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  1. Hello, I am new to Ripple and thought the best (easiest) place to get started would be Gatehub. However, the whole process is very confusing and unclear, and I am not sure exactly how it works and how long it takes; I apologize in advance as I understand similar questions might have already been asked, but still could not make sense of it. First of all, how does the 20XRP minimum requirement work, and how can I start trading XRP if I need XRP to start trading? Secondly, I already own BTC and thought I would transfer them over so that I keep everything in one place. Also figured I could then use those BTC to buy the initial 20XRP required. However, when I click on the "Deposit/Receive" link in the picture below Nothing happens, as my browser (tried with both Internet Explorer and Chrome) gets stuck on the page below Has this happened to anyone else before? Is it a technical issue caused by something on my end, or could it be due to activation issues on Gatehub's side? Thanks everyone!
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