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  1. I was looking on CNBC for a transcript but it was only said about an hour ago. I’ll update this thread. It was only a blurb, but he literally held back the transition to commercial by wanting to add this sentiment. Once I find a transcript or video I’ll post it.
  2. Cashin on Closing Bell (CNBC), while wearing his Dow 2600 hat, went out of his way to echo the sentiment that crypto has been liquidating because of lunar new year. Glad to hear a mainstream expert mention it and address a topic that has been debated on the forum.
  3. While I feel for the agony in OP's writing, I really think so many people got into crypto for the wrong reason, I was one of them! I did my research (newb code for read for a couple months, watched analysts, listened to dissent, and made my best play.) I bought in with money i could afford to lose all of, and still watched with stomach pains as my value plummeted. Because of coinbase taking forever to clear my USD, I bought high and was forced to wait for the crash to have my funds ...now please...don't laugh...I bought bitcoin at 16.500 and I bought etherium at 1202.00 Ups and downs beat me about the head and face until my FRICKINGDGHGJH bitcoin cleared early!? at a loss of 600$ (It would have actually been worse if it waited longer to clear, but I digress.) I also lost $400 in ehterium. I could have ridden the swing and waited for those coins to pop up but XRP at 2.00, then 1.60, then 1.09??!! those prices were VERY good, so I bought as much as I could. Im still glad I did, because I have a plan. I lost value in the ones I bought along the road until I purchased my last bit of entry xrp today at that low price. my current value after a $7500 buy in is a tad under 5k. I lost 2500 real dollars because of coinbase and my bank. ALL of that being said...Im actually thrilled to have bought more XRP today at this price. I honestly believe that my noob research (albeit limited) was, and is sound. I hate to see good money burn like this. Its a real gut check, but now I'm in. Ive believed as long as I've known about XRP, and I even have my family members doubting my decision and being negative. Sometimes you just know you're right. so HODL, sorry OP. TLDR: "You gotta know when to hodl em, KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM! Know when to not even get involved in speculation when you don't have the stomach for it."
  4. Happy to say I joined the 10%ers this morning. Been studying ripple since early December, trying to buy it since 1/3. The tech and exchange barriers were tough to overcome, and at times, discouraging (I’m mostly pretty tech ignorant). this forum helped me to decide my entry amount and how to do it easiest and cheapest. i just want to thank all of the people who post here, even the nay sayers, for offering information and support to all the newbies here. Now lets get rich. 2019 millionaires meeting where?
  5. It looks like 2am est is the time for it to open, as I was just able to register after being shut out of every exchange.
  6. I just got into my first exchange, after being stonewalled for a week. I’ll post more of my experiences as a COMPLETE crypto noob, a little later, but if you’re like me and been looking for an in, especially while xrp price is dropping a bit, this could be your foot in the door. They said they will not announce limited reopening of registration, so keep an eye out if you miss this one
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