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  1. I used to have "pent up demand" after visiting the strip clubs when I was younger.
  2. 5 years time typically takes about 5 years to process.
  3. With what army will Stannis claim the throne with..? It was obliterated. I think Danny and Jon-jon co-rule in the end because that's what I want to see happen. Actually....what I want to see happen is that the show never ever ends. There's always the possibility that Tyrian ends up on the Iron throne somehow....wouldn't that be weird..?
  4. No one notices the Bitcoin user pic and the fact that dude just joined like a few hours ago. **** op....
  5. That's funny...I'm 6'4" and I typically say whatever I want in here and in real life. I wonder if there's some correlation there...?
  6. No , in this situation it does not. Try not running your mouth just for the sake of it.
  7. Whales are apparently starting to get into the forums now in search of true support levels.
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