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  1. Isn't SETI a BOINC project? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. Just an idea .... Why not create the first XRP payable forum? You wanna join the club? Than you got to get you some XRP and do a micropayment for each posting. Reading is free of course .... It would be AND inventive AND another incentive to go after some XRP....
  3. Exactly. If a company (high profile software BTW!) is not able to keep their official boards acceptable clean enough from spam and abusing ... one might put questions about how they handle their core business....
  4. I just want to complain
  5. "Ripple Today" (Tabloid )
  6. Depends on what ledger those machine are running - imagine lots of machines running on Ethereum, than ETH might be a better option over XRP when 2 systems want to do value tranfers. In mixed environments, even for micropayments, ILP may serve to connect between ledgers and RCL to offer fast & cheap Xchange between different currencies. That combination might be an alternative way for value transfers in the IoT world ... What do you think are the odds that we're heading to mixed environments?
  7. What's in your opinion the definition of blockchain ?
  8. Seems like your president belonging more to the poor side ...
  9. What's your definition of "being rich" ? When can a man say that he is "rich" ? Is it just the money and assets? And if so... how much capital is it that you have to gather to become "rich" ?
  10. Yep a dead gorilla might have been a better choice over a living one https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2017/jan/20/donald-trump-first-100-days-president-daily-updates
  11. According to a quote in this article there was a report mentioning this by Stefan Thomas in late august ... did I miss that ? Recently there were some tests on Blockstack using ILP as well
  12. The main point they raised was just "Ripple is a scam". To hear such a "statement" from a Bitcoin core developer makes you think..... And as far as I know, "being a scam" is not a technical issue