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  1. Trendkill

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Depends on what we're comparing. If it's flat out technical guitar ability it's Eddie hands down. If we're talking about song writing it's Page.
  2. Trendkill

    Hi! I'm Bob

    It was plainly obvious from the get go wasn't it..?
  3. Trendkill

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay I was hoping you might touch on this comment from earlier.
  4. Sweet....I'll be able to afford my hip replacement and limp D*** pills.
  5. Incorrect...we pretend to be a representative republic yet we seem to be nothing but a democracy.
  6. I'd be interested to hear what @JoelKatz and co. have to say as well.
  7. Lol.....you ain't seen nothing yet man , just wait till you get married. If you need help with this one you're really gonna be up Sh** Creek once you tie the knot.
  8. I was kinda wondering when you might get kicked out considering the climate in there. I just visit periodically and read for the most part and keep my mouth shut.
  9. They sure are... absolutely no comparison exists.
  10. I feel stupid because I overlooked the "turned 1" portion of your title...got hung up on the bear cub part lol. Yep...like humans...when they look at you there's a lot going on behind those eyes.
  11. Thx.... he'll be 4 this April. Aren't they just the best dogs..? I haven't one complaint with the breed besides the shedding (German Shedders). They're so smart....like Hannibal Lecter smart lol. I'm guessing yours is about the same age....perhaps younger...?
  12. Gorgeous shepherd....I love my big boy too.
  13. Diamonds aren't a stock or a security yet their price and availability are very controlled by a central source. To me ....XRP is more of a commodity.
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