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  1. Could you guys give me that email for the gatehub support quick resolution fellow this is a serious problem on my end I would really appreciate it
  2. I converted xrp to btc...then 14 days ago i sent to GDAX... nothing... Is there a way to look into the trail?
  3. Has anyone here had any success on their transfer out of gatehub is going on 12 days for me
  4. Is there anything we can do is there anyway we can research this
  5. Kind of sucks my plan was to shop btc and convert to eth once received in gdax..$ left on the table unless btc Rally's
  6. Has anyone wait for extended period but eventually received their funds or coin...has anyone not received anything...in other words, trying to get a time frame...
  7. Has your coin showed up
  8. I'm in the same boat 7 days ago I transferred BTC from gatehub to gdax... Nothing, I chose BTC because I felt it was undervalued and once it got the gdax I could possibly flip out and get into ether or LTC...The market could fall apart and I have no control over my position.... something from Gatehub to assure me that there are issues and they are being addressed.... please keep me up to date on your transfer and I'll do the same for you
  9. Apologize for the few typos in my last reply BDC = BTC ... "queen" = coin
  10. I have a similar issue...sold my xrp 7 days (from xrp to btc) withdrew the btc (sent to gdax)...no coin in my gdax account... BTC was my choice because I was comfortable with the level it was at once it got the gdax I could make other choices and decisions but 7 days BDC is gone up and now down and I have no control of my position or what I think is still my position... Just some sort of communication from gatehub anything to let me know what the status is... This is a very stressful 7 days where is my coin? I will keep you up-to-date on my status on whether my queen appears or if gatehub does give me some sort of status report
  11. Is there any way to trace this... Can the receiver in my case gdax help out do you think? Did you send from gatehub to gdax or coinbase?
  12. I hope not.. are there any other resources we can use did you send yours to gdax? Please let me know if gatehub support those get back to you with some sort of audit Trail... //Jim
  13. Thanks so much for the reply...I tried to send to send my concerns to: https://wallet.gatehub.net/#/help/overview/welcome but no reply...i went into the account and see the data but I don't know haw to read it or use this info...
  14. Hi, approximately 40 hours ago I sent BTC to GDAX ... I followed the protocol bit as of now NO COIN...any idea how to research this issue? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated... I am getting close to 60yrs old and am beginning to wonder if the tech (working the site and transfer) has passed me by... could I have messed this up? Thanks in advance... //Jim
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