWIFT numbers are more interesting as that's ALL Xborder. And even them too one has to take with care as I expect Interledger to open new markets and channels for micro Xborder payments what may increase demand even drastically...
  12. For my part I even do not understand the use of the Visa comparison. With Interledger rightly becoming profiled by Ripple as the main building block for global payments, those payments will go mainly straight over ILP from ledger to ledger. Only the Xborder/Xcurrency and the MMs trading activity will charge the RCL and that's a much different figure than the one Visa shows. Of course it's nice benchmarking to have it compared to Visa, but on the larger picture it's actually a non interesting figure. JMHO...
  13. That's great, but it might be good to outline the way or procedure how you measure the benchmark.
  14. those 1500/s aren't those ledger entries? For fair comparison, do one has to subtract other RCL activity like trading, offer create, trust line set, ...?
  15. Ripple was operational before they filed the patent, so in theory they cannot prove infringement.... but in the world of patents one never knows.