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  1. In the end there will be just one Ripple ledger important for XRP holders and that's RCL. Whether those banks opt for Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda or a private Ripple fork is not that important I guess. Of course Ripple can see some business opportunity in support of private Ripple solutions, but a multitude of ledgers connecting to ILP with RCL serving as the forex tool is, what I suppose, the final goal whereto Ripple is trying to move on.
  2. @rippledigital Think that's the right conclusion. Ripple and Ethereum are not direct competition. Ripple is aiming fast and efficient competitive Xborder settlement and I think that it will be very hard to beat them in that space once they finally can bootstrap some REAL liquidity. It's just that I have the impression that Ethereum (and Hyperledger) for some very specific applications might be much closer to real usage than where Ripple is standing now.
  3. Because both Bitstamp and Gatehub were born in Ljubljana
  4. Yep, Ripple is losing momentum against Ethereum so it seems
  5. Yep, it looks like a token in their solution represents more than just a digital asset on a ledger. Completely different from RCL.
  6. I do not exactly know how it works, but they say "token" and they say "multi-currency". Multi-currency is clear and includes fiat but what do they mean by "token"? Is this also a native and tradable token like XRP and if it is, than what is the name as I can't find anything about trading such? If it's a tradable token, than they can easily hook in on ILP (or have their own network) and compete directly with RCL. If it's just a ledger transferring tokenized fiat currencies with trading facilities in the ledger itself than I see them rather as a potential partner who might join the ILP interconnected family... I felt on this token.io when I saw the HSBC news with both Larsen and Kirsch on that new advisory board.
  7. XMR might be seeking for even more IRS problems
  8. When looking up the Linkedin of the CEO I found this one quote intriguing: "multi-currency ledger" - sounds somewhat like the Ripple ledger
  9. well isn't that what the internet has become ..... an information jungle where you can lose your way (and sometimes more than that) as well as find the truth about wonderful and new ideas. some definitely need a good guide surfing the web, but most of that group only realise this after they got lost...
  10. By challenging CNN, Trump has put the US in the club of orange or even red as well ...
  11. @yezu !!!!! Keep attention because the ripple address you show on that pic is an incomplete one as well. Better check if you are on the site bitstamp.net I smell something fishy here .....
  12. That's odd??? Checked again and I still got the same screen with the destination tag field. Maybe it's because of the level of your "KYC". Don't remember exactly but I think they asked me a year or so back for additional identity proof. It is possible that when you want to deposit XRP they wanna be a bit more sure about your identity. I guess it's best to ask this directly to Bitstamp .
  13. XRP just being a token, it's hard to make it to value without an exchange and/or traces to an IOU(.fiat) One always has to pass by a gateway or an exchange in one way or another ...