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  1. Had to wait for funds to settle. Finally got more, but at ~$1.60. Oh well. I have the fullest faith in $10+ so i’ll still look like a genius. ?
  2. Yes, you should. Unfortunately, the rules of this game likely say otherwise. The crypto market is, at this time, more akin to video poker than an investment platform.
  3. Possible, but unlikely. The overall ledger would have to be manipulated in order to hide the fact that your coins were sent elsewhere before being returned to the proper wallets. More likely the transactions are allowed to stall in order to provide cushion for the market. If everyone was able to immediately move all their monies on a whim, the market would flip like a transistor.
  4. Nay, sir. Swedish are my chainsaws.
  5. Welcome to the blockchain. Go trace your transactions, figure out where your coins are. Then compare wallet addresses to Waithub. Internet searching is good.
  6. The additional funds I sent to my Coinbase acct last week will likely settle tomorrow.
  7. <$0.70, and then a couple more around $2. Ripple will easily clear $5. I have every faith that it will hit triple digits eventually. I may not hold that long, but that's OK. The bubble may have burst, but this isn't an ordinary bubble. It can be re-blown in a matter of days. There is far too much money and far too little regulation out there for it not to be. FOMO's will start price-shopping. XRP at under $5 will look "safe" and "responsible", not to mention the wide-eyed dreams of XRP hitting BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC numbers. I mean, can you imagine if XRP even does half of what LTC does.....? This will be the thought process as people wade back in. I know this is true because I hear it daily from actual human beings, face-to-face. Hell, this was my own argument to myself! Just wait until XRP hits a direct Fiat exchange.....other than Waithub.....
  8. I'm legit impressed with how well XRP is holding. REALLY need my funds to settle so I can buy in before the rebound.....
  9. Trace your coins on the blockchain. Find out what wallet they're in. Compare to Gatehub's Hot/Cold wallet addresses. If it is in the Gatehub wallet, you can trust with 99.44% certainty that it will happen.....eventually.....
  10. Worst part is I sent fiat to my Coinbase last Tues. It won’t be avail until late this week....after the damn rebound. ?
  11. I am also fairly new to crypto, but no one sets a defense at the actual line of defense. Buy walls are significant around the .0001BTC mark on Binance. That is just north of $1.00.
  12. Buy wall seems to be holding price north of $1.00 The invisible hand isn't really invisible....
  13. Por Larranaga, Petit Corona.... Back before I quit.... ....those were the days....
  14. Yes. https://www.gatehub.net/gateways/fifth/
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