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  1. I used the latest toast on marshmellow (that sounds absurd!). I'm thinking to factory reset the phone, enable usb debugging and try recovery software as the key is a text file.
  2. No idea if it's typical. It might be. I became confused as they talk about a pass phrase and a recovery phrase and even now, I'm not absolutely sure which is which. Mainly, a phrase is a sentence, thus I assumed the six nonsense words is what I required to write down. Then I saved what comes up for saving. Really, they need to make it clearer. Perhaps, with the actual thing needed for recovery (not actually a phrase but a string of characters) they could name it 'recovery string' and then display it rather than put it in a text box, as most people would write it down rather than save it. The default for saving is almost always the device. If you have Toast, PLEASE write down the STRING of characters now. I think best practice now, if I ever risk it again, is to send a token amount (which I did) for testing, but then, DELETE THE WALLET, restore it with the info you have written down, then transfer the large amount. Ah, the benefit of hindsight! Please be careful.
  3. Hi. Pretty certain I just lost all my Ripple, so a word to the wise. I downloaded toast, wrote down the pin, six words, passworx etc. and then that long number pops up in a box to go to the clipboard for saving, which I did, in the text editor. Of course it's saved by default to the device. Now I'm stuck in a bootloop, that one thing I didn't write down is the only thing that restores. The ironic thing. If it hadn't have popped up in a window for copying, I would have written it down. If you have toast wallet, please write down that long number, and then look after it.
  4. Nope. At work now. Doesn't work, needs the secret thing. I'm done.
  5. Willdo. I'm not hopeful at this point though. Reading around elsewhere, I don't have the key. I believe the info I have isn't enough...
  6. The phone is one year old and runs Marshmellow. I cleared the cache from the recovery menu but still doesn't boot. I'll install toast o the bosses tablet tomorrow and see if I can restore with what I have.
  7. Have I got the key though? I have six words with a total of 26 characters. The first character of tbe first word is a b. That isn't the secret key is it? I'll be at work Friday. There's an android tablet and an (old) windows computer. If there is anything to try, I'll give it a go if you let me know how to make a start. Thanks.
  8. I installed toast wallet on my Android phone, wrote down the six words and saved the key as a text file to the phone (yes, you know what's coming now!). I bought some ripple of Binance and sent it on, arrived no problem. I was at work (I work in a cinema). The boss wanted to check I'd installed the new films so I took out my phone to take a picture to show him. Open Camera wouldn't close and the phone was so, so hot; never happened before, so I took out the battery. Then it wouldn't boot but the power was only 15%, so I charged it but it's stuck in a bootloop. First time ever. I can boot into the recovery mode, but the only options are to test things, not reset or clear anything. So, I have the six words, my password, my pin. I might be able to get the address the coins were sent to, though I can't get in Binance as I can't use authenticator. I don't even have a tablet to try and restore. I'll be back at work Friday, can try the bosses tablet. The thing is, is there any point. If that key number thing is in a bricked phone, I'm done and they're gone, right?
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