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  1. Read my other posts from this and last year. I said XRP is S H I T, a big rip off. And a lot of turds from xrpchat are paid to spread their bs on this forum.
  2. I myself think that you guys are full of BS, but hey, it's just my opinion and you should buy more and wait until the t-rex market is over.
  3. How much do they pay you per post? Seriouly? Because it's clear this is your job. You earn morning on this forum, creating fake posts, fake news for this sh!t. Nobody, not even a big investor, will waste so much time defending and attacking online without being repaid.
  4. My point is that this is a scam, some profit, a lot don't. My personal opinion and that's that. Being a pathetic idiot that posts on this forum news like : all banks will adopt XRP (not ripple), or Western Union is now X100 times faster than before XRP (not Ripple) is from another reality. I have the right to an opinion. I can write it here, stating mostly facts. Not fantasies. Anyway, a lot of you are paid to BS all around you, just o keep the ferry tale someone connected to a lot of peoples wallets.
  5. I will bookmark and save this post. Would you mind providing us with your real name and phone number so we can thank you personally once your prediction materialize?
  6. the zerps are for you my young man, invest more!!!!
  7. Is mister Brad a happy man? Yes he is. He is now a billionaire. How are you doing in regards of profit?
  8. Who do you think your fooling? I have used WU a lot in the past and it has the following options: Money in minutes - When you need money there in minutes.1, 2 Next day service - Your money can be picked up in cash or deposited to a reloadable prepaid card the next day at participating agent locations.1, 3 Read more at https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/send-money-in-person.html#r5slAXMKcF0jummx.99 When you pay using a credit card or another online method, western union will take some time until they process the transfer. FUDDD, the only one happy with XRP is Brand, you made him rich.
  9. Hmmm, clap clap. You are very smart. Clap Clap, but NO. Western Union and MG are mainly used in the EU by expats who are sending money back home. WU/MG work based on agents using a system similar to bank transfer. It has no use for XRP, it's illogical. In the future, you will understand, that the only person who is very happy with XRP is the founder, who made billions. Clap Clap.
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