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  1. That's not FUD. FUD is for example a G.M. guy going on a Ford forum and talking down F150's without a shred of data or evidence to back up their assertions. This is exactly what you do. If you're seeking the "truth" as you mention then perhaps more reading and searching on the forum and less chiming in with your fork tongued words.
  2. Trendkill

    Status on SBI VC?

    $10 XRP any minute now....relax.
  3. Trendkill

    FUD or FED?

    You guys don't have this guy on ignore yet..? It's wonderful I tell ya.... Wonderful.
  4. Trendkill

    Message To The XRP Community

    You promise..?
  5. Oh sh**...that gif is image from the link..? Wow I thought op just put it there for fun.
  6. Trendkill

    Are we back?

    Yep....that's gross.
  7. Maybe it's an image of a contract..?
  8. Well...I took a walk into the forest to see what I could see and this happened.
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    I just need to get my eyes checked apparently.
  10. Trendkill


    Ahhh...ok. I was like what the hell website is this guy talking about lol. Sorry OP...didn't see the tag.