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  1. I'm an XRP YouTuber and I'm certainly not at risk of running out of stuff to talk about! I think price is a fun topic so I cover it sometimes (though I never make price predictions), but there's so much going on within this asset class. General crypto developments always get me thinking about what they could mean for XRP and the developers building on top of the ledger. There is an overwhelming amount of material to choose from! Just my 2 cents.
  2. @Annern I just posted a topic on this not realizing you posted this today and the question I pose is essentailly the same as yours. You're on the right track with your thought process. I was trying to get a discussion going on Twitter on this topic earlier today (which I pasted in my topic on XRP Chat) and here is a text copy of my 11 tweets on the matter: 1/11 xRapid sources XRP liquidity via exchanges. Increased XRP transactions means more buy/sell orders on exchanges which Ripple’s software automates. Ripple’s pathfinding algorithm finds the fastest and cheapest path between 2 currenc
  3. I've thought about this question quite a bit. Many people within our community firmly believe that increased volume of XRP on exchanges thanks to xRapid will dramatically increase the value of XRP. My questions is... why? I mean from a literal perspective, what will change that will cause that to occur? I've been asking this on Twitter for a couple days and not gotten much thoughtful feedback so I'm bringing the conversation here. To be clear, I DO believe that xRapid going into production is very important for the XRP ecosystem. It just bothers me that, seemingly, some people haven't con
  4. I know that’s what you’re saying, and that’s the part I’m saying is incorrect. for example... without xRapid, if the competitive market allows for a20% margin, then after xRapid, in a competitive market, there would of still be the same 20% margin. There is a floor to what things can cost. If you think the percent margin of profitability for the industry would of change either way I’ll be interested to hear your argument on the topic, but I see no reason that would occur.
  5. Perhaps way down the road this could be the case, but we’re nowhere near that being the case. There is no front facing application for retail users that would make WU and competitors obsolete. The whole value of xRapid is in acknowledging that using crypto in the background, sight unseen, makes sense, but people don’t want to do it themselves yet.
  6. Let me explain just a little further... Although xRapid can reduce cross border payment transfer costs, it does not eliminate all overhead expenses. WU and all competitors still face the same burden of overhead expenses if they’re all using xRapid. Whoever adopts xRapid first will have an advantage briefly over competitors thanks to those reduced costs. Using xRapid eliminates the need of much of the human management that has been needed for cross border payments. This human labor has been the most expensive part of paying for cross border payments and we’re just talking about elim
  7. That doesn’t make sense. Something WU can use to reduce their customer expense is bad for them? Quite the opposite! They’ll still have margin. In fact with the cost of cross border payments decreasing that will encourage even more transactions. This technology will literally create new opportunities for WU to make more money.
  8. This is inaccurate. In terms of a messaging system for payments utilizing blockchain technology, only Ripple has production ready software which is xCurrent. This is what Ripple has created to compete with SWIFT "technology" and it's what pretty much all banks today. There are a handful of banks looking into blockchain solutions for payments but they are only trying to create their own small, closed networks. xCurrent is different in that it's designed to be a global solution for messaging. Then there is the settlement side which currently utilizes nostro/vostro accounts through the SWIFT
  9. No Western Union is not a competitor. They are a customer of Ripple testing XRP. Where are you getting that? I watched the video above but I'm definitely not hearing whatever it is that alarms you.
  10. I found this short video of the IRS, CFTC, and SEC agreeing on what cryptocurrencies are.
  11. Wow, didn't know that! Thanks for sharing. I'm 100% pro XRP but I'm also a realist. People that say XRP is without a doubt not a security, IMHO, should dig a little deeper. I think laws will have to be written and/or modified, and I bet a lot of things in the coming years will be figured out in court. I think more likely than not there will be a positive outcome and laws will ultimately be forced to adjust in recognition of the new reality that blockchain has created. Today, however, there is NOT a clear answer as to whether or not XRP is a security. If there were then we wouldn't be hav
  12. Another point I’ve considered but have stated is the fact that Ripple has only sold to institutions and not retail investors which sorta plays into part of what you’re saying, but I’m not sure if it matters, and if so, to what degree.
  13. Thanks you @zerpdigger!!! Your brain is working exactly like mine. This is the same thought process I went through and I agree.
  14. Exactly! I agree, in terms of existing law yes it makes sense for the SEC to claim that (which they may or may not do), but given that it's a decentralized digital asset, it makes zero sense in terms of practicality and reality. When existing law was written there is no way lawmakers could have foreseen something like blockchain technology coming into existence.
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