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  1. I wrote it down in three different places, all of which correspond. I checked, all the characters are legal. I tried to recover the secret key thru Ripple Trade 'user does not exist, no such account' or some such words. I will try going back to gatehub. I have my old Ripple/client password, account name and secret key. With all that, surely there must be a way to recover the wallet? I also heard there was a different process for people migrating to gatehub with the old Ripple/client wallet, if you did NOT migrate to Ripple Trade first. I did not. I have my login details, which i believe are correct, they would have been double and triple checked at the time. I have read about others having old client wallets and not being able to recover their funds, even though they are convinced their details are correct. I feel the same way. I invested as an early adopter (IMO, the most important type), i was told at the time that no matter what, i could use these details to recover my wallet AT ANY TIME in the future. Ripple is doing well, and i cannot access my funds - - that's a bum deal.
  2. I have tried the Rippex desktop wallet and the Toast wallet with no success. I also tried the Minimalist Ripple Client and it just said my secret key was invalid. I don't understand. I wrote down everything they told me correctly, and now those details don't work. Several others have had the same issue.
  3. Hi there, first post here. I opened a Ripple client account back in 2012/13. I wrote down everything i was told, account password, account name and secret account key. I was told that these details were very important, and i would need them if i ever needed to recover my wallet or account. All of these details i still have. I considered my investment in Ripple to be long term, so in that respect, i was not going to constantly keep track of it. I cannot remember the exact amount, but there are approx. 3000 XRP tokens in this account. Time went on, and i apparently missed the window for migrating to Ripple Trade, but knew i could still migrate to GateHub. So, safe in the knowledge i had the correct details, i signed up with GateHub and tried to migrate my account. To my HORROR(!), it said my secret key was INVALID!! I then did a Google, and it turns out others seem to be having similar difficulties. I have since tried several other means to recover the wallet, including the old Ripple Trade. It says 'Unable to recover account user does not exist'. I have tried opening new wallets and importing the secret key, but it still says the secret key is invalid. I have learned that the secret key begins with an 's' and is 29 characters long. I can tell you that MINE is 'ss' and 29 characters long. All are legal characters, i checked. I am absolutely sure i wrote it down correctly, as i wrote it down in three seperate places, all of them correspond. How can this be? I did everything correct, and now i would like access to my XRP. I am awaiting to hear from Ripple support. I would very much appreciate any assistance the community can give.
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