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  1. Trendkill

    XRP Classic (XRPC)

    I just Bot 500 miLLion XRPC RipPle cLasSiC's. evrYon dO it NoW !!
  2. FUD EVOLVES - Banks won't use XRP - Only one Bank is using XRP and it's small - Big Banks won't use XRP - Only one big bank is using XRP , the rest are just small ones - I Highly doubt the 168 Banks using XRP will grow , SWIFT has the rest in the bag - No way more than 5000 Banks use XRP , I think Ripple has topped out by this point - XRP is destined to fail , it's only a matter of time some new tech comes along and knocks them out of their #1 spot.... I mean hell , they did it to SWIFT right..?
  3. Trendkill

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    This could be true.....add that to the trips she already makes down and back up from the basement to bring him and his friends snacks while they play Fortnite and she'd be pretty wore out.
  4. Trendkill

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    That is hell on Earth....lol.
  5. Trendkill

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Except for the tech in the device you're typing your BS with. And more than likely your countries "military" , if you want to call it one , is armed with a plethora of U.S. made weaponry....you're welcome.
  6. Trendkill

    Scam alert

    Seems legit....I'm all in.
  7. Trendkill

    2019 is gonna be epic

    Right...but not next year....maybe in like 20 years or something.
  8. Trendkill

    Is Ripple buying Swift?

    Plus , it was adopted in mass because these institutions had a cut off date in Nov. They had no choice.
  9. Well she's wrong. There is a magic switch , you just haven't found it yet.
  10. Trendkill

    Inspiration behind your Username ?

    Looking forward to seeing "The Mule"
  11. Trendkill

    Inspiration behind your Username ?

    Wow....there was a surprising number of responses to this thread . I'd still love to hear from more folks about their username origins. I've found it quite interesting.
  12. How many times do you feel it's necessary to share this video...?