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  1. I'm with you. Looking into a far future one may expect some digital assets having a broad and common usage and with some really important features (as of now, XRP is on the right track way). The idea having intangible value storage with a counter party risk that's only represented by a large indispensable network may combine tx speed, no third party risks, including low storage risk. It will be a new kind of savings in reach for ALL. Including all that nice features and for incredible low holding costs. Holding and transporting bullion in vaults means risks and costs. Not so with native digital coins. So for me it will not be just payments that will disrupt. I'm quite sure that we right now are seeing the beginning of a new era in the global economy where capital and value management, from very small to extreme large, will be more in reach of every human over the whole globe and more important: without the control (read enriching) of any third party.
  2. It's all evolving like many times predicted.... Ripple & Ethereum have a use case and unless they might become beaten by better solutions (yet none in sight), those two will not just be the winners but even the only to cross the finish line....
  3. the beginning of the Bitcoin crumble ..
  4. You can use SEPA (regular European bank transaction) for EUR if you live in the SEPA zone (EU + some other European countries like for instance UK)
  5. Wonder if the referencing to "1.5 % of trading volume on XRP markets" includes off ledger markets as well. If it is... and on those present volumes, Polo included (+15B traded in a week) his 5B XRP will be gone in about 5 months as 1.5 % of 15B that's 0.225B per week to burn...)
  6. I remember to have seen some tweets from Vitalik where he's rather stating that Ethereum and Ripple (even with Codius extension plans at that time) are complementary and targeting different problems with a different solution. In his view Ethereum is not at all targeting forex markets.
  7. Trading XRP and IOU's? After all they were fined after that XRP transaction with Roger Ver
  8. If it's not possible in US, they might do it under other laws. For instance they could operate under European and Luxembourg legislation....
  9. Very true! That's why my favorite always was Ripple - mining nonsense is way to old fashion and absolutely not defendable any more in our, from an environment perspective, heavily threatened globe.... Followed by ETH where mining at least has a useful purpose ...
  10. As far as I know, all information you can gather that is not under NDA and as long as you are not writing lies, can be (re)used in a publication under one important condition: referring to the source(s) - Writing a publication that mentions a brand or an activity is not the same as running a business that uses the same brand and therefor it does not fall under brand protection laws. You can write an article on your own user- and technical impressions over let's say ... Tesla .... and you may do it without asking Elon.
  11. What a mess... now they have three tokens XBT, XBU and XBZ ....
  12. What's the cost this way? Is it cheaper and/or faster than wire transfer?
  13. Of course it is fiat that ripple needs most. Take for instance the tiny traded EUR on Gatehub: How can one expect large EUR XRP buys with such an ugly orderbook? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  14. good point, always like the original idea and the name like it was written by Ryan Fugger - actually that "old original ripple" still is the fundament where the modern RCL is build upon.... Some day Ripple might become a very strong trademark ... and indeed why not start with a strong message that explains how USD can seamless ripple over XRP into EUR .... instant and cheap ... and for Gods sake: a simple & strong message must not mention what the average Joe doesn't understand like there is .... an IOU
  15. Think you're right, I was just hoping to see more confidence coming from Ripple when they talk about cryptocurrencies.... That is a list of more than 1000! In their case this has a name and that name is XRP.