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  1. The bull quit on XRP a while ago now......
  2. Your tune sure has changed over the last year lol....
  3. You shouldn't tell people how much XRP you have. @BiffTannen will take your stack. Oh nevermind.
  4. I'm sorry....what was that...? Perhaps you should say that two or three more times.
  5. My position is that Chinese and North Korean Air quality sucks a$$. Perhaps it's due to all the coal burning power plants working overtime to fuel all the BTC mining rigs.
  6. O.P. just so you're aware......there are folks that come on here and claim to be XRP holders , then they go on to spread FUD , claim to have sold etc etc. Just ignore the noise from these paid propagandistic weasels.
  7. So far....I like "new guy". Welcome to XRPChat new guy.
  8. Are there people out there with Millions of different kinds of cryptocurrency units...? No
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