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  1. Don’t the people searching also have to buy/sell for the search volumes and trade volumes to correlate?
  2. About the partnership announcement: “...it will be the talk of crypto for a few days.” Isn’t a few crypto days like 10 minutes in the real world? ?
  3. To be fair I made this topic first so I guess that’s worse huh? ?
  4. The bear was spotted somewhere in North America recently, putting together his next riddle. Only a matter of time now folks (looks almost finished).
  5. Somebody explained this really well on Twitter, I’ll try and find it. Basically, if you’re sending £1,000,000 to the UK using $ and XRP in the US, the transaction will settle when all of the XRPs sent have been sold on the GBP exchanges. Not necessarily to 1 buyer, but could be multiple buyers (e.g. someone buying 10 XRP + someone buying 100 XRP + someone buying 100,000 XRP and so on until the XRPs that you sent have all been traded and your recipient has the £1,000,000.) If I’m not mistaken, xRapid can handle any crypto so I’m guessing that if the receiving country has no domestic c
  6. Today is June 1. I wonder if the bear comes back? If he does, I’m hoping he’s ditched Paint for Photoshop and has worked out how to express himself with words (instead of 0s and 1s - no offence @LilBender)
  7. Just a bit? How many heads do you have anyways?
  8. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Tron lately so decided it was time to say goodbye to Stellar. It’s not a full divorce yet as I have 1 XLM in my wallet that they insisted on keeping.
  9. But seriously, you don’t need to tell your bank you have money coming in. If they have questions they’ll contact you. As @Javim777 said, keep your receipts in case you need to prove where the money’s come from. And as @Loki said, speak to an FA - especially if you’re cashing out a fortune as there may be better options than parking all the money with your bank and spending it. Also, if you can, over time buy back whatever XRP you can as the absolute ceiling price could well be worth it.
  10. I wouldn’t. XRP is a bankers coin designed to benefit banks trading with other banks and their banks and the banks that they bank with. If you tell them your fortune came from the trade of XRP they may demand to see your banking licence.
  11. What if you only have 99,999? Are you out of lakh? Haha ? couldn’t resist
  12. Jed’s been quiet lately, so I converted all of my XLMs to TRXs.
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