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  1. Sorry elvis. You said "when xrp hits $500 so i assumed the topic was a joke ? Ill get back in the closet. Uh huh huh... skeletor has left the building.
  2. I cant believe i cant say ********* on here its not even rude!
  3. Brad would make it law to have a cool beard. Chris would make a law to be super chill at all times and jed would make it law to be a ********* ?
  4. If anyone is still using coinbase for something other than cashing out of nicehash for free then they need to do some research! Many people will not change something if it works ok and they are used to it even if it costs more. Humans are inherently lazy. That is why we developed technology.
  5. Why would they make people buy a crypto to buy other cryptos when they have the regulatory approval for customers to just use their fiat?
  6. Where is this cache of bitcoins? I must find it!
  7. No one who dislikes it will give a toss in a week if the market recovers and the price goes up.
  8. Socialising losses and privatising profits is SOP in a capitalist system isnt it? Unpalatable only for those who have the misfortune of having to pay tax that actually pay attention.
  9. Maybe the banks he is referring to are xcurrent users, it was my understanding that xrapid simply plugs into that.
  10. Lol. If we're going to be literal then i guess we should let babies starve. Lazy little buggers should get their own food.
  11. Maybe the banks will pay that freed up $27t out as dividends. Time to buy bank stocks ladies and gentlemen ! Im selling my xrp stat! ?
  12. Ill say it again... charity often perpetuates misery. It's key to their survival. If he were INVESTING in helping people I would agree with you. Its the whole giving a man a fish vs teaching him to fish thing.
  13. I followed your advice and found that he has donated to many charities. Most of them opaque unaccountable private foundations and many of them run by friends and family members. Such a good guy. Its called tax deductions.
  14. So true. The funny thing the fudsters conveniently overlook is that ripple IS going against the incumbent banking system by enabling smaller institutions to bypass the status quo ecosystem!
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