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    Trendkill reacted to Kiwi in Good luck to you all   
    Haha,  I am wondering how many people decided to buy csc, tron and now vet due to shills done by people with 10k likes.. lol
  2. Haha
    Trendkill reacted to RegalChicken in Good luck to you all   
    Looking for more information regarding: Ex-GF sister.
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    Trendkill reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Good luck to you all   
    You’re wrong about that, just go to the forum index and pick a thread or topic you’re interested in. There are numerous about the tech, as well as TA, off topic, other coins etc.  Even in other languages. 
    But for the record: I’m not interested in the tech, it goes over my head, I leave that to others. I’m in it for the adrenaline and the quips. 
    I’m just gambling on a few more irrational and manipulated runs. Until now crypto has no real fundamentals imho, not like traditional stocks anyway. I choose XRP because there’s a real company behind it, but that’s in no way a garantee that they will succeed. If not...well, life goes on, I will lose some money I can afford to lose and that’s it. 
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    Trendkill reacted to Trentsteel in Good luck to you all   
    Confucius you are not!
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    Trendkill reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Good luck to you all   
    The fact he’s right ( in hindsight) means nothing. Same goes for “ hypers”  being right if by chance a bullrun really did occur.  The future is unpredictable by nature and the future of crypto even more than anything else.  Hypers, fudsters, both sides need to realise that sharing thoughts and discussing predictions can be fun, but has to be taken lighthearted.  Once you take your own predictions serious and start defending them till death then you’ve taken a wrong turn. 
    Show me a backtested algo that is right in > 65% of the time, a correlation coefficient of 1 ( or -1) with some kind of data versus crypto-prices or better a significant kind of regression relationship and I will change my mind on this matter.
    Until then only history and today’s reality is factual and the rest is fun, but plain BS, even when it turns out to become true afterwards. 
    Everything is possible, to determin the probabilities is somewhat more difficult. 
  6. Haha
    Trendkill got a reaction from XRPfan_Eelco in Good luck to you all   
    Death and taxes.
    You haven't heard that one before..?
  7. Haha
    Trendkill got a reaction from JASCoder in Good luck to you all   
    Death and taxes.
    You haven't heard that one before..?
  8. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to Zerp_Legend in The one issue with XRP that keeps me up at night   
    People are often trying to connect dots where there arent any. Doesnt matter whether its the xrp community or any other.
    I do remember back then that someone had inside infos about a possible AMEX deal and few weeks later it happened
  9. Haha
    Trendkill reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in If you want to understand some of the frustration by members that SUPPORT XRP..... READ THIS   
    Moral of this story:  only invest in coins when you’re 100% certain you will make more money than your friend. 
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    Trendkill reacted to LeonidasH in TradeStation Crypto launched, lists XRP/USD   
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    Trendkill reacted to Cesar1810 in Charting the course of XRP   
  12. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to karlos in Suggestion: Burn 50 billion XRP   
    It's from a pre-generated list of words. I'll take it out of the list, hardly offensive
  13. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to Uloveme in Suggestion: Burn 50 billion XRP   
    I already expected this question being asked once I saw the news from XLM and showing a (probably) short-term price increase. The increase in price however is nowhere near high enough to compensate the amount burnt.
    To me this only shows how weak the currency is, with not enough demand to justify the supply. If Ripple would do the same it would also show weakness in my opinion.
  14. Haha
    Trendkill reacted to iLeeT in Suggestion: Burn 50 billion XRP   
    Burning 50% of the supply might cause an enormous pump and push us to .31c so I'm all for it.
  15. Haha
    Trendkill reacted to Truckdriver in Walmart partners with Ria, MoneyGram for international money transfers   
    Walmart , gold medal customer's 

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    Trendkill reacted to NightJanitor in Ripple - A Washington D.C. Blockchain Heavyweight   
    Ok, let me try to rephrase... because I'm not being condescending just to be condescending, sincerely:
    The approach of "you just dont get it / you're old / you're out of touch / you don't understand the tech" is an incredibly clumsy approach to bridging two domains.
    (And, on metaphors, no... the ability to select an apt metaphor or think analogically is practically key to high level meets low level understanding...  Have you ever heard the old saying:  "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Because it's true.)
    A lot of this comes down to idiot young people who are immature and short-term focused, because they're 12 years old and fresh out of college and greedy - I can't count the smug little ******** who have told me (even though I'm maybe on their side, if they weren't sociopaths) things like "your generation is just gonna have to die" or some formulation of that, with absolutely no self-awareness that they, too, will be older, one day (unless they keep saying **** like that, in which case, hey, maybe they won't be old one day)...
    Know what I mean?  There's a disrespectful little vulgar punk youth vibe to tech - and that infects all kinds of things - and turns the mature people into natural enemies...  And if you don't think there's an element of "I brought you into this world ("I invented a lot of the technologies that allow you young whippersnappers to write 3 lines of high level code") and I can damn sure take you out of it ("and don't think I don't understand it all better than you")...
    The impertinence of youth... that kind of thing.   It's an obstacle.  Let's avoid it.
  17. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to xrphilosophy in MGI, ODL, Bitso and a theory about the price   
    I think it's a bit presumptious to think that your opinion is desired by others, no?  Maybe leave this thread if you don't like it.  It's not what you're saying, it's the rude way in which you are saying it.  Why insult people when they are enjoying doing what they are doing?  Thank you very much!!
  18. Haha
    Trendkill reacted to LilBender in What if we are still at $1 in May   
  19. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Coinfields XRPL Project   
    It would help if mods were much harder on the trolls. There are members here whose clear purpose is to throw negativity and misinformation around and hope some of it sticks. I'm all for constructive criticism of Ripple and XRP and most of us don't want an echo chamber, but these trolls are just here to annoy and destroy.
    I've been on this forum for nearly four years (and XRPtalk before that) and this is the worst it's ever been, by far. So many quality contributors have left. It's time for persistent trolls to be banned.
  20. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to xrphilosophy in XRP the "JOKE"   
    If you continue you'll be banned.   All of your posts are the same, negatively attacking Ripple and XRP, and then promoting gold.  It's dysfunctional, unproductive, not welcome, and factually dubious.
    One last chance.  Thank you for your compliance with the rules of this forum which include not trolling, and posting higher quality content.  You are doing neither.  You are complaining and inciting others based on price alone.
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    Trendkill reacted to aavkk in Checkmate Ripple   
    Mostly agree with your thinking here.  This was in many ways exactly what I expected the largest correspondent banks with the most to lose to come up.  From what I can tell JPM's IIN is nothing more than a messaging service.  On demand liquidity is a game changer and neither of these developments show real cause for concern.  Last I checked there was something like 11,500 banks.  They are trying to narrow the gap but they don't have the bridge (asset).  See what I did there....
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    Trendkill reacted to Caracappa in Ripple’s XRP Escrow is Officially Under 50 Billion XRP   
    If decentralization is measured in the amount of nodes or validators in the hand of one person or entity the XRPL is decentralized. If its measured in holding the amount of coins by one person or a group then it is not. But neither is BTC, ETH or Fiat for that matter... and probably never will be.

  23. Thanks
    Trendkill reacted to King34Maine in Brad Garlinghouse on CNN airing on 09/12   
    All of it's FAKE: CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS.........
  24. Haha
    Trendkill got a reaction from retryW in SBI CEO “We Will Use The Virtual Currency XRP For Remittance”   
    I honestly don't care how they potentially make us rich.
  25. Haha
    Trendkill got a reaction from Honeybee in SBI CEO “We Will Use The Virtual Currency XRP For Remittance”   
    I honestly don't care how they potentially make us rich.
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