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  1. "those who can't do teach" . What an ignorant statement about a noble profession. That guy who said it's a stupid statement was doing you a favour. Take his advice.
  2. Got a nice refund from the taxman last week ,totally unexpectedly got exactly the amount I needed to double my stash. Spent the whole week firstly trying really hard to consider other investments besides crypto, then finally I admitted to myself all I really want are zerps , so decided to spread my buys over the next 3 months. Then last night I got a bit stoned and said f***it and went all in. I'm now at double my original target , but since this was a boon I'm gonna keep buying whenever I can, who needs disposable income right.
  3. I mentioned Ripple to three friends last nite, a chartered accountant, a businessman who owns a national concern, and an actuary. Only the actuary thought it had potential, the other two are skeptical of crypto in general and think we're all just playing games. Oh well , as someone said earlier, I'll invite them for the housewarming.
  4. 100% these Politicos are all cut from the same cloth, indeed Cyril's McDonald's empire came out of the same BBBEE policies that have only served to increase income inequality. However I hope just for us people on the ground we have some respite from this decade of madness,if business confidence improves who knows what can happen. All you zerpers when we moon and you're all ZAR billionaires come invest in SA cos the weather's great. ....and you know, Mandela, rainbow nation etc etc
  5. https://businesstech.co.za/news/industry-news/224829/are-investment-banks-ready-for-blockchain-enabled-distributed-ledgers/ "settlement" "friction" I like this guys jargon
  6. Cleaning out my grocery cupboard today found this,it's a sign ! Bought this tea on a trip to India in 2013...I'm amazed some of people here have had real XRP for as long as I've had this.
  7. I got into BTC crypto mining mid last year which turned out to be a mistake (should have bought zerps) but nonetheless started converting the proceeds into XRP in November and still doing so my thinking is that it's cost averaging. Bought some XRP for fiat between 25c and 75c as well. So I'm basically approaching the limit if XRP drops much further I'm in the red. My heart says ay wtf is happening to the zerp price, but my head says I want a strong BTC while I'm stuck mining for a few more months just to scoop up a couple more...plan was always to hodl any coins for at least 3 years anyw
  8. Withdrew two hundred zerps from Pol to wallet four hours ago , still says pending. Afraid to cancel and try again just gonna wait. No too worried tho last time it took minutes ...these guys better not screw me out of what could be 200 bazillion in a few years
  9. Yess got some zerps on todays sale at 1.37 , slept through the the real nice prices tho, long time lurker finally feel comfortable posting now that my zerps are tucked away nicely ...been stressed out for weeks while they were on the exchange HODL2022
  10. Poloniex xrp wallet issues seem to have been resolved I just withdrew all my zerps in 10mins
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