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  1. NP, and just to clarify, 25% ballpark for total taxes, not just for state. Most state rates are 5%ish, the way I worded it earlier was a bit ambiguous.
  2. No, not that high. It's basically 15% up to $425,000, 20% on anything after that for long term. Then whatever your state charges. I just ballpark it at 25% (this is state dependent though.) ETA: Just to clarify 25% ballpark for total taxes, not just for state. Most state rates are 5%ish. https://www.bankrate.com/investing/long-term-capital-gains-tax/
  3. An announcement of an announcement. Those always go well...
  4. Pretty much. I mostly lurk, but my ignore list has definitely grown over the past weeks.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/financialindependence/comments/58j8pc/build_the_life_you_want_then_save_for_it/
  6. The amount needed to be a 1%er is slowly decreasing.
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    Testing is never that fast when software and computers are involved. Depending on the complexity of the system, it can take weeks or months to shake out all the bugs while testing different workflows.
  8. Good thing we're all used to disappointment!
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    Rippled - Bearableguy123

    As much as I'd love these predictions to come true, I'll repeat the same argument I say to everyone, I'm not that lucky, so it'll never happen.
  10. Not today, gotta save something for the second date!
  11. I had you blocked so I didn't see this at first, so I clicked "show this post" and now I'm reminded why I blocked you to being with.
  12. Sorry about your d**k bro, must suck to go through life being so insecure about yourself.
  13. Lol, that's actually not a terrible idea. QR codes you scan with each other's phones.
  14. Well to be fair 4.15% in the real market represents a significant amount more money than it does in cryptocurrency.
  15. Earlier I said I wish there was a way to block any post that referenced charts. I need to add the word 'whales' to that now too.
  16. A conspiracy theory I can get behind!
  17. I like how the "hardcore people who were there early" is people from only two months ago. If you bought into just about any coin 60 days ago you'd still be very much in the green. People REALLY need to reset their expectations.
  18. Yeah, I would imagine that's how it's done. They're issued as needed to keep the $1 value. This was going to happen eventually, better to have this shake out now at the beginning of the year.
  19. Possible, but I read somewhere the other day that they "printed" $800m Tether in January. Where did that billion in cash come from if true?
  20. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-30/crypto-exchange-bitfinex-tether-said-to-get-subpoenaed-by-cftc
  21. **** is going to get bumpy if this is true... "The CFTC of the United States is reportedly issuing supeoenas to Tether and Bitfinex. At its worst, this could put in jeopardy the ability of Tethers to be used for fiat exchange, and directly impact their "pegged" value of $1. Wide ranging impacts for all cryptos."
  22. Knees and toes, knees and toes.