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  1. What about companies announcing a stock funding round? They do that quite often. Or a (reverse) stocksplit halving all stocks available and in tha same time issueing a bunch of fresh shares. Funding my friend sometimes has stranges laws. Thats why they call it risk capital you know Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. Joke aside, this reaction of JK intrigues me somehow. Trying to connect some dots. Always found it odd that one of the founders of the Ripple technology goes working for third parties. I can understand Ripple sending out some of their best coders or developers to help premium clients with their development on Ripple, but a chief cryptographer, who respires, eat and sleeps with all around his beloved child called Ripple? That's not for just a small fish... This has to go about a top line project or company.... It can of course be for another reason like there are "taking it more easy and having more family time" - Of course NOT... Or wanting to go for a new challenge... I do NOT believe that otherwise he would go 100% for it and not just "part time"... I really do not see another reason than a very important project from a very important client that has NOTHING to see with cross border payments.... Here's another post of JK where he hardly can suppress his enthousiasme ... So he's going to work "part time" on an enterprise grade wallet. Must be for a real big fish, not for Xborder in the first place.... If I were a journalist, I would know what to do .... "follow the man" and where he's going to hang out that "part time" somewhere in the valley. (BTW didn't he mention Apple's cash position?)
  3. @JoelKatz being thrilled.... must be something real big going on behind scenes [emoji57]
  4. Problem is to many just look at the profit (ore losses) that can make on XRP. When things do not go their way that want it to be a stock. When taxes come along they cry it's not handled like an asset. Well go ahead and prosecute them for your losses .... wish you luck!
  5. But you got to compare XRP with iPhones (not with stock). Apple can control the supply of iPhones as well to justify a (way to high) price
  6. The market cap of a virtual asset is as virtual as the asset....
  7. There are a lot of other assets that turn over a LOT more. Even crude oil is globally sold/stocked to control the price and don't you think this usage being a bit more important for economic reasons? Who the hell (besides you) cares about how XRP go around ?????? What economic use do you see in XRP that it is so important to regulate it? Where did you study economics my dear?
  8. Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class and the selling of them is not and even will never become regulated in a sense that an issuer can have a strategy to sell or not sell or on what time they do whatever moves. A limitation can only take place by contract, like will all other assets - unless they have some grade of importance like food, weapons, .... Virtual assets do not have and will never have that level of social importance.
  9. XRP is not a stock but a virtual asset. Selling of virtual assets as far as I know are not regulated. Or did you read this somewhere?
  10. That's the most idiotic statement to be read here. Can GM get fined if they say not selling 1M cars by leaving them on the parking lot, because there's not enough demand for them?
  11. I know they've partnered @gatehub , so there might be a chance that you can convert some AUD from an account on theirs into a Gatehub wallet?
  12. `wonder if @flash-fx.com is a possibility ?
  13. They're very trustful, so even if something goes wrong, or Gatehub, or your bank should be able to correct it. Maybe next time you could look at transferwise borderless account where you can set up and a US account and a European SEPA account resulting in real cheap Gatehub withdrawals/deposits
  14. That's what everybody who's following Ripple closely for a few years KNOWS,. But in my view the recent lockup in escrow was a terrible move in communication and creation of a wrong perception. Where there was a broad consensus (FUD aside, but normal investor do not walk away with nonsense) that Ripple has been and would continue to be a very prudent XRP seller, this PR gives the (wrong) perception that they have plans to turn open the XRP sales&funding channel. Even if the perception is wrong and far from the truth, it may block large potential buyers who might have stepped in without this PR.
  15. company stock is complete different from XRP. I'll give you an extreme example to explain: If I'm so wealthy that I can can buy all MSFT stock, than I'm the 100% owner of MSFT. If i do the same with my wealth to buy all XRP, than I'm not the owner of Ripple, but I just have a lot of .... money noted in XRP. XRP is a virtual currency and has nothing to see with valuation or ownership of a company. Best comparison is to compare XRP with holding cash into a very weak and volatile currency.... Today it can be worth a lot but tomorrow it can we worth between "even a lot more" or ... nothing.