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  1. ripple is much better than bitcoin as it is backed by many Banks.
  2. Ripple News Update Ripple (XRP) prices kicked off 2018 in the worst way, losing more than 44% in under a month. The sell-off began as a reaction to trouble on the Korean peninsula. But it was made worse by a Bloomberg Businessweek report, which said that Ripple’s corporate partners had no interest in XRP. Now, however, the dust is settling. Volatility is easing. Markets are returning to normal. And Ripple is starting to play offense rather than defense. CEO Brad Garlinghouse took the fight straight to XRP skeptics, beating back the idea that Ripple’s partners will never use its cryptocurrency. He likened their shortsightedness to the 1990s, when AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) CEO Randal Stevens said that “AT&T will never use IP.” But Garlinghouse came armed with more than words. He brought proof in the form of three new partnerships for Ripple. All three will use XRP in their businesses. (Source: “More Global Payment Providers, IDT and MercuryFX, Sign Up to Use XRP,” Ripple, January 24, 2018.) Hey, Guys I just Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-garlinghouse-fires-back-ripple-skeptics/ Give me your opinion..What do you think?
  3. Ethereum News Update As predicted, the folks at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland hedged their bets on cryptocurrencies. On one hand, they don’t think Bitcoin is a stable currency; on the other, blockchain is a super-useful technology…for anything other than money. If you’re wondering why this matters, remember that Davos is where elites gather to form the “conventional wisdom.” Not all of their forecasts pan out—as they’re not omnipotent in the way conspiracy theorists would have us believe—but they are extremely influential nonetheless. Read Here... https://goo.gl/NfrhbF
  4. How Bad Could the South Korean Ban Be for Ripple? Ripple investors are facing a “hamster in a wheel” situation. Every morning, they wake up to recovering prices, only to watch them crater later in the day. The same process has repeated for days at a stretch. The XRP price seems to be going in circles. It’s going nowhere and investors are getting restless now. I read comments from impatient Ripple investors saying they are placing limit orders and will be getting out of XRP at the next best available opportunity. Read Here... https://goo.gl/9fEtZN
  5. Why Bitcoin Crashed in January 2018 “Too big to fail” is a phrase often ascribed to the banking industry giants who have become so huge that their failure poses a threat to the entire economy. For some governments, Bitcoin is now becoming the cryptocurrency equivalent of these “too big to fail” enterprises. It is ironic that the very technology that promised to break us free from the clutches of money-hungry sharks is now being viewed as their equivalent. Yet, this idiosyncrasy strengthens our Bitcoin price prediction for 2018. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/bitcoin/btc-price-prediction-2018-bitcoin-to-double/
  6. Ethereum News Update On the Weiss Ratings homepage, there is a live countdown to its upcoming release of “…the First Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Grades by Any Rating Agency in the World.” Dramatic, much? Although impartial ratings are a crucial step for investment credibility, I want to remind readers that it is incredibly hard to price cryptocurrencies, much less assign them a letter grade for safety. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in the reports, you can have them delivered straight to your inbox at 2:00 p.m. (UTC). Below is a quick breakdown of what you should expect. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ethereum/eth-price-forecast-davos-weiss-ratings-ethereum-price-rally/
  7. Ripple News Update One of my Ripple news updates stirred up controversy on Reddit yesterday. I want to address some of the comments made before returning to our regularly scheduled programming. Reddit user “stalker474” started the thread. He seemed surprised at my $10.00 XRP price prediction probably because XRP prices have trended down in recent weeks. A few other users came to my defense, saying that “To be fair, he held to his $2 by the end of 2017, both when it was $0.10, and when it was $0.20 in early december. He ended up being right.” (Source: “We maintain our $10.00 Ripple price prediction for 2018″ This guy doesn’t give a F,” Reddit, January 22, 2018.) Read Here... https://goo.gl/XCSfjV
  8. It has been hardly two weeks since the news of a probable ban by South Korea on its crypto exchanges had rattled the markets. Today is another such day. As far as one can see on screen, cryptocurrencies are drowning in red. Although it was not entirely unknown this time, South Korea has clearly sent the message that anonymous cryptotrading must stop. And cryptos are being hit because anonymity is one of the major draws to the cryptoworld. Read Here... https://goo.gl/DRJfA4
  9. Stock Market Forecast for the Next Three Months The Dow is approaching 26,000 points. Wall Street continues to rise in the wake of the corporate tax break announced just before Christmas. Thus, the market rally continues and nobody seems to care that the tax break risks pushing U.S. debt to the point of no return. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that stock market predictions for the next three months (Q1 2018) remain bullish—at least according to mainstream logic. Read Here... https://www.lombardiletter.com/stock-market-forecast-for-next-three-months-q1-2018/25633/?utm_source=OnSite&utm_medium=HomePage&utm_content={home}
  10. Ripple News Update Cryptocurrencies passed through all stages of Dante’s Inferno this week, but that doesn’t mean investors are confined to hell in perpetuity. There is a way out, and its name is Big Business. Or to put it in crypto terms, “enterprise use-cases of blockchain technology may expedite token adoption” by “leveraging the power of existing institutions.” (My god, this industry needs better language.) What am I talking about? Let me explain… When the market crashes, investors believe that cryptocurrencies are failing. This is true in some cases and horribly untrue in others. Read Here... https://goo.gl/9JUDRb
  11. The crypto carnage has come to a halt for the time being, and everyone is busy assessing the damage done. The top digital currencies—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin—are showing an uptick after suffering severe damage over the last few days. Although it has brought some relief to see green on the screen, the question now is: Will cryptocurrencies recover to their previous highs? Will Bitcoin go back up together with the other top digital coins? To answer these questions, let us first recap the main events that led to this bloodbath. Read Here... https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/will-cryptocurrencies-recover-bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-litecoin/?utm_source=rp.xrpchat
  12. Ripple News Update Over the last week, South Korea and Ripple were inextricably linked over the subject of regulation. Korea was on the verge of a full-scale trading ban—rumors even spread that the ban was official—and markets were in a constant state of paranoia. As a result, XRP prices fell constantly throughout the week…until last night. A ray of sunshine peeked through the clouds on Thursday morning, as South Korea reached a deadline for its regulatory stance. Today the country has to make up its mind—is it going to ban cryptocurrencies or not? Let’s end the uncertainty, once and for all. Read Here... https://goo.gl/DJxd1c
  13. Ripple January 2018 Crash Why is it suffering more than the other major cryptocurrencies? The main reason appears to be the reported heavy handedness of South Korean authorities that would be introducing strict regulations for cryptocurrency trading and may even shut down domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Ripple XRP has been one of those volatile cryptocurrencies that is known for its wild swings. It crossed a high of over $3.80 early this month but is now trading at a little over $1.10. https://goo.gl/kmCwqv
  14. The last few days have seen some extreme movements in the cryptocurrency market. And while almost all cryptocurrencies are trading in red right now, it has been a roller coaster ride for Ethereum, which touched record highs of over $1,400 and is now trading at a little over $1,100. Ethereum has grown rapidly in past few months as its platform continues to increase in popularity and the number of transactions on the network keeps on increasing. We believe that the cryptomarket shall continue to witness such wild swings as regulators all over the world keep coming up with new rules in order to try to exercise some control on the cryptomarket and regulate cryptocurrency trading. Read Here... https://goo.gl/tYPGdi
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