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  1. In the world of those who found out about xrp much later than many others and consequently bought in at a much higher rate. So strong is their belief in the future of xrp that they actively hope for a crash so that they can capitalize on the shortsightedness of those who would seek to sell their zerps, even at a loss. I know it sucks for those who have been riding this elevator up since it was below ground - those that thought we'd never again have to see prices stoop to these levels and that's to be expected. Once they are to the point where they're content to simply hold and wait for that
  2. I guess balanced is one way of putting it. poorly researched/factually incorrect and misleading is another.
  3. There's nothing inconsistent about it and i've certainly not had a change of heart. In fact my belief on where this thing is heading is what inspires me to increase my holdings in the face of a downard turn. If i werent a believer, i'd sell out and move on. But because i believe, i feel it would be foolish for me not to attempt to increase my holdings so that when this thing turns around, i'm in a better position when we get where we're going. Certainly there are risks to buying and selling and i havent always come out ahead on each individual trade but overall i'm far better off now than i wa
  4. Sorry but simply telling everyone to hodl isnt sound advice for most of us who werent fortunate enough to get in early. Had i heeded all the hodl advice my zerp count would still be what it was a month ago. Fortunately i've taken advantage of this yo yo market and been able to increase my zerp count 4x without investing anymore fiat. I havent always timed it right and no doubt a wiser man/woman wouldve done better than i have with my buy and sells. But it's silly to sit and watch something go down day after day and not try and take advantage of the drop. It's not a sign that you dont believe i
  5. There was a lawyer and several others discussing this on twitter. I"m guessing the user agreement probably had some language in there that protects them from any such legal action. As others have said, it's the risk you run when storing your coins on an exchange. I'm chalking it up to a lesson learned.
  6. Kraken is just helping those of us with itchy trigger fingers to Hodl. I’ve actually been a more productive employee and better husband the past two days. And did I mention all the extra sleep I’ve been getting? But yeah it’s been pisspoor communication from the start and the updates that just keep saying “we’ve run into a problem but rest assured we are working hard...blah blah blah” have left a lot to be desired. Not sure the free trades they’re offering if/when they come back up are gonna be enough to make everyone forget this debacle. But people have short memories
  7. Many of us who weren't fortunate enough to get in as early as some of you are all in and full believers and while we may have already maxed out what we can invest our stack isn't quite what we'd like it to be. While trying to time the market several times a day is certainly not without it's risks, sometimes it's the only way to get more zirps. Buy high, sell low, and repeat all the while hoping you don't get stuck out in the cold with a new bottom that is higher than what it was when you made your last sale. Some just believe theres smaller money to be made on the way to making bigger mon
  8. As a now former lurker i want to say that i appreciate what knoxy has to say. At worst i'm a pessimist by nature and at the very best i'm still pretty damn negative. As such, unfortunately, my life choices have led me to the point where i'm investing in cryptocurrency and xrp in specific bc my skeptical nature has kept me away from one too many life changing deals i was too afraid to pull the trigger on. Knoxy is a ray of sunshine compared to my internal voice. That said, I come to this thread topic specifically because i want to be pumped full of rainbows and butterflies and dreams of paid
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