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  1. If I remember his story correctly he had been an earlier hodler and sold somewhere around the ATH then bought back in after the crash. Hence the username.
  2. Trendkill

    Ripple (XRP) Might End Up Decoupling From Bitcoin (BTC)

    I don't at all like how the "article" mentions XRP being centralised and controlled by a single entity. That's complete bull****.
  3. Trendkill

    This is what happens by EOY...

    Yes....in a span of 4 years XRP will have surpassed it's speculatively driven ATH by $1.09...at best. FFS....are you friggin kidding me..? I don't subscribe to the lofty numbers thrown around here but I do know some good old fashion trolling when I see it.
  4. Trendkill

    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    Mine was $3.33.....an astronomical number I know.
  5. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    That was actually pretty funny...
  6. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    If I had to bet I wouldn't bet against it not reaching 100 by the eoy 2019. I'd never in a million years bet against it ever reaching 100 though. I'm long term on this thing and the sky is the limit. And I don't bet with random internet people...that's silly. I'd have to meet you personally so I'd know where to track my money down. ?
  7. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    But I didn't make a prediction as to what the full capacity for the price of XRP won't be. I figured since you know what it WON'T be you must know what it WILL be. So what is it..?
  8. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    Where's it headed then Nostradamus..?
  9. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    Oh my God.....I bet Lol.
  10. Trendkill

    Is everybody aware of:

    It would be funny to see how everyone in these threads would talk to/address one another if we were all in a room together in person. Pretty sure the snarky ass little ******* that like to start **** in here would be the smallest of stature in the real world and a whole lot less full of bravado.
  11. Trendkill

    The Real reason CoinBase hasn't listed XRP

    Perhaps they have an arrangement with Ripple not to list it until.a very specific/strategic time.
  12. This is why folks here are flocking elsewhere.