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  1. It's not just about the fact that a lot of people watch it, I couldn't care less tbh. People buying XRP doesn't make the price pump. It means way more than that imo. Even if we all already know Scooter Braun is in this.
  2. Have you guys missed that? Go and watch Justin Bieber's IG Story from 13h ago, at the end of one of the videos. HAHA Exposed to 121m followers
  3. I'm pretty sure if BTC smashes through all time highs and goes on Alts will eventually follow like usual.. and with an extended bull-run $100 XRP would be a nearly 20 000% gain from here. We've seen more % gains in 2017 alone. Why not?
  4. Lowering the amount of people on the train, very clever. Welcome to financial markets. I see another coin that's happening the same thing and has yet to re-moon to its full potential.. because its overhyped by the masses.. but once it does..... hint you're on its dedicated forum
  5. Guys.. don't try and understand what's going on and predict by what you see/feel. Full time forex trader speaking here. I've learned early in my career that doing the opposite of what I think the price will do works better. How could this be you ask? That's how financial markets work. Big moves just cant take away everyone with it, there needs to be some kind of rekt-ing before. That's how it works. In forex trading, before a big move which is somewhat easy to predict happens, there will be some contrarian technical patterns forming on lower timeframes to lure emotional people into getting out or taking the opposite position, and there will be some manipulation in order to hit people's stop losses. That's how it works. Because a big move cant take everyone with it. In crypto, people buy n hold, I think a good way the market takes people out is when the pump we all wait for is delayed while other coins moon. I see a lot of people switching sides and going into btc from xrp. That's a good sign for me. And should be for you too. Critical thinking guys, xrp pumps outta nowhere all the time, when people expect it less. PS.: Take a look at XRP/BTC chart. What goes up comes down and what comes down goes up (when fundamentals are in check).
  6. Don't wanna be rude, but this is a straight clasic Ponzi. It will work for a couple of days/weeks, then you won't be able to withdraw your funds anymore and POOF gone like Pablo said. Research BetRobot online. I lost a bit of BTC in 2017 because of this. The guy had a story just like this arbitrage bot thing. It was about sports betting tho. It had the exact the same Telegram API lol.
  7. 1st Quarter 2019: $0.44 USD 2nd Quarter 2019: $0.65 USD 3rd Quarter 2019: $3.50 USD 4th Quarter 2019: $7.00 USD
  8. CSC will solve real, big problems in a huge industry. Period. They don't hype. They are working with regulators. Just like XRP, they are way ahead already. And the team has some big names from world renowned companies from within the online gaming industry. Let's see in a couple of months (not financial advice)
  9. IMO, they would want a full production quarter for xRapid too. Makes sense!
  10. Yes on paper that would work. Truth is, and you probably already know that, not a lot of them will hodl until a million$ worth. The real grind starts once you have to hodl through the raining profits and pullbacks haha!
  11. By the way, I am dead serious about my statement. I don't want to dive deep into it, but currently the crypto market is very different from any market that's been known to man before. It just doesn't operate the regular way.
  12. I am not interested in your RSI divergence. I am more interested in Whales accumulating, institutional levels, and manipulation, AND real use cases once the bull run is initiated.
  13. Hey guys, Mark my words. You saw it here first. I really hope you guys are still accumulating as of today. Next bull run is already initiated, and will most likely peak @ around $25 XRP this summer before correcting again. How? Just watch. #BearableSam123
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